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Discussion in 'Netherlands' started by The Stoned Anarchist, Jan 12, 2007.

  1. The Stoned Anarchist

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    im planing a trip to europe, and on the way im stoping at the netherlands. but i was wondering, is there a age limit on smokeing? im only 16 and that would be a big problem, so please locals let me know if there is, and posibley any loopholes in the "system"
  2. HiProGlow

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    If you can see over the counter and you act mature, I don't see a problem. Peace!
  3. Land of Drought

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    Thats the nice way off saying your under age. If you were cought in the coffee shop (By the cops),you could fuck up there licence. So be mature dont act like a Noob...They dont discourage underage smokers for nothing your not suposed to smoke in A coffee shop unless your 17 or over i think i remember rightly. And id say that only really works in your advantage if your Dutch. Be Cool...

    Peace D

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