A new meaning to CAT NIP

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  1. I have a grow room that has 25 plants all about 3 feet tall and just put under 12/12 a week ago. Every once in a while I leave the door open for a hour or two to give the plants fresh air strait from outside(filterd) and I walked in the room after being open for a hour and my fucking cat was eating the lower leaves on one of my plants. I just started laughing. It didnt really do any damage to the plants so I didnt think to much about it. Has this ever happend to you?
  2. bigverybig

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    yes a lot cut the leaves the cat ate they will infect the plant
    here is my baby i am not sure if she is ready

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  3. Gothen

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    Stop making me hungry! Those are nice!
  4. az666

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    i had a little plant in my room last year....probly bout a foot an a half hi....i came back one day and it was half the hight so i thought my mum had come up and chopped it...so i asked an she said no....so i thought hmmmmm....later on i went up starirs and it had all gone except the stem and my cat was just sitting there like how nice.....:( stupid cat
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    those pics look like 4 diff plants-mylar in one pic and no mylar in the others.....??
  6. He prob. moved the plant around to get a few goog pics. Peace
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    My cat does the same thing if she gets the chance. She seems to really want to get at the plants, but when she eats some she doesn't act stoned or anything like that. Occasionally she'll throw up afterward. I don't let her get near them, but she's pretty sneaky. I give her a small leaf or two when I'm trimming the plants; she seems to like it a lot.

  8. bigverybig

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    in the closet and out the mylar fucks up the focus on my camara so i cant take nice close up
  9. libramom30

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    the pics are fine......looks good
  10. DrGonzo

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    if you get a chance smoke your cat some actual catnip

    its fucking hilarious (although a little difficult to do, I modified an upside-down popcan to have a candle inside and burning the catnip, which was in the dip on the bottom of the can with a bunch of holes in it)
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    My brothers grow had the same problem so he rectified it. He started growing like 6 little catnip plants in a big cake pan type pot. Now the 3 cats he has just eat the catnip and leave his plants alone. He also was and maybe still is growing peppers. Now he even has a pumpkin growing. How fucked would that be if a cop found a superb grow room with all kinds of vegetation and like 8 cannabis plants and 2 big mother cannabis plants. Only his 'grow room' is more of a cupboard type thing under the stairs. But its about 6 ft tall and spans out like 6 feet with a few nice spaces rigged up for veging, for his mother plants and for males. But he does'nt have any males at the moment, Nor does he want any I think for risk of polinating the females.
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    my bad bro,nice lookin plants

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