5x5 grow tent with 600w light

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by KiNdBlunt, Feb 9, 2008.

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    Ok I have a few questions before I finally start growing. I want to know the best method possible for producing the largest yield in the quickest amount of time. A little information about my setup:
    5x5x5 grow tent with reflective mylar
    600W digital HPS with reflector
    Soil mix of organic potting soil, perlite and peat moss
    I will be growing 2 different strains, one Double Gum and the other Orange Bud.

    If I plant all 20 seeds I'm hoping for at least 50% female so maybe 10 plants for this grow and only 8 being flowered and the best 2 kept in veg for mother plants.

    Would a SoG grow work best and how long should I let them veg before I put them into flower?
    Basically what would you do with this grow to produce the most amount of bud harvest before 4/20?
  2. KiNdBlunt

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    I built the grow tent frame out of pvc pipe and wrapped black plastic all around it to seal out all the light. If i put all the plants in the center and leave like a foot between them and the wall with room for fans and what not will the light be losing a lot of intensity? I want to keep an area around all the plants so I can get in and work around them if I need to. Will the reflective mylar work well enough even with the gap or should I make walls within the grow tent with the mylar that are just big enough to surround my garden so they focus the light instead of escaping from my plants?
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  3. Dutch Pimp

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    If it was me, I would be concerned with ventilation first. Your going to need cool fresh air coming in, hot air exhausted out. Mylar reflects heat as well as light, and 600 watters get hot.

    Turn your lights for about 12 hours and check the temperatures/humidity. I use a digital thermometer, that records both and the highs/lows. You need to stay below 85 degrees and above 70.

    Good luck with your grow.
  4. KiNdBlunt

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    Well I have an oscillating fan that i'm going to have inside the tent, which is set up in my unfurnished basement. It stays relatively cool down there and for ventilation i'm going to mount a high speed duracraft 6" fan exhausting into the surrounding room and intake being a 6" chimney ducted from the celing (like a crawl space between the roof of the basement and the bottom of the floor) I have a digital thermometer so I can closely watch my temps.
  5. ice#1

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    honestly it would work better if you used the pipe to exhuast the heat out as heat rises so it will be harder to draw air in from that pipe and and for a second reason if you plan on useing the pipe dueing summer roofs get very hot trust me i'm a roofer and in my opion i'd rather exhuast the air out up high then all through-out the house
  6. KiNdBlunt

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    Yeah, I thought about that but this is in my basement which has passive vents to the outside. My worry is about getting fresh air, will the air coming in from the crawl space be stale? should I make a duct for intake and exhaust to the outside?
  7. ice#1

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    no the air wont be stale it will be full of co2 since co2 is a heavy gas it finds its way to the lowest spot ie the basement but come flowering time trust me you would rather have the exhust going out the roof instead of out all the passive things your talking about which in fact will be drawing air in as the pipe is used to exhust the hot air out
  8. KiNdBlunt

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    my seeds got here from planet skunk, it took 6 business days to get to the US so I would say thats pretty good.

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