7 sets of leaves at 3 weeks

Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by mad5387, May 26, 2006.

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    I am a newbie and i have 16 ssedlings in a closet. 8 at 4 weeks and 8 at 3 weeks. No specific ventalation yet. I have closet doors open 4-8 hrs per day.
    1 4 bulb 4 foot 40 watt Flo +160 watts for 24 hrs day at 6-12 inches distance.
    Organic potting soil. Water every othe day. Mist every other day and i skip one day a week. I put a fan on them on medium every night for several minutes and it really seems to have helped strenghten the stems i no linger have to support them. Planning to start feeding and changing to a 20/4 cycle. All seems fine. But I have one plant that has leaf shoots comming out at leaf stem base starting with the second set. It allready has 7 leaf sets and most have 7 points instead of 5. The largest leaves are over 4 inches across. This seems very advanced at 3 weeks.
    Any suggestions or hints will be helpful
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  2. Garden Knowm

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    sounds GOOD... I would cut back on the frequency of watering and increase the amount of water each time you water...

    Keep the lights as close to your plants as possible....

    I have never found it necessary to mist plants...

    That being said.. if your plants are healthy keep up the good work...

    Roots need oxygen and daily watering will either drown and suffocate the roots or caus ethem to grow in such a fashion that they will become root bound... Heavy and less freuquent waterings promote a more even gorwth within a container.... this means less or NO.. transplanting...

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    what kind af seeds? if there different that might have a little to do with it ?
  4. mad5387

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    i will have latest pics soon
  5. mad5387

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    all bag seeds 3 diff i think
  6. mad5387

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    Pics at 2-3 weeks

    pics from week 2-3

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    Hey ''Mad'' i used the same lights as you and this is what my 3 week old plant looked like

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  8. LIP

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    Mad, you have made a very big mistake. Each plant needs its own pot for it to establish its root systems. I think your are too old for you to transplant now without fucking all the roots up...

    But they really shouldnt be in the same pot.

    And having 7 blades on each leaf is normal, i normally get up to 9 blades on a sativa.
  9. Garden Knowm

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    HI mad...

    Some of your plants may be male.. which will allow you to thin out your plqants and not have so many in each pot...

    try and flower them when they are small and transplant them into a bigger pot....

    you should try cloning TOOOOOOOOOOO... : )

    you will have success...

  10. kush07

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    As LIP said, you maid a error in putting more than one seed per pot. While this is not fatal it will stunt plant growth and possibly kill some of the weaker links in that one pot. Water only twice a week, maybe three, and that should help with the roots so that they fill out the pot.

    Happy Toking :Rasta:
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    after you determine which seedlings to keep, just snip the others off at soil level ... no big deal ... until I started buying expensive seeds, for years I would plant 3 seeds to a large container, then snip off all but one, once I could judge the overall vitality of the seedlings ... :smokin:
  12. mad5387

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    Week 5 pics

    I found my camera battery charger so now I have new Pics
    This one plant has new sprouts comming out at every leaf stem. But only one plant is this special. also I have 2 pots with multiple plants and I am going to weed out the weak ones pardon the pun LOL. Someone suggested that I was watering too often so i let em dry till day4 and one started to wilt and soon after it got water it is fine. My soil mix is homemade sorta 70% Mgro organic potting soil 15% sand and 15% crushed styrofoam. I am going to try water every 3rd day I have very good drainage. I will start feeding them at week 6 with a solution that is half strenght Mgro 8-7-6. Happy Veggin. Lights still 24hr 3-4 inches 4x40=160w flo

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  13. horror business

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    Actually, in my "Easy Marijuana Gardening" book, by Ed from High Times, it says if you're going to feed with miracle grow, use their tomato food forumula, at half strength,. It's the Miracle Grow Tomato Food 18-18-21

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