***A Link Between Marijuana & The Devil***

Discussion in 'Spirituality' started by zscorpio5281, Feb 8, 2006.

  1. zscorpio5281

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    Hello all-

    (This is my first post so I apologize if this topic has been mentioned before.)

    I'm just curious if anyone feels a sense of 'evil' whenever high. I know that when I smoke I'm much more spiritual and reflective and view the world in a different way. I feel some sort of a connection and feel comfortable expressing myself. I'm curious to explore the spiritual mind and how it pertains to reality.

    You know how Rastafarians smoke to have a better connection with God? Lately it's gone the other way with me, I feel darkness and a sense of evil. Over the summer I had a wild and crazy time smoking quite often. I began to change as a person and my spritual beliefs began to change. I started dressing differently, behaving wildly, and soon enough I bought a hand-carved Ouija board and I was messing around with that by myself. And I feel that I connected with some sort of spirit of darkness doing all this and now my life has changed.

    Marijuana played a big role in this and elevated my mind spirituality. Whenever I was sober I was fine and went on with everyday life. But when I would smoke, I was inclined to go on some risk-taking adventure or grab the ouija board. It was like I changed into a different person.

    So is there a link between marijuana and the devil? I researched this and didn't find too much information, but I guess satanists used marijuana in a ritual to summon the devil/demons way back in the 1700's. And I guess other groups used it sporadically throughout history. Nothing much has been reported on this topic though.

    I'm curious because I have felt some sort of connection that I never felt before in my entire life. Thanks everyone.
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  3. Polymirize

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    I'm all about openmindedly considering possibilities...

    but this sounds more psychological than spiritual...

    Is what you connect to external or internal?
  4. mrdevious

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    it's undoubtedly psychological and not spiritual, it's just a plant that stimulates certain receptors in your body. but everybody responds to weed differently, some more than other. some people can become depressed, or in your case have "feelings of darkness", which are still feelings. the other option is that there's a darker side of your personality that's coming out when you smoke.

    but to each his own, I say just don't smoke it, it's obviously not for you. for every so many people who have a great and typical time on weed, there's always the odd person who just gets a really negative experience from it.
  5. MoonStarer420

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    Man, I'm the complete opposite. I feel an overwhelming sense of calmness and peace.
  6. Breukelen advocaat

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    Non-belief in the supernatural would solve this person's problem. All else is madness - and the quote from Nietzsche below is written better than I could express it.

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  7. StOneD.aS.FuK

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    yea theres prob a link...but so what????

    i love my demons :)
  8. Sir Les

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    I believe as you come closer to the truth and God or that doorway to eternal life with God...the more the demons try to effect your reality!
    Like what happened to Christ when he went into the wilderness to find God, and was confronted By Satan offering him Power and riches, if he only worshiped him...
    Satan is in the world, and doesn't want us finding that doorway back to paradise , or God!

    Subconsciencely the human laws might be playing on your mind!
    Knowing it is illegal to have Marijuana, might have some effect on your state of mind, and behavior!
    What you believe in, is of the utmost importance when using some of these plants God made!
    You have to ground yourself to something true...and protect yourself and your spirit with truth...for there are demons about!

    If you cannot control your mind, and body, you should not use the plant!
    Knowing the truth will set you free!..there is no darkness unless you believe there is!...it has been conquered by Christ!
    Marijuana has no sin!
    Marijuana opens doorways in the mind, and connects to the spirit that is hidden inside yourself.
    It is important to God, that you know the truth about the tree of knowledge of Good and Evil!...so both are there if you wish to find them!

    Christ Said: "The devil is already in the world"
    Be careful with yourself...I would burn that Ouija board if I were you!
    Nothing good will come from it!
    And asking spirits already dead to answer your questions, when the Bible has already done so, is asking to be lead down the wrong pathway!
    If their is Evil...then the opposite exists!
    Ground yourself in God's truth...and follow Christ!
    Put back the tree of knowledge sinlessly under the sun, in good soil, and care for the plant, offer it up to God in thanksgiving, as sinlesly as possible!
    Keep your spirit clean!

    Ouija board...is not a toy!
    And yes it opens another doorway to the spirit rhelm...these spirits are bound down to this reality, and will decieve you!
    They will posses you, and make your life a living hell, if you let them into your reality!
    I speak this to you as a warning...my Ant became possesed when using a Ouija board...she couldn't speak for months after the ordeal!
    And her turning to the church and Christ our Lord, saved her from the demonic possesion!
    They truned her into a wild mainiac, a lunitic...that could not speak a word ...all that came out of her were grunts and moans!
    The doctors were baffeled...!
    But it was her devotion to Christ, and God that saved her!
    The power of prayer, and that strong conviction, caused them demons to leave....but I'm sure a dark cloud still hangs over her head for allowing that to happen!
    Best not to go there!
  9. zscorpio5281

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    Thanks for all of the replies. Yes, this 'evil feeling' is psychological no doubt about it. But it is also spiritual as well, there has to be a combination of the two. Native Americans used plants to get higher spiritually and I guess same with the Rastafarians or whatever. Weed can stimulate the mind, body, and soul to be a peace or to be one with each other. I love to meditate when high.

    But I'm just saying I think marijuana has another purpose then just getting high. And I won't stop smoking either. I've had the fun, peaceful highs too. And I have also had the depressed lows. Never the paranoia. But over the past year or two my highs have gotten out of control. I can't even smoke right now because I'm doing UA's for trying to elude the police. I'm a good person, raised Catholic and have good morals and values overall. But on the flip side, I can get wild, raise hell and do some of this demon shit that eventually gets me in trouble.

    See now that I haven't smoked since 10/05, I'm back down to earth and stopped with these dangerous actions and feelings. We'll see what happens when I can smoke again. You never know.
  10. beachguy in thongs

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    Just remember that the "Green Spirits" overcome you, when you smoke. They're good spirits.
  11. stoner spirit

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    Consecrate the herb before using it, and get rid of that ouija board. If you want to contact spirits, you need to have a circle of protection around you for your own safety. I would suggest that you do some sort of purification ritual before using the sacred herb. May the good spirits watch over you, and may you be surrounded by the forces of the light for protection.
  12. Sir Les

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    Yes Put it back where it belongs sinlessly, At the center of the garden, and you can enter heaven when you die...Doing the opposite act that brought humans into death...sinfully taken from the center of Eden....
  13. harmonicminor

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    oija boards can be good. look up Jane Roberts and the Seth Material
    as far as the devil he doesnt exist. he was made up to make people follow the laws in the bible which were only to controll people
    there can be bad spirits though but thats another thing and they cant harm you. they are only there to scare you
    I have seen them face to face either through astral traveling or Salvia Divinorum. they couldnt do shit to me because I know about them and am not afraid.
    but that still is different than just a mere feeling from smoking weed.
    heres what I think......
    your blood vessels expanded from smoking which gave you a wierd feeling that you assosiated with fear and the reason for the assosoiation is when you get scared your blood veesels expand. another contributing factor is the fact that its illegal
  14. cokekilla

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    i say its all in ur mind man
  15. Sir Les

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    A possible way to deter evil spirits.
    Read Tobit 6:5-6 cut open a fish, take out the gall, heart and liver....
    Tobit 6:14 explains the condition of the girl (widowed seven times)and the demon that kills the bride.
    Tobit 6:17-19 burn some of the fish liver and heart, the odur will cause the demon to flee.

    If you are being harrased by evil spirits, you could try this, and see if it works.
    I say you should give up your Ouija board, and turn to the Bible for answers...much safer!
  16. zscorpio5281

    zscorpio5281 Registered

    Here are some examples of my 'evil' distorted thinking, feeling, perceptions, whatever. I'm a photographer and when I'm high I like to take abstract pictures of nature and create images of faces. Like out of clouds, rock, shadows, smoke, fire. Has anyone seen that 9/11 face in the smoke? Same concept. When sober I can't seem to do it as well and these 'faces' are not as apparent. When high though, marijuana sparks creativity obviously and whatever this 'evil' sense is. Everything becomes clear and crisp, and with my camera I can capture some of this abstract artwork.

    You need to know that these are not pictures of actual spirits or demons. This is just what my mind seems to notice and I take a picture of it. Also, none of these have been doctored with Adobe Photoshop, it is all real as I have seen it. Please do not spread these photos around, view it for yourself and hopefully you enjoy it.

    Art Show 003.jpg

    ghost - I was sitting in my car, wearing white pants - these are tree shadows hitting my pant leg and this is what I came up with.

    Art Show 002.jpg


    Art Show 009.jpg

    demon - same scenario as the ghost pic, but 'solarize' mode was used in my camera, and those are shadows falling on the cardboard box of my ouija board. You can see PO Box, CO and stuff of the mailing address.
  17. Pyramidsonmars

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    Yeah, me and my friend have kind of had weird experiences on mushrooms before with this "evil presence" that I've sometimes noticed. I'm a christian and believe that there are demonic forces that try to toy with us constantly, and I believe we're more suseptable when our mind is altered, because we are no longer on stable turff intellectually; more defenceless against convincing ourselves otherwise when bad things are "put into our heads". Think of it this way: do you think you're a nicer, less selfish, more patient, more forgiving person when you're high (or drunk for that matter?) I know personally when I'm high I'm usually lazy, and take the easier (and often of less quality) choice when it comes to food, activities, etc. I've stopped denying that I (and for the most part my friends) am not the same person- not as GOOD of a person when I'm stoned.
  18. mrdevious

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    Not to rag on your believes, it's fine to be a christian, but keep in mind that demonic forces were the initial explanation for all mental illness, feelings of darkness, sexual dreams from men (they believe some female demon raped men at night, which is why they had sexual dreams), even just evil people. but we all know now, they've proven, that all these conditions occure direction from specific chemical interactions with specific parts of the brain. I mean hallucinogens in themselves, even drugs in the hospital, can create states of mind so powerfull you'd never be able to feel that on your own.

    now I don't personally believe there is a god, but for the moment I'll just give the benefit of the doubt and assume there is one. God has designed human beings with an amazingly complex body and even more complex brain. He wants us to live good lives, but it's more than that isn't it? He wants us to be good people , to be free of evil thoughts, evil urges, to not have an evil soul, but one that is pure and good. The best way to attain such a state of mind is to understand yourself, understand what truly makes you feel evil, or angry, or depressed, or greedy. strengthen your mind, strengthen your inner self, when it's you who determines your mindstate, it is you who can have control over yourself above any demon or outside force. I think this is what god would want, for the truly good people like yourself to have the power, not the evil forces. Though as to how you would purify and strengthen yourself, I can't tell you, that's up to however your faith would accomplish that.
  19. Pyramidsonmars

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    Some good points. My argument isn't really the mushrooms themselves, but just the mindstate that they put you in. I do know that there are two ways to look at the effects of drugs: material effects, non-material effects. Simply saying "chemicals did this to the brain" doesn't really expalin that effect on the "intellect"-the actions of the mind. What I mean is that alchohol for example effects our brain for strictly physical reasons (chemicals touched this part of the brain etc etc), and it is what this does to our ability to comprehend the situation that is changed. The mushroom trip my friend and I had very much left us in a mental state where perhaps we could rationalize things differently, but it is the fact that we cannot intellectually defend ourselves from attacks, nor could we reason them out (be they "temptations" or literal demonic possesion) in the same way we would sober (we are POTENTIALLY vulnerable is what I mean.) This is just an idea I've had as to why I've felt very heavenly feeligns during a good mushroom trip, and very hellish ones during a bad one.

    This is a simply difference of philosophy. I believe that God does want those things for us, but I also believe that the only way we attain those is through our closeness to God. How do we be close to God? I could give you my personal response but I'm sure you already guessed ;)
  20. altagid

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    Dude there are no demons trying to invade your head. What you see on MJ is just the inside of your head good or bad innocent or wicked its just you. If you really feel you are talking to other beings I suggest you go to a doctor that you trust because you may be borderline schizo and the weed is aggravating it. Otherwise you have discovered you have a streak of wickedness. So what? Welcome to the club. Enjoy it. Do something naughty. Life is short - have fun!

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