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    Head Shops

    Anyone know where any head shops are around the Tacoma area? Kinda don't even know where to begin looking..

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    6th Ave. There's one called "The Green Room"

    After you try that, head up to Edgewood via Maridian, and you'll see this little tiny convenience store accross from a gas station and beside a bar. It'll be on your left. Go in there, and if there's a lady working there, ask to see the pipes. She'll gladly help you.

    Have fun!

    :P And hi, Tessa.
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    Head to Drastic Plastic Records. 3005 6th Avenue.

    It's a music shop in front, but just ask to see the pipes and shit ... it's not too bad a place really. And the guys there are alright folks. Personally I can't find the Green Room ... but, I HAVE heard some ads for it on the radio. Oh, and the little Edgewood place is pretty sweet considering the size. Very little selection, but I got this AWESOME little bubbler there for $20, my first spoon (still have it) for $20, and this sweet little mini-bong for ... you guessed it ... $20. They have tiny hooka's too. I say go in when the younger guy is working, though. He gets uncomfortable with the pipes there, and tries to cut a deal.

    You should also try Up In Smoke, on pacific.
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    thanks guys
    Do I know you notrightquite?

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    Piece of Mind is in Freemont if you feel like hopping a bus or something.
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