A question for the experts, "Do I Need To Be Worried"

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by Skrewball, Oct 25, 2011.

  1. Skrewball

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    Hello everyone. Here is the problem I had and will be followed with the worry I have...LOL

    I lost my job and knew I had to stop smoking in order to get another so I did. I stayed unemployed without looking for 30 days to clean out. Got an offer and on my 40th day of absolute abstinence, took a test without trying anything because I thought I would have been cleaned out by then as I have been in the future. To my shocking surprise, I failed it. In the past, if I waited 30 days I could pass without doing anything but something has changed.

    Now here is a little info about myself required to get the best informative help: I am 5'9". I weigh 178. I am skinny/boney except for a beer gut which causes me to wear size 34 pants. Before the gut is bones and after the gut is back to bones LOL. My alcohol intake is probably a 6pk a day sometimes up to 10. More on weekends, hence the beer gut. I don't know if that even plays a role or not. Do I need to not drink beer the day before the test? I smoke regularly and by that I mean, I pretty much stayed endulged except for when I was at work. All day when I was not. Chronic I suppose is the term some use. I prefer Happy...LOL Nothing else except for occasional Vicodin, Neurotin, and Tramadol due to back problems. More Vicodin since started abstaining. Don't know whether or not that plays a role either. I do not do any exercise due to the back problem and I mostly drink soft drink (coke or dr. pepper) all day. Maybe one bottled water a day.

    Here is my concern/worry: It is now Tuesday (Day 69) and I have a UA for an awesome job on Monday morning (Day 75). Normally I would not be worried but since something changed and I failed on Day 40, its got me a little worried. Some websites say it can take up to 90+ days in the research I have been doing and some say that is bogus. I don't know so I am asking.

    Do yall think I need to be worried and if so and I go with the dilution method, how much red meat (hamburgers, steaks) do I need to eat in the time frame? No GNC or health stores where I live. Can you get the creatine supplements in grocery store pharmacy or walgreens or cvs? Also can you get the B2 (it is B2 isn't it?) in the same places or can I substitute for it. Can I drink gatorade along with the water or do I need to just stick to the water? How much do the home tests cost at pharmacy and are they pretty accurate. I am strapped for cash because of the 2 1/2 month unemployment. Doing everything I can not to lose vehicles, house, and toys LOL. I can always work where there is no testing but this is a premier job with a premier position.

    I do truly appreciate all the advice and answers to my questions the experts can give me on whether or not I need to be worried with a complete 74 day abstinence and 75th day testing. Thanx guys.
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  2. Skrewball

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    Oh yeah, forgot a question. N2's dillution process was written in 2004, is that still good in 2011? I know technology changes which causes methods to change. I wish I did not have to worry at day 75 but that is how good the job is. Thanx again.
  3. GaGrown

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    In that length of time you should pass with flying colors (yellow)! I'm positive you'll be fine as long as you have not used within the time frame you speak of! Good Luck! Hope you get the job!

  4. Skrewball

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    I haven't not one time GG but those websites that mentioned the 90+ days for people who are as Happy like me got me worried especially failing at 40 days. In my early 40's and just curious also if age might have a role in the whole scenario too. Thanx GG, that is exactly what I would be thinking. Still a little worried but you have given me some reassuarance. Greatly appreciated.
  5. GaGrown

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    I'm 46 so.. 30 days has always worked for me. I've taken several!

  6. Skrewball

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    I here ya Ga. That was the case for me until I just recently failed that one at 40 days which is what has me so worried. Thanks alot buddy for the input. Hopefully some more experts will have some answers to my questions. Since the test is this coming Monday, I guess I will start jogging and drinking a good bit of water just to ease my mind a little and then start eating red meat. I have a lot of ground deer meet in the freezer I can fix different ways and will eat a couple of steaks. Still looking for a way to get B2 or a substitute for it. Got aspirin. Thanx alot guys and you too Ga.
  7. Burnt Toast

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    The N2 method is still fine except the "aspirin" step. Read my "Update" post in the Dilution sticky thread as to why the aspirin step should be skipped.
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  8. Skrewball

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    Will do BT. Thanks alot brother. Do you know anything about my other questions and concerns I have from the original post for instance like the red meat and a substitution for B2 if I can't find it in our local grocery stores, cvs, or walgreens. We don't have a GNC. Wish we did. Thanks again for helping out with my reassurance process.
  9. Skrewball

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    Let me add to my questions please: Is deer meat considered red meat? Got a pretty good bit left over from last year. Just grounded. Ate all the backstrap and cutlets up pretty quick. The reason I ask because I know they blend a $age portion of hog/pig/pork with the sausage. Not sure about the ground hamburger meat. Maybe I should just stick with a whole lot of steaks during that time period. Thanks guys.
  10. Ruckus

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    One should not base that claim just on another's clean time and the OP's test result bears that out.

    What has worked for you has no bearing at all on what will work for another.
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  11. Skrewball

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    That is what I believe too Ruckus especially since I failed my first one and that was suppose to be, or at least I treated it that way, a given at 40 days. Thank you for the input and that's another reason I am asking and trying to get my questions answered about the dillution process. I believe just to be for sure, I need to do it. Guess I need to go to Walmart and get one of those tests or to cvs/walgreens. How reliable are they compared to the labs? Thanks again Ga, BT, and Ruckus. I appreciate it brothers.
  12. GaGrown

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    Depends on if it's a 7 panel test which would be a gas test.. But you will know if your clean by that lil' 20 buck investment for your sanity!

  13. GaGrown

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    I'll just gracefully back away from this thread.. There are alot of things that would be different in any situation!

    Don't mean to cause no ruckus! Just go with ya gut on this and do what you think you should do! Not what I say or has worked for me..

  14. Skrewball

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    Hey Ga, don't back away. Input is what I am looking for brother and if you think of anything else, I want it. What does OP stand for? The 20 buck investment, is that what I can get from Walmart? I will head that way right now. How reliable are those? I have read so much info on them that the wires are crossed. What has been your/yalls experience with them. Any particular brand better? Thanks brothers and sisters....
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  15. Skrewball

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    Oh yeah, I graduated from Texas A&M if that helps in any of the expertise advice and calculations.........LMAO. LOL, Just looking for the input and answers to the questions. Burn one for me tonight because I still have at least another week and a half depending on Mondays test....It has been a long time but looking forward to that first like I had never done it before (maybe the giggles, extremely happy). Nothing like quitting for a little bit and then getting that first high again.....LOL
  16. Burnt Toast

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    Not so. Immunoassays, which are used for the initial screening, can be had in single panel, 5 panel, 7 panel, and up to 15 panel configs.
    The Gas Chromotography/Mass Spectrometry test is only used as the confirmation test on any of the panels that have tested positive on the initial I/A screen.

    Opening post/poster

    Home tests, being assays themselves, function on the same principles as the assays used by the labs. Therefore, neither are more reliable than the other.

    As far as your dilution questions go:

    Creatine - Just load up enough to where you wont be making frequent bathroom trips, sitting on the toilet seat. There are no upper limits established for creatinine. As long as the creatinine level is over 20 mg/dL, its satisfactory.

    Vitamins - The proper vitamin to use for urine color is B2 (Riboflavin). But keep in mind that with creatinine and specific gravity checks having become the norm in the past few years, color had become the least aspect in determining an overly diluted sample. Even samples with a nice yellow color to them can still fall below the acceptable ranges for creatinine and S/G.
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  17. Skrewball

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    Hey BT, they told me about the Gas Chromotography/Mass Spectrometry test when they called me to tell me I failed at 40 days clean. They said I could spend an extra $250.00 to get that test done to dispute the test I took. I so wanted to say yes and give them a credit card number but just chalked that one up as a loss. Then they called the company to let them know but I called them first just to talk them. I am so glad that happened because I have a dream job opportunity now and would not ever be tested again. Where can I get B2 (Riboflavin)? Is that the same as Metamucil? I will drive to Houston or Dallas to get the proper ingredients if I cannot find them here. Creatine Supplements and B2?

    Thanks brother, all this is so helpful and reassuring.
  18. Burnt Toast

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    Riboflavin and creatine supps can be had at your local health food/vitamin shops. Riboflavin can also be found (in large amounts) in such breakfast cereals as Total, Product 19, etc; and its not the same thing as Metamucil.
  19. Skrewball

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    Cool, thanks BT. Greatly appreciated brother.
  20. painretreat

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    Sb, are they testing for anything besides THC? Just curious! pr

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