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Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by gotuve, Jun 25, 2006.

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    I didn't see any apple guides on the first page so I decided to make one. I figured anyone new to smoking might enjoy an easy guide to this ultimate smoking device, and on top of this I'm making it pixelized! So enjoy.

    (Pixelized version coming soon.)

    So heres what you need:

    an apple
    and a pencil


    Step 1. Get an apple(make sure it's somewhat clean), and a pencil while your at it.
    Step 2. Set your apple up so that where the stem is(or should be) is point upwards, and if the stem if there remove all of it, don't need it anymore.
    Step 3. Take your pencil and take the pointy(or what should be point end), and carefully poke threw a hole threw where the stem use to be and push gently untill you get about 1/2 to 3/4 away from the other side of the apple and pull the pencil back out.*
    Step 4. Again take your pencil and poke a hole threw one side of your apple until you poke threw your hole in the middle and pull your pencil out again.
    Step 5. This step is optional but I always like a carb(kill hole) on my pipe so now turn your apple 90 degrees to either the left or right depending on which side you want your kill on. Now take your pencil and again poke threw the side of the apple untill you hit the middle and pull back out.
    Step 6. You now almost have a pipe but there may be some blocks in your pipe so take the apple and put you finger over the kill hole and blow threw the other hole on the side the make sure all the apple core you pushed threw is gone.
    Step 7. Pack er' up and light it up.

    *If you accidently push threw completly it's not completly done just pull it out quickly and push the apple back up into the hole, it'll be fine.

    Some Tips:
    1. For choosing apples green ones can be a pain in the ass if not ripe, but tend to over ripen faster than other apples.
    2. A cold apple is always easier to poke holes threw. (though I've never frozen an apple after poking holes in it...I think I smell an experiment..)
    3. Sharp pencil are bad news, and unsharpend or even the eraser side works fine too, a dull pointed one though is always best.
    4. A sturdy pen or even a screwdriver will work too, if it's can poke the holes deep enough and you can suck air threw it.
    5. Take a piece of bud and place it over the top of the whole, and then shake goes into the bowl fine. A good way to start an apple bowl is to pack a small tight first bowl and fire it once and pack the resin in, and then put shake on top. As long as you pay attention you won't suck it in.
    6. Sun hits rock if you have the chance on sunny day, all you need is a magnifying glass and some patience, but it's well worth it!!:smokin: :thumbsup:
    7. If you are using a light or a match, hold the flame a little above the herb as just high enough that the heat is brought down and just vaporizes the bud, it gives alot better hit, and lets the bowl be passed longer. This technique is a bit tricky to learn but well worth it.

    Expect more things to come, or a blog, but I hope this guide helps who ever uses it to enjoy apples a little bit more. :Rasta: :smokin:
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    reserved for future posts
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    another tip is - dont pack the weed in it because it will get wet from the apple's juice and wont light well, instead sprinkle the weed in so it sits in the apple not cramed in the apple.
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    You forgot the weed.

    Other than that, good post.
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    I got a question?? wat is the fucking point in putting a carb on an apple pipe. If u take ur finger off it ur just gona be drilling air. Isnt a carb used on pieces like bongs and shit that have chambers, so if u take ur finger off u can let the air circulate so u can toke the smoke that has filled the chamber. Where is the point in a carb on an apple, why wud u need it???
  6. willystylle

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    For the same reason. The apple acts exactly like a pipe, so a carb is good. I don't normally put a carb in mine (pipes, not apples) I find it easier to leave your thumb over the bowl when you toke and to take your thumb off when you carb.
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    You can just carve a bowl out of the side of the apple, then use the pencil to make a tunnel that runs parallel to the apple's core. It's a lot easier. It hits better, too.
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    this made me laugh for some really weird reason :D
  9. Jay Matix

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    good thread.

    but n imorportant tip: WATCH YOUR EYE LASHES!

    i burned like 1/2 of my right eye lash last weekend hahah...
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