6 weeks of flowering and no buds

Discussion in 'Indica' started by tundra, Jun 20, 2010.

  1. tundra

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    its been 6 weeks and its like its growing slow, it might be lack of light, , but on some bud sites the hairs are turing brown and makes no sense cus its not even close to harvest. i just started giving it fox farm big bloom but i might of put to much,. or maybe it was gettin root rot from the plant that died,
    im growing on a 10 gal bubbleponics.

    i took some pics let me know what i can do,

    Blue Mystic

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  2. khyberkitsune

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    Is this 6 weeks from seed? If so, then all is proceeding normally. just wait.
  3. tundra

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    from seed veg for 8 weeks
    and its been on flowering, for 37 days, it looks small for 6 weeks if you ask me,
    months till harvest is 9-11 weeks, blue mystic
    you think i should cut of fan leaves that are blockin the light and some bud sites?

    on one of my plant i see brown hairs you know why that is? ad it dont even have the bud yet,

    must be a slow bloomer.
    i got em on cfl lights , they must not be gettin enuff light
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  4. khyberkitsune

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    It's not even 6 weeks of real flowering yet. it takes abotu two weeks for enough hormone for real bud production to begin, and those are looking fine. It's about time they began to swell, in fact.

    Be patient. There's much more to come.

    The brown hairs just happen. This is normal. It is not an indicator of ripeness.
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  5. tundra

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    So the brown hairs is normal, i thought maybe they getting too much heat , should i put the fans higher maybe cus air isnt blowing at the pistils, maybe thats why they growing slow, yea so some plants ever grow slow like this one?
    is fox farm big bloom good nutes?

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  6. khyberkitsune

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    Just keep the airflow good and make sure you don't overfeed.

    And yes, it's a good fertilizer.
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  7. TheChameleon

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    CFL's will produce lighter more airy buds so you are correct... don't take out the fan leaves they are vital to the plants growing process... Your plants look healthy and that is the kind of smoke you want... I use FF Tiger Bloom and Big Bloom once a week,,, The stuff is great!!! Initially you will get some brown hairs,,, totally normal it doesn't mean anything...
  8. tundra

    tundra Registered

    You think that its blooming slow because the fans arnt blowing at the bud sites, its ate the bottom so its blowin at the main stem. so maybe if i face it so the fan is blowing at the pistils they will get stronger,.. nice thinkin there. thanks. i leave the fans on 24/7 but they are pc fans.
    yea i got a sodium light but no ballast and my electric bill is high as it is.

    what about if i put a fence around the plants, will that train the buds?
    i was thinkin on doing that but im not sure how that works

    yea this is my first gro, they were all females, all five, but 2 got left behind and the leaves block'd the light and they died, im not sure if they got root rot cus i left them in and they was dead, i pulled them out later when i thought about it, they roots were brown,
    but the ones that are alive their roots arn not white how they was en veg. they are like a tan color now. well not sure what it is, cus theres no slimy brown stuff and thats what you get when its root rot.
    ill take a pic later when the lights are on
    oh yea
    you say you got give them big bloom. like how much you give them?
    like you know the cap of big bloom, well i would fill it and and add to each gallon, maybe thats too much huh?
    but its says with big bloom you really cant over feed the plant the more the marrier well maybe you can. i put five gallons of water each time i change it, but sense i cant move the plant cus when i did the some started to bend down, so i use the water pump to pump the water out and i just add it again. but it might still have some nutes from last feeding..
    get at me
  9. tundra

    tundra Registered

    2 lights one is a 7000 LUMEN~500w13" it is full spectrum 5000k
    it is the biggest cfl avail. don;t really know how many watts it really is sense its cfl . i think its 105 watts
    and the other one is a 6500K Spectrum
    200 WaTTS oF PoWeR OuTPuT
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  10. khyberkitsune

    khyberkitsune Registered+

    200w CFL. That's actually not too bad.

    I would put the fans blowing across the tops of the plants, this helps remove heat buildup from leaf tissues and keeps the cells cooler for more optimal growth rates.

    And your CFLs should yield you some FROSTY buds if they're those color temps. :)
  11. gypski

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    Big Bloom calls for 4 tablespoons per gallon, and Grow Big calls for 2-3 teaspoons. Different sizes. There are 3 teaspoons in a tablespoon. I use Grow Big half measure since it burned a couple of plants out of 15 I have although they all got the same nute feeding w/Big Bloom full measure. And you should be feeding Tiger Bloom with the Big Bloom now. And Tiger Bloom uses teaspoon measures too. :thumbsup:
  12. tundra

    tundra Registered

    thanks... yea i just put the fans so the air is blowing at the bud sites. the pistils. see what happends. about nutes i only got big bloom, dont got bloom tiger. for veg i was givin it schultz plant food.
    heres pics of the root system, let me know if everything looks ok

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  13. khyberkitsune

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    You're fine, typical root discoloration from the nutes.

    I'd like to see more close-up bud shots. See how you're already frosting out, even on the stems of fan leaves in your bud shot up there? I didn't get that until I added 6500K into the equation. The top buds under the HPS got large but not very frosty, and the lower buds turned snowy.
  14. TheChameleon

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    Big bloom is really not made for a stand alone nute it works better as a add on to Tiger Bloom and Grow Big... The rate on the bottle is strong and if conditions are not perfect it will burn your babies... I do soil and follow the feeding schedule for soil with great success... here is the feeding schedule for hydro...

  15. tundra

    tundra Registered

    took them today . i gaved it less nutes this time, but why arnt the buds getting swole?

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  16. rageisnotbad

    rageisnotbad Registered

    Hey I'm wondering what happened to this grow I'm having similar issues with my grow they are not swelling
  17. Slevinkal

    Slevinkal Registered+

    How long has it been since you switched to flowering?
  18. spacedust33

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    Your Tripin Over Nothing

    I have used Fox Farms products for years and years.Some people swear by more expensive nutes,but I have found that are compleatelly not nessasary.Your plants look great just the way they are.If you are in doubt about the amount of nutes your feeding your plants,it's perfectly fine to cut back the dosage a little.All plants slow in growth when they begin to bud so don't worry about it.NEVER NEVER cut fan leaves from your plant!!!If you think you are not getting enough light to your buds it is acceptable to carefully bend and loosely tie your fan leaves out of the way,but you NEVER cut fan leaves.It can be difficult,but patience is the key!
  19. spacedust33

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    Oh But They Will

    Patience!!! They will swell.That seems to be the hardest part for people when they finnally get buds.Remember those buds need a crap load more light than your vegging plant did.Get them lights down on them buds as close as you can without burning your plant,you will be glad you did when it's time to harvest.
  20. jon420

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    Here are pictures of my CFL grow. I have all of the lights within a couple inches of and assorted throughout the plants and this only the 21st day of flowering. Pictures do no justice for size bud almost all of the bud sites are atleast as fat as a quarter. My tops on one plant are about the size of a half dollar. Very dense bud production so far, very pleased. It looks like it snows powdered sugar every day cause they are getting very frosty.

    Say what you want but I believe CFL's are capable of doing what HPS can do if used properly.

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