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Discussion in 'Edibles' started by BGDawg, Aug 4, 2015.

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    Hey there,I am an apprentice toker and I want to try eating/drinking some weed(coz I really hate the procces of smoking)and I was wondering if you guys could help me out with some answers to the following questions.

    1)My weed resistance is very low,I can get very high from 0.05-0.07g of weed(yes you read it right,0.05,not 0.5,half a g would kill me lol).
    My question is can I get high with just 0.05-0.1g of weed put in my edible?
    I am super poor and cant really afford to waste weed(anything more than 0.15g for edible is completely out of the question).

    2)I dont have an oven,I only have a hot plate and a metal pot,so I cant really bake anything.
    I did quite a bit of digging on the internet and I think the best way I found how to do it without oven is to mix some coconut oil with weed,in the metal pot,on lower heat and than mix it with some rice milk(cant drink regular milk due to lactose intolerance).
    My question is would that work and how should I do it exactly,for example will it be enough to heat up the weed and coconut oil for like 15-20 mins and than mix it with the rice drink,or should i mix the rice drink directly into the pot while it's still on the hot plate or should I do something else?

    3)If smoking 0.05g get's me really high for like 2-3 hours(and than 1-2 hours of feeling buzzed),how long of a high do you think I ll get from a 0.05-0.1g of edible?
    I heard edibles high last longer,so I wanted to ask do you think it's more cost effective?
    The high kicking in 40-60 mins after eating is no problem to me what so ever,I just want to get the most bang for my buck and get some really long lasting highs :)

    PS:Sorry for the bad english.
  2. gardenermendo

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    Your English is very good, no need to apologize.
    Edibles haven't been fine tuned yet, so it is difficult to get the amount you want consistently. Different strains can give you different results, obviously because of the THC content. You have a goal, so careful work towards perfecting your plans will hopefully allow you to achieve your goal.
    Every person tolerates cannabis differently, and you have already experienced an intolerance that may not be like what the next person experiences. Regarding your questions:
    1. We can't know how much will get you high. To get to the point of what works for you, you just have to try different amounts. If you were making brownies,try taking half of the amount of brownie you did before, or a quarter, or less. I would start with the "less amount", and work my way upwards, with whatever edible you decide to use.
    2. I don't have a clue.
    3. You'll just have to try different amounts to see. Maybe keep a log, so you can observe more carefully your results. You may be so stoned at times that how will you accurately remember?

    I wish your goals were not to be "stoned". Life is so awesome in many ways, don't waste your time trying to be stoned. I'm suggesting that you just use amounts to relax you, and use cannabis for it's medicinal value also.
    Good luck!
  3. BGDawg

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    Regarding the ammount,I guess what I was trying to ask is how much weed do you put in edibles compared to what you normaly need to smoke to get you high?
    Hypothetically,let's say you need 1g of weed to get good high if you smoke from a pipe,would 1g of weed put in edibles have equally good or better high?
    I know this is a generalization and it varies from person to person,I would still like to know your personal experiences though.
  4. Lit Up

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    Oz of weed to Lb of butter. General rule of thumb. That should get you where you need to go.
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  5. BGDawg

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    Uhh I really dont get your american units of measurement isnt oz short for ounce,aka 28g of weed?
    Like I said above,I cant afford much weed,so anything beyond 0.15g is out of the question(luckily 0.15g normaly would be more than enought to get me high 3 times).
    Again I ask,how much do you need to put in edibles COMPARED to how much you need to smoke to get high???(for example if u get high of smoking 1g of weed and u need 1.5g in edibles for equal effect,that's a 1.5 ratio,that's what I want to know).
  6. Shovelhandle

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    I feel that eating well prepared cannabis is fairly economical. However, your amounts will be very difficult to prepare and you may end up with no effect and that may make you unhappy. Personally, after years of butters, oils and other preparations I now grind up quality bud, toast it lightly and mix it directly into a box mix of fruit/nut bread or brownies. Usually 1/2-3/4 ounce (14-21 g) per batch. I get about two dozen (24) pieces that really do have a decent effect.
    I've also made 'firecrackers', a snack easily made using small amounts of bud (about a joint's worth, whatever that is equal to on the continent). Many recipes for this can be found on line. I do have a recipe in my documents. I can find it if you're interested. However, you seem to be looking for top economy and I think smoking would be a lot more economical at the amount you're talking about.
  7. BGDawg

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    Cant really make firecrackers due to the lack of oven,but that toasting idea seems interesting,how exactly do you toast it?(how long and in what?)
  8. Shovelhandle

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    well if you can't toast you can't bake so... I got nothing. Search around for a no-bake marijuana recipe.
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  9. Lit Up

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    Yeah your running out of options. Like Shove said, if you can't bake your pretty much S.O.L. which in America means "shit out of luck".

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