A Bag of Weed

Discussion in 'Cannabis Pictures' started by dutchy, Dec 16, 2005.

  1. dutchy

    dutchy Registered+

    Here's a bag of weed I got today.
    It's an early Christmas Present.
    I can't wait for Christmas... I wonder what's next?

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  2. Joel

    Joel Registered+

    Oh my god dutchy.

    I saw your grow thread with your own home made green house wich was dope.

    Ive been seeing you posting all these pics of you & huge bags of weed, is this from that grow? With those monster greens.
  3. Clevelandsmokin

    Clevelandsmokin Registered+

    dam man u have the finest buds, i wish i was in amsterdam
  4. i envy you and yet i hate you and yet i love you and yet i .....oh fuck it i just want some weed
  5. kuulbns

    kuulbns Registered+

    Nice as always My Geile Bokken! lol Tell John Hello for me :)
  6. rzaodb6

    rzaodb6 Registered

    Id start rolling dutchies until my face fell off with that sack
  7. Hoy Ho

    Hoy Ho Registered+

    those r some nice buds
  8. jahjahjahjah

    jahjahjahjah Registered+

    nice dutchy
  9. CaptainDankNuggets

    CaptainDankNuggets Registered+

    Damnnnnn Dutchy I wanna start buying from you!!!!!

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