A Grower's Code of Ethics... Love, Stinky

Discussion in 'Growing Information' started by stinkyattic, Jan 26, 2007.

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    Thanks for setting a standard guys. It's nice to see responsibility in the community. :)
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    I think it should also be said that we should try to avoid buying into the black market. IF you feel like you want to sell some, don't charge black market prices. Sell it to make enough to cover some of your supplies because it DOES cost money, even though it seems like free weed. $50+ for a gallon of nutes is not free! If you choose to sell it for a profit as some will inevitably do, you should donate a percentage to a charity or some kind of organization like the MPP or NORML. Its time to change the view of marijuana growers as criminals and start putting this plant and ourselves in a better light!
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  3. stinkyattic

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    Dejayou you have the kind of honorable thinking that makes med growers and activists proud.
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    I second that! I was thinking of starting one of these non-profit
    co-ops and donate the profit's to Hep-C research and the cities
    low-income programs...I think it could bail them out!!
    just think no more homeless,starving people in your city!!
    The city i currently live has alot of $$$$ problems first thing
    that gets cut is help for low-income families.
    I have been watching these medical marijuana despenciaries and
    I don't see any of them donating any profit's back into the communities.
    I see them making 2 million to 10 million a yr and keep it all,this is wrong.
    on a goodnote i have seen a few of them that
    are getting it rite,free meds, yes ty
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    wow...cant believe it took me this long to find this thread...i agree totally here....i would never breed anything without credit due. i may not have permission at times, like my cross now is sensi seeds jack herer and dutch passion bubbleberry....i write that every time, but i dont have their permission.
    basically, i think you should get permission when you can, but ALWAYS give credit to breeders...how pissed would i be if i helped out another grower with beans, and all of a sudden, someone is on here having "created" bubble jack...i went through alot to pick out parents and select phenotypes of these...i cant do shit though if they did....
    So always have respect for other growers/breeders.
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    A question that has come up in our circle a few times regarding breeding and strains...

    What about bagseed?

    let's say you find a bean or 2 in a good bag that you want to grow but you have no way of finding out what strain it is or where it came from?

    Is it best to just leave it as a great "unknown" smoke? or is it cool to give it a little nick name? would you find it unethical to share some clones of it with your grow pals? What if you wanted to use it in future crosses or breeds?

    just some thoughts...
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  8. stinkyattic

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    IMHO, it's always going to be 'bagseed' or 'super local mystery mix' or something that reflects its origins as best you know. I am running a couple unknowns. One came from a mixed breeder pack from bushy old grower, so it's called 'BOG mystery'. Another is a local outdoor strain that even the growers are unclear on as to the origins, so it's 'Vermont Purple Shit'. Say I got something from my friend's carpet (yes, this has happened)... I'd probably call it 'rug nugs'... lol!

    If you think it's worthy of sharing, go for it! If you think it's breedable, hey knock yourself out! If you end up stabilizing what it was that you liked about it in the first place, yes, you should definitely give it a name. It's a long process, and you'd have earned it.

    Food for thought... ChemDawg, which has since become a legend, has been passed around in clone form for over a decade, and is the male parent of East Coast Sour Diesel (force-herm pollen against a female Massachusetts Super Skunk), was a bagseed...
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  9. Jerry Garcia 2007

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    Great Thread Stinky:thumbsup:

    I want to bring Veggi's question to the top again because I feel it is worth a little discussion. Where is the money from these dispensaries going? I can see the overhead to run them, But if they are bringing in 10 million that is allot more than overhead. I do not live near any MM state or dispensary and I have no Idea what they charge So I guess I need allot of enlightenment on this subject.

    My only real concern is if these dispensaries are making big profits and not giving some back to the community they are giving the movement a black eye.

  10. stinkyattic

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    It's funny, I think about that too, and my take on it is that it is further impetus for all of us to grow our own. Since the site is so heavily sponsored by dispensaries, I am going to try to avoid getting into a big essay on the achievements and failings of MMJ legislation state-by-state but I WILL say that I am impressed by the VT style laws which are a true product of the Yankee do-it-yourself attitude: They say, in no uncertain terms: Grow it yourself, or register your Aunt Betty, the one with the crazy punkin patch, to grow it for ya. High prices for any medicine make me cringe, and when MMJ starts feeling like Big Pharma, I am going to cry.
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    Either way... credit paid where credit is due. THe seed that I grow is from breeders and seed banks. I *ALWAYS* refer to each strain by its name.... such as Arjans Ultra Haze#1, or Afghani Hundu Kush, or Sensimillia. THe last stuff I got from my brother(with medical card) in California, I didn't know what strain, so it it was refered to as "Cali Pharma".

    If I had spent the time and money to produce a particular strain, I would sure as hell hope that the name I gave it would stick, and that my time and work were appreciated. Just keep in mind that once MJ is legal, there are going to be a hord of folks headed to the patent office for all of the induhvidual strains.
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  12. stinkyattic

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    HELL YEAH. You think Monsanto isn't already getting prepped to slap patents on whatever it can?
    You bring up a really good point, the implications of which are that if growers DO have a good record of pedigrees and agreed-upon names and lineages, it will be harder for the agri-giants to steal them from us.
    United We Stand, friends.
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    i thought u said all these new strains were shit old boy:Rasta:chill out bro,....thumbs up to stinky,smart man,he knows his shit,:thumbsup:steve just chill out and listen carefully to sticky and even subcool...u will learn a lot:Rasta:
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    Stinky just so happens to be a mad sexy ultra foxy....lady
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    Almost a year old. Must have dug a few pages back to call the inactive Queen of cann.com a guy.

    More than a few handfuls have made the same mistake. =P


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    Im new to this site and readng through this is awesome, why cant all tokers have morals? stinkyattic props for being one of the few honest people out there :)
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    Great thread ...

    Is Stinky still around ... havent read anything new from her lately ...
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    Is this English? Huh, what?
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    Great post with lots to keep in mind while working with the green wonder.
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    Good on you stinky........the need for education, exposure, and further enhancement will be justified one day. Looking forward to more ethics......Doin it with ease.

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