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8 Reasons Marijuana is Safer Than Alcohol

Discussion in 'Medicinal Cannabis and Health' started by jasonrrr1975, Dec 12, 2011.

  1. jasonrrr1975

    jasonrrr1975 Banned

    Top 8 Reasons Marijuana is Safer Than Alcohol

    1. Cause of Death: 79,000 Deaths per Year Attributed to Alcohol / 33 Deaths per Year Attributed to Marijuana
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    2. Overdose: 1,393 Deaths per Year Due to Alcohol Poisoning / 0 Deaths Ever Due to Marijuana Poisoning
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    3. Accidents: Alcohol Increases Risk Taking Behaviour, Marijuana Does Not
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    4. Cancer: Alcohol is a Major Factor in Cancer Incidence / There is no Proof That Marijuana Causes Cancer
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    5. General Health: Average Beer, 150 Calories / Average Joint, 0 Calories
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    6. The Long Term Effects of Excessive Alcohol Consumption are Far Worse Than the Long Term Effects of Excessive Use of Marijuana
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    7. Sex. Alcohol is a Depressant and Decreases Stimulation / Marijuana May Actually Increase Stimuation
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    8. Crime: Alcohol is a Major Factor in Most Violent Crimes / The Most Common Crime Smoking Marijuana Leads to is…Smoking Marijuana.
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    You can read the entire article here.
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  2. SafeHavens

    SafeHavens Registered

    This would be great to show a friend of mine. He is so hypocritical and doesn't take a single thought into his mind about Marijuana. He just thinks it is all bad and hates being friends with people who smoke. He doesn't know i smoke though, and if he did he would not want to be friends with me. It's stupid how he reacts to it.
  3. JGrowing

    JGrowing Registered

    I will have to use that one tomorrow at work
  4. prettygirlsmokes420

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  5. prettygirlsmokes420

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    No, no, silly! There's never been a death in history ever That has been proven to be a direct result of marijuana. As of 2010.
    You'd better check your facts.
    If you have any self controll, you should be fine drinking....
    Don't be a drunk idiot and you'll be ok...
    Or, instead of drinking, smoke some....

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