60F res temp, slimey res walls, ph rising fast

Discussion in 'Hydroponics' started by chopficaro, Jan 31, 2017.

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    I have been fighting what I think is root rot for a long time. I am using Hydroguard, I have lowered my res temp to 60F, I have sanitized the system many times, done H202 bathes, run H2O2 in the system, wasn't working so went back to hydro guard. When I clean everything and change the res, the plants momentarily recover and start growing new white healthy looking roots, but In a week or so my ph starts rising rapidly and those roots turn light brown and mushy like the rest. I am thinking about trying a different beneficial microbe additive other than Hydroguard, like maybe voodoo juice. I have also looked at teas, but they seem like quite a hassle. Is this not Pythium, but some other super root rot that can survive at 60F with no light getting at the res and plenty of water circulation? Any info or recommendations would be helpful, thanks.
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    i have ordered an air pump. because there is quite a lot of water movement in my nft system, i thought that i did not need an air pump. i have heard that an air stone raises ph very quickly and that is why i did not want to use it.
    as for tea, i don't understand why i should need microbes made with tea while i am using bottled beneficial microbes. also the tea requires molasses, which i have heard feeds anaerobic bacteria more than beneficial microbes.
    the researchers at botanicare did a 4 year study where they discovered that in all beneficial microbe mixes, one species of microbe out competes the rest and it is the only one that survives after some time, so they made hydroguard which has only that single species. makes sense to me but its not working. maybe my supplier stored it for too long or in a hot area and it has been spoiled (unlikely since they have a high ebay rating), so i have switched to voodoo juice. I have also added have added sensizyme to help eat up the dead roots
    what do you guys think about these three points?
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    See if you can't lower that res. temp abit..Say round 58..You will see a big difference in the less gunk floating in the res..Without circulating the water it can be a pathogen disaster!

    An air stone is ph neutral..Its whats added to the res that raises ph..Stones are awesome to have running!
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    Sorry if im resurrecting a dead thread . ph rising is good. Signs of res infection is ph turning to acid via microbes the foam can either be from cold res temps and good bacteria ,generally due to a good fresh source of bennies being added like Orca and good aeration the max DO saturation due to the cold temps. voodoo juice is ok but is missing some goodies in there however voodoo is good and i like the bubbling action from the co2 it releases into the solution , Bad foam is caused by an over population on bad bacteria , the signs that it has out competed the good bennies is Ph dropping out. Hope this may help alittle :)
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