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Discussion in 'Growing Information' started by romdog11, Aug 15, 2007.

  1. romdog11

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    what yield should i expect from a 600 watt hps over a 2x2 foot area? will my buds be big ones?
  2. the image reaper

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    an unanswerable question ... depends on too many variables, strain, expertise, soil, hydro, etc., etc., ... some people kill seedlings where others grow trees ... a 2' x 2' area with a 600-watter is overkill, will be like an oven ... :smokin:
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  3. WildFire.ca

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    I have a method of getting the yield down to a few grams of buds dry weight. What you do is take the Wattage of the light, not the ballast but the bulb. Then you add your space in sq. meters(you are going to have to convert it to sq. ft., I just don't know what the conversion is. Then you have to figure out how many plants you are going to have in a sq. meter, and how tall are you going to grow them. At this point I figure that it's going to be a guess, and imposable to tell yield. most people can only tell yield from using there own grows as a reference. As for my method of guessing your yield I will tell you the exact yield in 12 weeks.:thumbsup:
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  4. romdog11

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    i was using a 250 watt but that wasnt nearly giving me enough light to make dense buds. Heat isnt really too much of a problem it goes from 77-82 and its summer here right now.so im expecting a big drop in temp this winter. Im just concerned if my buds will be dense and chunky compared to my 250 watter.
  5. fatsax

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    i know someone who tried a 600 in a 2 or 3 ft square cupboard(quite high too)was way too hot.maybe if u could get some exhaust fans set up using pc fans.
  6. romdog11

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    well the space i use for growing is a 2 x 2 space but the closet is much longer. i have my veg space next to my floweering space. the space all together is 2 x 5 1/2. and i do have an air cooled reflector going on the 600 watt hps and i use a 250 watt metal halide for my veg and that one doesnt get to hot and its always vented into the main room.
  7. PharmaCan

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    One square meter is about 10 square ft. - not exact but that's a pretty simple and close conversion factor.

    PC :smokin:
  8. romdog11

    romdog11 Registered+

    does anyone have any pics of flowered plants under a 600 watt hps with the length of the buds in inches thanks.
  9. Narf!

    Narf! Registered+

    As long as you have proper ventilation you are golden. You would be suprised by what you could pull off a 600 in an even larger space.
  10. TheHerbalist

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    I agree...a 400 is your standard HID...and Ive seen some good bud grown with justthose. So a 600 will do you justice if you can keep it cool. Your setup sounds similar to mine.

    I have a 2x18ft 2 door closet. I spilt it in half with panda film for veg and flower sides. Veg side is 400W Mh and flower is 400W HPS.

    Keep it cool and you'll love your 600.
  11. HighTillIDie

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    keep cool homes, keep cool.

    direct sun is average 100k lumens

    minimum grow light for good cannabis is 50watt per square foot (HID!)

    cannabis can veg safely to 90*f+/-

    bud density increases and node spacing decreases under 85*f

    if you add more CO2 the plants will handle the higher heat
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