A quick question relating to tincture and oil

Discussion in 'Recipes' started by grinmore, Aug 12, 2008.

  1. grinmore

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    I have read several recipes regarding tincture and "honey oil".

    I am just confused on one point; if i boil down a GD drink/thc tincture, until as much of the alcohol has evaporated, would this final product be the same as the thc oil extracted via butane or isopropyl alcohol?

    thanks guys! :D
  2. Coelho

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    For all the practical purposes, yes, its the same thing.

    The only difference is that alcohol dissolves a bit more of things that butane does not (like chlorophill for example), so the honey oil made with butane is a bit purer than the one made with alcohol. But this difference is almost negligible, and both are very smokable... :Rasta::stoned::jointsmile:
  3. grinmore

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    ahahha sweet. also would applying the tincture orally be as strong as smoking the final products?

    thanks for hte reply btw :thumbsup:
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  4. Coelho

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    Unfortunately not... smoking it is FAR more efficient then ingesting it orally...
    Once i did make green dragon (tincture), with the usual amount of weed needed to get an "average" high from drinking it.
    Then i decided it was a waste, evaporated completly the alcohol and got some hash oil instead, which i smoked. The amount of hash oil i got was enough for some 10 highs, and if i had drank the green dragon i would have got only one high (even if it lasted far longer)...
    So, smoking hash oil is indeed the most efficient way to use it. :thumbsup:
  5. killerweed420

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    You have to be a little careful with heat levels doing it that way or you could boil the thc away. Thats why I like to do the butane method.
  6. Coelho

    Coelho Registered

    Well... it may happen indeed, but it would require a LOT of heating... alcohol evaporates at about 170F and THC starts to evaporate only at about 300F, so its a great interval of temperature between them... and before the THC evaporate, the hash oil starts to bubble, so its easy to notice when its being over heated... anyway, heating the tincture in a water bath ensures that no THC is lost, as the highest temperature that a water bath reaches is 212F, far below the temperature needed to start to evaporate the THC.
  7. grinmore

    grinmore Registered

    Thanks heaps guys. I did it last night, and boiled off the alcohol today. me and a friend took a about 3-4 drops of the residual liquid and felt a subtle body stone...not bad for a first attempt. I did the water bath thing as well, so im pretty sure the temps are below 140C. Gona making a bigger stronger mix next week. :)

    Thanks coelho n killerweed!


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