73 days Clean Until Bong Hit Wednesday

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by eckology, Mar 26, 2010.

  1. eckology

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    Last time I blazed was New Years Eve. Before then I wasn't even smoking everyday, or even every week.

    On Wednesday (3-24), I gave in and accepted a bong hit from a friend. It was a solid rip, and grinded up the trees real nice so it was almost keef status. That one bong rip had me twisted for hours. I forgot what it was like.

    I have two drugs tests coming up (one for a union/one for the military) that I have a little flexibility scheduling with. One being pushed for the next 10-14 days which is the MEPS test. My question to you is, how long do you think it will take for me to be clean again? I didn't smoke for 73 days, and like I said I wasn't smoking everyday or even every week before then. What do you guys think? 6'3 185 (if that matters)
  2. rotor7ven

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    Your good, weed stays in the system for a month.
  3. Hempsouth

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    1 bong hit will probably be gone in 7-10 days. You can buy a 5 pak of test kits off Ebay for a very reasonable price. Take a test at 5 days and see how quick it turns positive. If its real slow to indicate and very faint you are most likely going to be fine in another couple of days.

    I have cleaned out after smoking 2-3 times a week in as little as 10 days and no longer than 14. Similar height & weight.
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  4. eckology

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    Thanks for the input Hempsouth. Right now marks about the 72 hour mark since I took that bong hit.

    I have taken drug tests before ranging from jobs to court ordered to the military piss test. It has become apparent to me over the years that abstinence is the only 100 percent way to be sure you come out clean.

    One thing I haven't done, is gone clean for that long and then smoked in that manner before. I didn't think it would take 3 or 4 weeks to rid my body of the the THC, but I just am not sure. Your input is greatly appreciated. Anybody else?
  5. Burnt Toast

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    Cleanout times vary from user to user. The 1 month timetable doesnt apply to all smokers.

    Its best to take a home THC test to see where you actually stand. The home test will give you a more accurate and realistic answer than guesswork from others.

    When testing yourself, be sure to use the first urination of the day.
  6. eckology

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    Anyone else wanna chime in?
  7. hhtblogger

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    I would say that before the bong hit, your body was clean. Even for daily/ultra frequent smokers 45 days is generally how long it takes to get the THC out of your body. So treat the bong rip as if it were your first time smoking pot, ever. In most situations a first-timer will only need a week-10 days to get the pot out of their system.

    So you should be good if you can schedule your test with that in mind. Self drug testing is not a bad idea either.
  8. webdox

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    Yep, was stated earlier, take a home test. There is no way for anyone to guess if you are clean or not.
  9. eckology

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    Like I said in the OP, this isn't my first time at the rodeo. I was just looking for opinions/experiences on your situations. I'll let you know when I take that home.

    Day 8 for those of you keeping score at home.
  10. Burnt Toast

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    What youve asked in the O/P was this:
    And Web and I rightfully stated that theres no telling. Determining your cleanout time by basing off others "opinions/experiences of their situations" wont cut it because each persons body chemistry is that different.

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