6 weeks of flowering and no buds

Discussion in 'Indica' started by tundra, Jun 20, 2010.

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    Color Spectrum

    If you're in flowering then you should aim for a lower spectrum like 2700k-3000k. Light output is good, but the color spectrum is very important as well.
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    if u can, let me know how they came out. i also have blue mystic, and im going into the flowering stage today, just wondering how urs turned out
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    dude your plants are growing so slow because you do not have the necessary lumen output, that is light. your plants are growing as if they were outdoors and it was cloudy every day. if you veg 4-6 weeks from the time it pops out of the dirt at 18/6 then switch to 12/12 for flower, it should take no more than ten weeks for your plants to finish. and ten weeks would be more of a hard core sativa. most strains finish in six to eight weeks indoor. your plants will only put out what you put in. a good way to check if your plants are getting enough light and proper nutrients is to look at the largest fan leaf. count the number of segments it has. nine is really healthy, ten is happens on a rare occasion. but if your big beatiful fan leaves have nine segments, then its likely your providing what the plant needs. peace
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    LOL this post is 2 years old
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    Ph Checking

    I suggest a photo period of 10 Hours and a heavier feeding schedule Feed twice a week perhaps Monday and Thursday, perhaps even change Budding nutrients,,,check Ph/EC and most plants should be 6.5-6.9 and also do a Ph of the h2o you water with,,,had a problem with my both hydro and soil back in 2008 when the fires really screwed up the Ph by disturbing the water table when all the fire vehicles were pumping water from everywhere, nothing would bloom and the smoke would cloud the sky. Be cautious check the Ph get back to me..

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    Oh it is really notable thing.

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    Patients my friend. The key is getting your lights close to the buds , like 2 inches. put your hand 2 inches from the bulb for 30 seconds. if it doesnt burn your hand your hand, your good to go. Remember.. EVERY OTHER watering use plain water NO NUTES. Over fertilizing is the most common issues....
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    Blue mistic is slow as is blue dream blue berry....etc.
    All the blues are slower especially the sativa dominant
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    Your last sentence hits the nail on the head! It takes the plant a given amount of energy to produce a gram of bud. Cfl CANNOT exude that energy, in large enough amounts to make quality bud, or yield. Get a 400+ watt hps
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    Thats not going to help with insufficient light. All the nutes in the world cannot compensate for lack of light... in fact, it's easier to have salt accumulation issues because sufficient transpiration is just not possible without enough light

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