A MMJ card and a gun do not go hand in hand

Discussion in 'Colorado (CO)' started by VapedG13, Jul 31, 2010.

  1. VapedG13

    VapedG13 Registered+

    I guess alot of people who get their MMJ card dont realize that they are giving up thier right to own or carry a handgun.

    Guess what bros....You get your MMJ Card .....you are now a "REGISTERED" user of marijuana...You give up your right to "LEGALLY" buy or carry any guns

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  2. Colodonmed

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    That would probably disqualify about 99% of the adult population of the United States and it's territories from owning a firearm.
  3. copobo

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    that is why the registry is supposed to be confidential
  4. HighPopalorum

    HighPopalorum Registered+

    Pure B.S.
  5. VapedG13

    VapedG13 Registered+

    Silly stoners....if you have to register with the State of Colorado for your mmj card.....who do you think runs and approves the gun application...the State of Colorado.

    And you all thought we were getting more freedom........shit

    Legally anyone with a MMJ card.....is not allowed to own a gun...definatley not allowed to have a concealed weapons permit

    If you get busted for growing medical marijuana ...say in your house and you have weapon.... thats a whole different felony charge just for having the weapon
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  6. VapedG13

    VapedG13 Registered+

    heres a link to check out FAQ Colorado Firearms Laws Frequently Asked Questions About Firearms Laws in Colorado Updated 7/19/2010 :hippy:
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  7. Kartel

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    You're the silly one. The cdphe's registry computer is not linked in with other state departments.

    To quote your source: "THIS IS NOT LEGAL ADVICE." Quote something fucking real, like an example, not just someone's 'best guess.'

    Another place where this all played out recently, Oregon, local sheriff attempted to interpret things in the manner you suggest, but the court allowed the mmj grower/user to keep their concealed weapons permit. So smoke it up and shoot it up. :thumbsup:
  8. VapedG13

    VapedG13 Registered+

    the entire quote is
    whose knowlege is very accurate

    In today's newspaper OREGON ... someone busted growing with a gun got a felony weapons charge Lincoln County man busted for growing marijuana | The Portland Press Herald / Maine Sunday Telegram

    Of course state to state laws differ...but federal law remains the same

    the only way you get a concealed weapons permit is to lie:D
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  9. mustangwomyn

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    The individual got charged according to the story as an ex-Felon in possession of a weapon & does not appear to be a MMJ Grow, so I see 2 issues:

    1) Illegal Marijuana Grow
    2) ex-felon possessing weapon (this is illegal without the growing charge)

    Thus this reference does not provide any insite as to possessing as a MMJ user of Medicine & Legality of Possessing a Legal Firearm.
  10. HarvestHouse

    HarvestHouse Registered+

    I personally know a registry card holder who was denied a gun purchase. He was told "guns and marijuana don't mix". I think that the idea of privacy is nice but naive.

    Privacy went away with the take over of america by the multinational corporate powers that be. Get used to it.
  11. cologrower420

    cologrower420 Banned

    Anecdotal evidence that can't be verified aside.

    When someone applies for a concealed carry permit, are they subjected to a federal background check or a state one? Does the federal background check include checking with the Colorado MMJ Registry? I have to assume they'd have that authority.

    Is there any concrete evidence/links that people are getting denied concealed carry permits for the sole reason of being registered as a medical marijuana patient?

    HarvestHouse: Did your friend get a letter or something, or did someone at the gun shop say 'don't bother, guns and pot don't mix', or did he actually get denied for that reason?
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  12. HighPopalorum

    HighPopalorum Registered+

    I've had a CCL on and off for years and been on the registry on and off since 2003. I've purchased two long guns and a handgun in that time. The feds are not checking the registry. AFAIK, they don't have the ability. I recall the CCW form is a state form. When you buy a gun, there's the blue federal form, but I don't recall it asking about marijuana. It's been two years, so it's possible I'm misremembering.
  13. cologrower420

    cologrower420 Banned

    It's frustrating when people seem to cause an uproar over a non-issue, assuming you are accurate or until more info comes to light.
  14. fUNKYcDOG

    fUNKYcDOG Registered+

    imo the whole med card/laws are a bunch of bullshit. you pretty much do sign over your rights and put on a list. as a American you have the right to own a gun. just my .2 cents
  15. canaguy27

    canaguy27 Registered+

    im holding off on my ccw permit bc of one question on the form about mmj. you will commit perjury if you sign it bc it is illegal at the federal level
  16. HighPopalorum

    HighPopalorum Registered+

    Get your concealed carry permit. We're not second-class citizens, just because we have a red card. Jealously guard those rights!

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