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Discussion in 'CANNABIS.COM Lounge' started by VeeZee, Jun 7, 2006.

  1. VeeZee

    VeeZee Registered

    sup guys..i had a noobish question....how much does a quarter ounce of some good bud cost...not reggies...some kine bud...

    so anyone know how much it'll cost...and i understand that it varies by location..im in omaha, NE...but let me know wat it costs you so i get an idea

    oh, and if you got a pic of wat a qt oz looks like, plz post it
  2. mejames

    mejames Registered+

    quarter of chronic in California is $100 really excellent stuff but damn that's ridiculous
  3. Smokin EnDo

    Smokin EnDo Registered+

    a quarter look about the size of your fist maybe less but its about 90-150 depending of name/quality of KB 45 for middies.
  4. WakingDream

    WakingDream Registered+

    It depends where you are. A quart of normal is 60. 70 for good cristalized shit.
  5. smokin dope

    smokin dope Registered+

    well in ontario where i am from, it is on the average of 50-60cnd, but now i live in northern usa, and a quad of of good bud is 100, maybe sometimes 90. i belive the average is 100 a quad though, but ive been gettin zips for 220 from bc latley, brought to me :D
  6. Reefer Rogue

    Reefer Rogue Registered+

    You're looking to pay maybe $90-100 for some a Q of Kb
  7. soldier1944

    soldier1944 Registered+

    up around 100..maybe a lil lower if u know someone
  8. pogmoasal1

    pogmoasal1 Registered+

    most of the time it seems its 100
    but ive gotten them for 75 befor
  9. zephyrinne

    zephyrinne Registered+

    I've paid $80 and $90 for a quarter of some KB.

    I've seen it go for $100 though.. and for some mids, I've seen around $65 or $70. Just depends on the bud.
  10. stangle12

    stangle12 Registered+

    i get GOOD buds for 80 max a quarter.
  11. klonopin

    klonopin Registered+

    40 to 60 for mids
  12. Cloud997

    Cloud997 Registered+

    Damn, ATL prices suck! I pay $100 for a quarter of good mids. Used to pay $150 for some purple bud. I don't regret that a bit though, the best bud I've ever had.
  13. ToDrunkToFish

    ToDrunkToFish Registered+

    Dude I can fucking pay 25$ of good rego's. For one quarter.
  14. RIH

    RIH Registered+

    Wow. It definitely depends on where you're at. I've seen HIGH prices after I was reading this thread.

    I can get a quarter for $35-40, but I know people who can get it for even cheaper.
  15. think of how much money we all spend on herb. think of how cheap herb would get if it were legalized. shit the pot slingers would vote against legalization for sure. or maybe not cause they could open their own store, which would be fucking awesome.

    anyways $100 a quad is how it goes around here, then you got regs for $25 a quad.

    hold your fingers out like you're gonna salute, but retract your ring finger and pinky finger, so that your index/pointer finger and middle finger are stick out. then lay your bag down on a flat surface and spread it out in a single layer. the amount of weed should be pretty close to the width of your two fingers.

    that was a really long and pointless description, hope you enjoyed.

    2 fingers = quad
    1 finger = eigth
    full, non-zip (fold top) sandwhich bag is usually an oz.
  16. If your gonna pay a C-note per 1/4 you might as well get super premium bud from a mom.No more expensive and no need to leave your house to score.
  17. flamingskullballs

    flamingskullballs Registered+

    man, back in the day, you could get a quarter ounce for $5
  18. smokster

    smokster Registered

    way too high!!!

    I can remember when an OZ of thai weed was 10 bucks. What has happened to this? prohibition has taken it's toll on the market, Legalize the stuff and let all who care to live in peace!!:pimp: :Rasta: :stoned:
  19. smokin dope

    smokin dope Registered+


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