600W HPS 2x3 Grow Tent

Discussion in 'Grow Log' started by bombdiggity, Mar 13, 2011.

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    Hi everyone! It's been a long time but I'm back with an upgraded setup!

    Space - 2'Dx3'Wx6'H Tent
    Light - 600W HPS Cooltube
    Exhaust - 6" 440CFM vortex
    Medium - Soil (undecided on brand)
    Will be using 3gal pots, hopefully fitting 6 flowering plants in my tent
    Genetics - C99 <3

    Thats all I have right now. I will take pictures once all my equipment is shipped and setup.
  2. bombdiggity

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    I have the tent setup complete with lighting and exhaust. Did a test run today for about an hour temps were in the mid 80s on the floor of the tent. I have some work to do! Any suggestions?? See pics below <3 There are 3 flaps near the floor of this tent on each wall I have all 3 open as well as a 4nch hole on the rear wall towards the bottom. I'm not sure how else I can keep it cool, but maybe the pros out there will see this and shoot me some knowledge :D

    P3191467.jpg P3191466.jpg P3191461.jpg P3191471.jpg P3191460.jpg
  3. EvilCartman

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    You seem to have all the needed parts.

    Do you not have a place to dump the heat/stale air?
    It appears that you are recirculating within the closet. That can be tricky if all the exchange of air is to take place through that partially opened door. If this is the case, there being no true outlet, then I would have a fan up high to direct the warmer air out at the top of the open door.

    Another issue may be pushing through that filter. The "pre-filter" wrap isn't helping in this configuration. If you must blow-through the carbon filter then you absolutely want to remove the pre-filter. Also, if you want to avoid choking off the flow through that filter, you should install some type of filter, before the main carbon filter. Otherwise, the Carbon filter will collect dust inside, killing air-flow.

    The simple way to fix this, and this is just a seat-of-the-pants suggestion based on what I see.
    Mount the carbon filter up at the top of the tent. Pulling through the filter and cool-tube, to the fan, then, from the fan outlet, aim your duct to blow out the top of the door opening. btw: In this configuration, the pre-filter wrap will actually do something useful. :thumbsup:

    This shouldn't be too hard to iron out. How important is stealth?
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  4. bombdiggity

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    Thanks for responding man, I think I have my heat issues sorted out.

    I ended up buying a 10000BTU portable a/c and ran my intake duct to the a/c fan. My temps are now like 78-80 4 inches below my bulb, its fuckin amazing. Only paid $162 for the a/c unit, its like 1.1kkw so the extra electricity sucks, but the yield will improve I'm sure. I took some pictures today of the setup including all components. Also in the tent are two Chocoloupe clones that I gave away to make room for the C99 seeds which arrived yesterday! Next post will have the pics please feel free to share comments and suggestions! much <3
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  7. bombdiggity

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    Have 3 C99 that are about 3 weeks old veggin away. Held off too long on nutes and had some extreme yellowing issues but this has been sorted. Check out some pics :D

    P5151640.jpg P5151641.jpg P5151642.jpg P5151645.jpg P5151643.jpg
  8. canadianhemperor

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    Hi, I was looking at your problem, maybe a little late? But here's my solution/observation for this set up. Cooltube light reflectors are meant to isolate the light bulb from the grow room/area. In that way they prevent the heat from the bulb to rise temps in the grow room. To isolate the bulb from the room you should have ducting at both ends of the cooltube . One for intake of cold air and one for exhausting the hot air out. So your cooling the bulb and removing heat at the same time. To do it more efficiently you should connect a 4" or 6 " inline duct fan (worth around 30$ to 45$ at home depot or online at most hydroponics store with or without the 6" power cord)to the exhaust to force the airflow through the system. Basically it's pulling the fresh air in from the intake by the exhaust not pushing it through the ducts like some people do. And that way no smell can escape from the grow room by the cooltube. Never connect the inline fan to the intake it makes it woked harder for nothing and build up heat from the motor is transfered to the ducting system it's supposed to cool down. Hope this helps you or anyone else looking at this thread. And keep on growing!!
  9. canadianhemperor

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    Same thing with the carbon filter, Some filters are meant to only filter air efficently one way through the white prefilter and then through the carbon exhausting the filtered air in the center. So if your filter is not specified to be bidirectional, it should be placed inside the grow room/tent and your 440cfm votex fan should be connected to it pulling air through the filter not pushing it through. The vortex fan can be placed either inside or outside the grow room/tent for weight and space reasons. Has long as it's the fan exhausting the air, not the filter your doing the right thing ( if it's bidirectional it does not matter).
    P.S your soil looks questionable , you can never go wrong using old fashion gardening store Promix (always wet promix before using it so there's no dry pockets in it), you should keep that in mind! Bonus it comes ph balanced and usually stays ph balanced for a long time!!!
  10. canadianhemperor

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    and air conditoner should be connected to a c.a.p TMP-1 Temperature Controller to prevent the room from being to cold, it shuts off whatever is plug in to it when the temp you set is reached.
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    Grow tents need to be air tight to work best and control odor. You should buy plastic vent adapters they sell on ebay or at hydroponics store. they look expensive for what they are but they work and come in 4" 6" 8" size and they can be use to adapt a 8" hole to fit 6" or 4" ducting. So they do fit a purpose in your setup.
  12. n00b

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    Very nice setup. Wonder how the harvest turned out...

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