a few questions regarding creatine and b-12

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by bridgabell, Jan 11, 2010.

  1. bridgabell

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    Okay folks, i have a drug test in 2 1/2 days and i last smoked a lil over 48hrs ago.

    I in the past have used the dilution method but without all this other stuff, i just drank about 2 gallons before going in and pissed about 3-4 times before going in also. They knew i was diluting. This time i would like it to not be obvious. I need to pass this test to get a job.

    So 48 hours ago i began drinking water and green tea, just to start detoxing my system. I also am using fresh sqeezed lemon juice, bc i heard iit was good for detoxing. i'm about 5'7 and 170, so i'm not huge but i'm not a lil thing either.

    I went to the store tonight and got a bottle of B-12, they are 500 mcg, when i was reading the diluting instructions it said to take about 10 of these but not what mcg........ so should i take 10 500 mcg b-12's?

    Now on to the creatine, i'm not a big meat eater... so i looked up gnc and i found some chewies for rather cheap. Would they be good or no?

    oh i also have green tea pills, a dietary supplement from mega-t.each pill has 600mg of green tea extract, they are used to boost your metabolism and curb your appetite.

    I'm not feeling so confident about this, so any help or advice would be great!
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  2. killerweed420

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    Your chances are going to be very low with dillution. You really should sub with synthetic urine if you really want the job.
  3. bridgabell

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    oh goodness, that's what i was thinking but not what i want to hear. I do not think it will be possible to use synthetic, being i have had to go to the same drug testing place before, a few years back for a different job, and they do SUPERVISED testing. There will be a women in the room watching me. :(
  4. Burnt Toast

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    Whats your gender?
  5. bridgabell

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  6. webdox

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    The dilution sticky says nothing about any of the above so I am not sure why you are taking a tested method that works and altering it. Follow the instructions. All you need is water, salt, creatine powder, and B2. Not B12.

    The drinking anything days before the test is useless. You CANNOT detox your system. Same with the lemon juice, green tea pills, mega t, etc. You are really pushing the limits of how fast your body can convert creatine to creatinine, too. What kind of drug test is this for that leads you to think you'll be observed? Just because it's at the same location doesn't mean it will be observed this time, depends on what kind of job it's for.
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  7. bridgabell

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    I do plan on following the instructions for the dilution directions when it comes down to the time of needing to do it. As far as the drinking water, lemon, and green tea pills, that is MY method i have used in the past, which worked for me except they knew bc i was lacking the vitamins and so forth. I used to have to go to an out patient drug place where i was supervised pissed 3 times a week. Had a mandatory piss on mondays, could go anytime for the other 2 but they just could'nt be back to back like mon, tues, wed. So i would go in piss monday, piss tues skip wen then pis thurs then go home and smoke, smoke early on fridays then do my detox thing the rest of the weekend. The green tea pills boost your metabolism, so i am taking them in combination with exercising. As far as the b12, i did not see b2 in the store, and lol i was having a hard time remembering what it said, and many other people mentioned b12 so i was not clear on b2 or b12 and i got what they had with a b and a 2 in it. That's why i'm trying to ask somebody if i should take these. I'm pretty sure it will be supervised since the last time i went to this location to piss for a job, i asked them "why do you have to come in with me? Why can't i just leave the door open and not use the sink or flush the toilet? And the women told me that, that was there policy there and that they do not allow people to go in alone. So unless the policy has changed between now and then, then i'm assuming it will be the same.
  8. Deige

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    Are you on probation? Why are they observing you when you piss if its for employment?
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  9. bridgabell

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    No, no probation. I know, i think it's ridiculous myself. It's weird bc if you do have probation in this area, i have heard they all don't have supervised piss test, but the local place that screens for jobs, does it.
  10. Deige

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    The B2 is to color your urine so it will not look diluted. Not a huge factor in the testing process but one they look for. As Webdox stated above.. drinking water days before the test will not help you to pass. The green tea and lemon juice are also ineffective, but if they make you feel more secure then by all means. He was also correct about reaching your creatinine levels soon enough for test time. Your only possible solution is to follow the dilution method to a T the morning of the test and hope to god you pass. If your going to be watched at this employer you might want to consider new employment or stop smoking.
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  11. bridgabell

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    ok so i got to go get some b2..... Yes i know the thc is in my fat cells, and the water does not magically clean me, but yes having a cleaner system does make me more comfortable. I normally drink soda and sweet tea on a daily basis, i'm not drinking anymore then i normally do just switched it from the soda/sweet tea to water and green tea, I feel the cleaner system all around, the better. I plan on following it to a T, but i still have to figure out this creatinine thing. I just need to clear this test to get the job, after that they don't piss unless you go into work fucked up. I need this job, not much available to be choosy at this time and i cannot quick smoking. These past several days are KILLING ME!
  12. bridgabell

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    If i do attempt to be super sneaky does it matter WHEN if i get someone else's piss to the time i put it in the cup? Obviously i'm female so i will lekey store it in me when going but if i get it from someone the night before, will that matter?
  13. Deige

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    You should use it within the first 8 hours unless you put it in an air tight container and freeze it.

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