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Discussion in 'Organic Growing' started by FireBrand77, May 8, 2006.

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    What up people,I got a very good little organic recipe for ya.Ok here goes Ive heard a lot of people talking about wether human urine is good for plants or not.Let me tell you,IT is.Here's a little recipe that has worked wonders for me,and it's free.Ok first I start out with a good old morning piss,in a one gallon milk jug,hehe.The good old dark yellow urine.I really don't measure the amount,so a good two morings worth of urine will be all you need.I have burned a few plants to death from using straight urine,so beware.Urine has all the necissary nutrients to sustain all a plants fertilizer needs,and is very rich in nitrogen.Then I clean out my aquarium filter in a big ol bowl.And fill the bowl up with a quarium water.My aquarium gets dirty fairly
    easy,because I'm to lazy to clean it.I'ts a 55 gallon,I beleive.Anyway,The water from the aquarium water and filter will now be a very dark blackish color.That is the gold.I pour the sludge in with the urine.Another thingI use is fish blood.I'm a fisherman,and I catch tons of fish.I catch alot of bluegill,and most of the time I'm to lazy to fillet them,so I clean them,and put them in a bowl in tne fridge with a little water.The next morning there will be a gluecose looking light red substance.That is what you want.all the fish blood drains out overnight.I pour in that too.And then I let ferment in a cool place for a week.I then water my plants,after shaking it up.It is very putrid,and could be considered a controled substance,hehe,just kidding.No joke it will stink up your whole house for a week if you take the top off indoors.Well hope this little recipe isn't too much for some people,but it really workes.I'll eventually post a pic of one of my ladies,as this is the only fertilizer I use one her.I water her twice a week,and the results are fantastic.PEACE
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  3. Th3 sand m4n

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    That sounds good but its fucking disgusting!!! ill stick to bloodmeal thank you.
  4. mscaboo

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    lol.........here we go with the piss again.i just love the thought of sparkin up a bowl of some dank weed grown with human waste............mmmmmmmm sounds great.
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    actually, urine IS sterile, and does have tons of salts, vitamins and nitrogen (all the good and bad stuff your body can't seem to uptake all of). As for the fish tank stuff, sure fish poo could be great, but what about the algae? If it works, go for it; just dont tell your friends when you light a spliff...

    HARDDON Registered+

    Some piss from the one eyed monster in with some regular water is indeed a great all around mixture.

    DO NOT piss on your plants.

    Just mix a good glass of piss in a 5 gallon bucket and stir.

    Great fert. Really great!!!!
  7. FireBrand77

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    Like I said it works wonders.PEACE
  8. kush07

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    Human urine is one of the most naturally rich nitrogen substances. However, you need to stop feeding it to your plant during the veg. state. During that time I use a 12-55-6 Super Bloom mixture. Veg. state needs more phosphate and less nitrogen.

    P.S.-does anyone know of a good fertilizer with a high potash rating?

    Happy Toking :Rasta:
  9. cptweedmanguy

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    hey guy... last time i check veg state needed more nitrogen playa.....
    were the fuck are you from?

  10. FireBrand77

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    Hell yeah veg needs more nitrogen,and flowering more phosphorus,hehe.PEACE
  11. The Grim Reefer

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    Bullshit. :)

    Vegetation period - Nitrogen

    Flowering period - Phosphate
  12. kush07

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    Which part is BS. And yes, after reading my post I realized I messed up on the stages to induce the plants to each fertilizer. If thats what you ment by bullshit then yes, I know I screwed up while posting.

    Happy Toking :Rasta:
  13. The Grim Reefer

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    Everything you said was correct except the nutrients :D
    I wasn't trying to jump on your case, reading my post again definitely makes it look that way.

    I apologize Kush, it's just stressful seeing some of the wrong info passed around here to the newbies (including me) who tend to "cement" it into their skulls.

    Take care, friend.
  14. Jdog7000

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    I'll try this piss method on my outdoor plants by the river.
  15. FireBrand77

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    Here is my 3 and a half week old,organically grown Indica plant.I use nothing but the mix I mentioned.I've topped her numerous times,and the original main top keeps coming back.I have found a method of topping where you don't cut the stem entirally.You cut about half.The original top grows back out,and it forces the other tops to grow out substationally.It really works.Sorry bout the pic quality,need new cam.PEACE

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  16. mightymarijuanabuds

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    i have used the urine method and was not impressed at all

    you can get a bag of guano from your grow shop for under $10 that will do the job better, IMO...
  17. FireBrand77

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    Yeah,guano is very good,but I can't find it round these parts.I water my whole garden with my urine mix,and it is spectacular.It works for me.It is high in nitrogen,and makes for faster results.Well,take er easy.PEACE
  18. mightymarijuanabuds

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    yea, everybody has thier own preferences, personally i have had better results with store stuff, but you can order some... speakin of which, what do you use for flowering, when N becomes useless?

    you can get 8 pounds of 'organic guano substitute' by age old organics (2-10-20 +Ca) for use during flowering for under $20 after shipping and all, the jar itself should be $8-12... it takes 3 tbsp of the stuff per plant, i halved a jar of it with a buddy of mine and still have enough for several crops over... still enough for several years probably :) of course i grow small... it's still quite a bit for the $$ though, and it gave me some very tasty results on my last crop (kc / mango)

    i am not sure if we can post links or not... just google for 'age old organics guano fruit' it comes in a large jar in dry form it should be very easy to find

    flowering actually requires p AND k... if you give your plants high amounts of k they will slow or even stop vertical growth, great for inducing early indoors... anyway, you need both for flowering, so what are you using for that?
  19. Jdog7000

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    After seeing your pic of the 3 and 1/2 week old plant. I am not going to use this method. That plant is tiny. And shrivled up. No pee for me!
  20. FireBrand77

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    ha ha man,my camera sucks.My plant isn't tiny and shriveled at all.You can't get a good size,or detail with this sucky 15 dollar camera.Man,Normally at 3 weeks plants are half this size.This plant is about 8 inches high.I've topped it a number of times,so it isn't really getting taller,it's just getting bushier.This method works wonders,you should see my outdoor garden,it is lush,and beutiful.Urine really works,it's just the fact that it's human waste,is why no one wants to use it.PEACE

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