***A Link Between Marijuana & The Devil***

Discussion in 'Spirituality' started by zscorpio5281, Feb 8, 2006.

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    Hmm....I do to..to an extent. Weed has the power to reveal you to yourself. It's not the weed doing it...its actually you. Something has triggered that and the weed is helping you realize this so you can conquer it. Whats true in our minds is true. People who get high and get violent (which I know of none!) are just stupid people who probably do more than weed, like crack and such. I have thougt of some scarey stuff while high though...buts its my imagination. Remember...the Dark has value. We live in a dual reality..Light/Dark, Male/Female. The trick is to find value in the Dark and to bring Light and Dark together. The Dark is not "evil" as most would assume. Evil is plain ignorance. We need to learn compassion!!! Thats a mix of light and dark. So just because you have "evil" thoughts doesnt mean they are really evil.
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    i wouldn't quite say there's a link between MJ & the Devil, though a book i read mentions that drugs leave the body open for earthbound spirits, while under the drugs' spell. A number of ppl are more sensitive to these entities than others. If you do smoke up again, i'd recommend doing it in a positive surrounding, preferrably peaceful.
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    to the person who started this, I would say this is a perty good answer
    I hope you read it.
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    indeed... probably the better answer given here.
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    you can compare almost everything on this earth with good and evil, u dont even need to compare god and the devil if u want to be more politically correct.

    Evil thoughts should be the last thing on your mind when token, but then again were all different

    I dont personally believe in god, but i do believe in right and wrong, I know more about catholicism then most people i know who believe in it, but thats just because from 1st to 12th grade i was in catholic schools.

    Either way, they never preached the shit down are throats, the most evil your going to see now and days is strait from the churches so keep your minds clear. I do beleive in the rights to religion, but every time i tried to believe and go to church it was just like a repeat in my head something is wrong here.

    The devil had his time to take the good souls, god gave him that right, and i believe, like many others, that the devil has directly infultrated the structure of the religion by means of corrupt people in the church... what better way to bring it down right?
    Ive talked with my friends brother whom is a graduate in a theology field whom is a firm believer in catholicism and he even agreed with me on the fact that the devil is in the church more then anywhere else.

    There's to much BS surrounding theologies for me today, to much corruption, to many unaswered questions, but i will never tell some one there stupid for believing.

    In my opinion, do what is right, leave the crap behind you, if there is a god, i believe the only thing he wants us to do, is to chill the fuck out, love eachother, do what is right and moral, and treat people like they should be.

    Too often i come across people who defend there religion and continue to prosecute those around them for there plesure, i dont need a religion to do the right thing and people mislead that fact.

    Any way sorry for the ramble, but seriously, in any case, just do the right thing, and the right thing is always something non-selfish.

    Bob-marley and his god of zion, cannabis is the direct path to there god.

    The only thing religions are mainly concerned with is the fact of god before anything else, u really think gods gonna send you to hell for smoking some weed in your life? He'd be more pissed u missed church this sunday..
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    I feel so peaceful
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    I would never say weed has anything to do with the devil. But man, sometimes when I get a great uppy high, I love nothing more than blaring Satan My Master - Dimmu Borgir headbanging and yelling!
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    I had something like that once. I got real high one day and ran into this crazy, mentally disturbed guy in the middle of the night. At like 2 AM. It was only me, my friend, and him on the street. I tripped out and thought he was Satan's disciple. He had blood red eyes and pale, dead skin.

    I feel a very strong spiritual connection with weed.

    Anyways, I got real high again last week and I thought that I saw him stalking me home in a red SUV when I was walking home from my bus stop. I ran like hell to home, I damn near hopped a fence to make sure he didn't know where I live. I'm still not sure if it was really him or not. Probably not, because I ran into the guy in a place miles away from my house. Whenever I get high and walk home, I trip out when I see a red SUV following me.
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    i think that our whole journey in life is a journey to understand and become intimate with god. maybe this is happening merely to prompt you to begin thinking on the whole subject of good and evil and where you fit in to the big scheme of things.
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    You take for granted we believe there's a "devil" and a "god".

    When I'm stoned I feel a greater sense of unity with the universe (not some mythological creature), I feel more creative and I can explain things so much better. No devil or god thing, sorry.
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    I can't think of anything else to quote better than this,to illustrate how I feel.
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    I just found that so damn hilarious...

    everyone's trailing off with these drawn-out spiritual and religious replies.. like.. really insightful and carefully considered..

    then you get that

    I love it :clap:
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    He's jacking-in for sure.
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    all one can expect from this friendly herb is an altered way of looking at what you see every day. what you do with that altered perception is entirely up to you. this poor downtrodden plant is neither good nor evil. it is neither a conduit toward the godhead nor a tool of the devil. it is merely another sort of window through which to view the world.
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    I've had this feeling STRONGLY whilst on mushrooms..... for awhile i thought they may be the forbidden fruit of today.... but i've learned they are the purest evil, and the purest good formed into one, and when you take them, you perceive good, and evil simultaneously.

    Just don't get consumed by this evil, and fight it with positive thoughts of love, friendship, dreams, good memories, and thoughts of wonder.
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    If making me feel like I have love for every living creature in the universe, and forgiveness for George Bush's sins is evil, then I am going to hell with a smile of my face.
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    It's been a while...

    First of all, thank you to everyone that replied to the original post. It has been over a year and I appreciate all of the advice you have a given. I have read each and every post and considered what you have had to say.

    I think this is an excellent topic and I'm glad people got involved. I still believe there is a spiritual connection when high, I guess maybe your mind can go either direction: good or evil. Yes, it is a mental and psychological experience. Obviously. But where does spirituality come to play? What makes the mind think the way that it does? Am I crazy then if I have dark thoughts? I don't think so.

    There is no explanation for it, each person is unique. My situation now is totally different than it was before. I can't even smoke marijuana. Legally. I'm on probation until August 2008, I haven't smoked since October 2005. Ouch. UA's and BA's are bullshit. Alcohol or coke don't even come close to the high I get on weed.

    But this experience has been for the better. I'm clear-headed now and found myself a girlfriend. We're living together and the future looks bright. I also got a new job and my financial situation has improved. Not bad for being sober.

    So does it suck no being able to smoke? You know the answer to that one. It blows. But on the otherhand, the evil connection is gone and my life is on the upswing. Am I counting down to 8/08? You better believe it. But I'm taking this 'sober' time to create a foundation for this new life of mine.

    I will smoke again and for the rest of my life. I love it. But right now I'm good where I'm at and stuff happens for a reason. The spiritual link I have when I smoke will always be there and I'm ready to try again in about a year. Heaven and hell on earth is what I always say.

    Thanks again for all the replies.

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    I'm gonna throw in one more reply. First of all, let me say I'm glad your life is on the 'upswing' and the 'evil connection' is gone. Congratulations!

    I'm a Christian who believes the Bible is the source for good theology. I don't know if your background is Christian as well, but I'm going to make a guess that it is since you're referring to the devil and demons.

    Whether or not there is a link between cannabis and Satan/evil depends who you talk to. Of course an Atheist would just laugh at you and say, "What devil?" An Agnostic would say, "Don't ask me, how am I supposed to know?" A moral relativist would say, "Evil? There's no such thing as evil." And a Satanist would say, "Follow your evil heart and do whatever it desires."

    If you ask me, my answer will be based on the Christian Scriptures, the Bible... not on any particular philosophy or church tradition. I follow the Scriptures, not any particular pope or pastor.

    The Bible doesn't mention cannabis clearly. Anyone who says it does is either lying or they are stretching a verse and trying too hard to make it fit their preconceived ideas. But it doesn't have to list every mind-altering substance (and probably couldn't if it wanted to, since the list is huge and is constantly growing as people invent and discover new substances over time). It doesn't have to list them all because... the Bible *does* mention alcohol.

    So we can use what it says about that potentially "mental changing" or "mind altering" substance and apply it to other drugs. Its not the perfect analogy since they are very different drugs and alcohol is more dangerous, but since that's the closest we can get... we would be wise to see if we can find any similarities at all in what we know about God's feelings toward alcohol.

    The Bible and promotes the moderate use of the substance. However, it also warns against abusing it either by addiction, be it habitual or physical, or by overuse (using too much of it at once until you're out of control and can't walk, think, or function well). In other words, addiction and drunkenness are both sins; they're both "evil".

    By that, we can understand that if you are addicted to cannabis (habitually at least... since it usually isn't physically addictive) then you are probably committing a sin. Its a hard question to determine if you're habitually addicted... but try stopping for a week. If you can do that with little or no effort, then you're probably fine. If you get very irritable/angry or extremely frustrated... you should probably cut back. The Bible says we should not be controlled by anything other then God. That means we should be able to maintain our joy in life without depending on some substance to give us that joy.

    We can also understand if you're getting "too high", you're probably committing a sin. Do you get high enough to have a moderate buzz, become more creative and/or relaxed, and enjoy the good times and then stop? Or do you get so high you can hardly think and/or function? If you get high to that extreme degree when you smoke, then you probably are committing a sin and need to smoke less. Again, we aren't to be controlled by anything. If you're getting so high that you can't function, they you're giving up control of your mind and body to a foreign substance... and that is a sin (except in the case of medicinal use, as the book of Proverbs mentions in reference to strong liquor).

    Any sin (be it drug abuse, adultery, pornography, orgies, homosexuality, lying, cheating, etc.) can be pathways to Satan, or another way to think about it is that those are the pathways he wants you to take to become more like him. He is pure evil. Try to avoid any sin, and it then follows that you would be avoiding Satan as well. If you're a Christian, you can go a step further and try reading your Bible and praying every morning like the example Christ set for us. Pray, like Christ did in his example prayer for us titled 'the Lord's Prayer', for deliverance from evil. Hopefully your thoughts will become more like his, peaceful, wise, and joyful, instead of being inclined towards evil.

    We all face temptations and have evil thoughts at times though, that is part of being human. Christians won't be rid of their sinful nature totally until they are made to be like Christ in heaven, with their new body. But the closer we draw to Christ and the more we become like him, the less we are influenced by evil.

    Satan is very real. He is nothing to be afraid of, however. His influence in the Christian's life can diminish to next to nothing if we become more and more like Christ. Our own sinful nature is much more dangerous than the external influence of Satan. Try to battle sin as much as possible. With faith in Christ, it will be winning battle.
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    I don't know what you were feeling, but it was probably harry anslinger...

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