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    I first toked in 66 in a grave yard in my hometown. Got paranoid and went home and scared my mom with my munchies fit. probably about a year or so before I hit my next joint. my first by was a 3.00 match box from a girl who claimed to be a cousin of Janis Joplin. not sure but the smoke was good. smoked with people up to moving to California. Bought a 5.00 lid. Was afraid to leave the guys house. Then afraid to start car. All the way to my apartment I was so paranoid. Almost flushed it when I could not be satisfied of a good hiding place. Finally my girl got off work and came by and we kicked it. She was from CA and knew the ropes.

    It was Mexican trash weed but potent but seedy. Met a guy in the park playing basketball. Found out he worked near my job. He invited me to come by his pad and he had pounds in the room. And asked if I would help bag em up.

    Funny story. I helped regularly but would not sell any because I was new in the area. But he used me to help and paid me in smoke. He steamed the bricks out and then bagged up the loose shake. He cut up the stalks with buds until he got enough buds to meet his profit. and then would let me have all the buds that were left. Believe it or not I was offended and started to stop coming by. I thought the shake was it. But the tops and buds he was giving me was the best. About 3 months later I stopped by and he had a look on his face. We lit one and he told asked me why had I been f--king him with his weed. He told me that he found out that the buds was the best. I told him that I did not know shyt about weed except to smoke. And felt pissed at him for having to bust up the buds and smoke them. I still helped him and he always let me bag up some buds for myself. But it was heart wrenching to see him cut up those buds and mix them with the shake.

    Started spending time on beaches and met hippies. the rest is history. My job had a fantastic work schedule that gave me time to spend with my son all day I was off while he was a babe. I would roll two pin rolls and head down the coast with him in my super bug. Met some tremendous chicks in those days who took to my son.

    Positive from smoking... I was an alcoholic early 20s. Drinking a shot of brandy every morning in my coffee before leaving for work. All my friends were heavy drinkers and smoked a little weed. The weed helped my check my drinking. I then saw what those who passed out early from drinking too much were subject to.

    The weed to day is not as good because it is massed produced and the natural properties are just not there. I admit that the potent seedless weed had to be babied. About 10 plants are a safe grow to get the fantastic flower tops. You have to watch them especially coming up to the pollinating time. You had to get any males out of the area before they began shooting off pollen. Get that right and what you had left was one hit stuff.

    watering it is very critical. you can over water it easily. and lessen the quality. The proof was in the tops. There are some neat tricks that I learned from the hippies.

    There was a couple who grew a nice crop yearly. and they also grew trout for a restaurant in the city. They would smoke a few for the up scale eatery unbeknownst to the cliental. It was a bell ringer of an idea to smoke them with marijuana stalks.

    any body on here hung out on the coast south of Carmel, especially Garapata. hit me up.
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    south of Carmel? I'm in Nacimiento several times a year. Might be a little far though

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