8 days old seedlings turning light green - yellow

Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by jebus89, Sep 28, 2010.

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    Hi all, quick bout me:

    second time growing (first one was from clones, this one from seed)

    600W hps --> light is hanging bout 60 CM above plants
    18/6 cycle

    Tent (homebox)

    Temperatur - about 27-28C

    Humidity 50-60%

    Not feeding them nutes, only 8 days old

    Growing in COCO

    Ph in water: 5.8~

    ahh where to begin.. okay so i germed 6 critical mass + 3 LA woman + 1 Fem Sleestack + 1 smthn else and i realized i had a shortage of small pots (dummmbbass) so i used some DIY crap pots i made..

    at day 4 i see that 1 of them are getting pretty light green (and a small small yellow spot on the end of one of the first true leaves.

    at day 5 its getting more light green and 1 or 2 follows..

    at day 8 (today) 6/10 are going light green on me.. no more yellow spots tho.. :wtf:

    I repotted to bigger pots, i dont think they where ready to be repotted but im afraid those DIY pots contained alot of water at the bottom so i switched them..
    Im watering with 5.8 ph <-- is this the problem?
    im not sure if i want to read PH in the soil when they are this young, i mean its really fast to be overwatering them right?

    any ideas?

    edit: I actully dont think im overwatering them, only giving them a small amount of water and wait until first inch of the coco is dry then i water some more..

    i think i water more often then others but alot less.. so easy to overwater and then panic and water some more lol
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    Not that i know anything about growing in coco'.. but i see 2 lows'.. your ph and your light' unless you have a light spreader fixed to your light or its air cooled i wouldnt have it that low for 8 day olds'.. and your ph im sure should be 6.5 or around that mark'.. hope thats some help'
  3. jebus89

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    ive been googling all day long and i think that yes

    i really f****d up on the PH! going to start watering at 6.5~

    when should i lower the PH and how gradually should i lower it?

    about the light hanging low, i did have the light bout 1,2 meters above b4 but it seemed that my seedlings streched alot.. 2 of them stretched really far.. so i decided to try to lower the HPS, atm it seems fine and temp by the seedlings are 25-27C messured in the shadow of some cardboard at the same hight as the seedlings. i checked temp yesterday "in the sun", no shade, and it showed 32C im not rly sure wut to think bout this? wich is the correct messurment? wut shud i trust?
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    gotta say bump pls state what u think bout the PH and what lvl it shud be
  5. jebus89

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    update: i gave them some nutes today, not much at all! i cudnt watch them turn yellow without me doing anything. tried to adjust PH to 6.4 now to see if that helps, nuthing yet.. tried to add some nutes today have to wait until tomorrow to see if thers any change!
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    Give it a good flush first adjust your ph to 5.85 with 100 ppm. Dont water for 24 hrs and then start feeding. Only use 1/4 of your nuts!
    Good luck
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    Correction!....oops Im sorry I'm ADD plus high, lol. But here what u need to do.
    1) 8 day old lill dingling dosen't need strong light. 60 W CFL daylight will do the job very nicely. You need to give it a chance to start the new roots. Adjust your ph to 5.85 with 100 ppm.
    You will be good to go. I will post a link for you later on which it will give you a good idea how to grow in coco.
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  9. jebus89

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    At wut page is that guide? :S

    update: i have tried to start a light light feeding about the light, ive heard its no problem with HPS from the start? i know i cud have done it with some lights that arnt that expensive and shit but whatever..

    watering with 6.2 PH and bout 200ppm..

    shud i rly flush and go with 5.8 water and 100 ppm?

    anyone else got a comment?

    btw: the leaves are still yellowing and has not become any greener.. :(
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