Absinth...can it be a false positive?

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by Damon32, Aug 5, 2006.

  1. Damon32

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    Word to the mutha ya' all!!!

    Hey I have always wondered about that crazy booze that everyone drinks in Europe called "Absinth".

    Man I'd love to try it cuz they say that it has a Marijuana like buzz to it and even has hallucinagenic properties to it as well.

    From what I have read there is an herb in the drink that trips you out called "worm wood" that has the same properties as THC. Anybody try this shit?

    I heard as well that it could possibly test you positive for THC in a drug test. Now this would be a great excuse for a false positive, because it is legal to drink in the united states. It is Illegal to sell though.

    You can have it imported legally over the internet. I also know that there are alot of imitation Absinth drinks that do not have the proper ingredients. You gotta watch what you buy. From what I've seen "Seymour Absinth" seems like the real deal. I'd love to hear from people that have tried the stuff.

    I would love for someone that has any knowledge about this beverage. It is some expensive shit man! Some buddies from work are talking about going in on a case of the stuff and having a party with it. Sounds like fun huh??

    Lets here it folks, give us some info!! I know if theres a product out there that can legally get you stoned, people on here have tried it.(LOL!!).

    Holla atcha' boyzzzzz!!!!!!!!
  2. reeferizer420

    reeferizer420 Registered+

    yeah i just came back from england and i drank absinthe there every night. only really rare good absinthes make u hallucinate or feel any different. most absinthe out there is "fake"... thats not to say it wont get u drunk as hell. high high high fucking alcohol content in that shit... something like 180 proof.

    oh yeah and you cant get it in the US
  3. Damon32

    Damon32 Registered+

    If your getting Absinth in the United States, you are getting it illegally.

    Like I said it is legal to buy imported and consume it here in the states but it cannot be sold. I bet the stuff you are getting is called Absinth but has only legal ingredients which is a fucking scam using the name ya know?

    It is not legal to sell here, you can get it in Canada but the good shit is missing from it as well.

    Keep it coming folks!!
  4. reeferizer420

    reeferizer420 Registered+

    haha no man i was in england where it and wormwood are 100% legal
  5. Captain Hanks

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    sounds interesting, i remember seeing it in eurotrip
  6. sweetchild

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    I failed!!

    :( Well I failed my test. I had no notice so all I could do was to take 4 aspirin and drink about 75 oz. of liquid in less than an hours time. I tried to sub but was watched so I had to give my own. And I failed, but I said I used hemp seed oil regularly and they told me to show it to them and they were going to give me a month to retest. I need to know if 30 days will be long enough for a daily smoker, about 1/4 oz. per week for years. I am 5'7 180 lbs. who has been exercising and losing weight for the last few months. Is there anything else I can do to help? Thanks.
  7. Damon32

    Damon32 Registered+

    Sounds like plenty of time to me. Especially if you are working out.
  8. Crimson King

    Crimson King Registered

    Well,the active ingredient in absinthe is thujone,which comes from the wormwood used [wormwood being an herb].Thujone is an oil byproduct and also found in vermouth and Benedictine.Fennel,hyssop and anise also are used and have chemical properties that cause convulsions and hallucinations in high doses...then again,so do morning glory ,marigold seeds and large amounts of nutmeg.
    The product that is made today has trace amounts of thujone in it because much is lost during the distillation process;not enough to cause the famed hallucinatory side effects.If anything,the high alcohol content is what messes you up and the power of the human mind to beleive they are feeling something they are not because you WANT to beleive it.
    You'd puke your guts out or pass out before being able to ingest the amount of thujone to really make you see things.
    The same recipes are used today as were 100's of years ago,but I'm sure that in the past before the 1908 ban,there were far more impurities that were making it through the distillation process....along with marketing hype,even back when Van Gogh was drinking it! Testing done on the Czech and German varieties which claim to have the "highest" thujone levels available have shown trace amounts if any at all.
    I have had Pernod,La Fee and Jade absinthe varieties and yes,there was some slight heightening of colors,but when you're drinking something that is 130 proof or more,common sense tells you that it's the alcohol content,not the wormwood and thujone levels.
    you can get it shipped to the United States at a limit of two bottles per order for "personal use",but it is illegal to sell here.
    In other words,don't always beleive what you're told.Do some research.
  9. Crimson King

    Crimson King Registered

    Honestly? Not to scare you or anything,but I have been smoking for around 16 years [daily aside from the recent two week hiatus and a few times before then] and even when I stopped for 60 days a few years back I was still testing positive on a home test...and I'm 6 ft and 135 lbs and am in a very physical profession.
    Everyone is different and the 30 day rule doesn't apply to all...sorry!
  10. silverspring07

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    i bought 2 bottles of absinthe from germany after reading all of the hype about it and the stuff is hard to drink b/c it tastes so awful. a few of my friends have tried it and they couldn't even get a shot down b/c its so strong (these are people who are used to doing vodka/whiskey shots.) I cant find any recipes to make it more drinkable b/c it tastes like crap even when its diluted. What I have drank of it didnt do any more than drinking strong liquor. I agree with the above post that it is way over hyped.
  11. NightProwler

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    i brought some absynth back from the virgin islands. wormwood was was in the ingredientes. it didnt do anything out of the ordinary for me, just got me really drunk.
  12. FakeBoobsRule

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    I'm glad you have said this. A lot of people find it hard to believe that it is possible to fail after 60 days. Some of the people on this board are heavy smokers, multiple times a day, and think that 30 days and all is good. Best way to know for sure is using home testing. Some labs use the 20 ng/ml cutoff on the assay screen now (depending on what the employer or whoever is requesting the test, maybe PO's) and then that also is going to increase detection time. Subbing and home testing, this is the way to go.
  13. stoned in paradise

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    Crimson King, just wanted to let you know you have not contributed to making this day get any better for me !!!!

    JUST KIDDING, but I am surprised that someone with your physical description took so long to cleen out, and you are so right about the 30 day rule not applying to everyone, and if I may add, all the water and the detox drinks and sweating your ass off for days on end may work for some people but again does not apply to all
  14. Damon32

    Damon32 Registered+

    Well it took me 60 days to get clean with a test I did a few years back. I tried after 30days and failed and it took a whole 30 days more for me to pass. 30 days is the norm but not for everyone.

    Thanks for the post Crimson......just what I figured. I think it's the whole history of the thing that makes it intruiging to people. I'd still like to do the "Absinth Ritual" just to say I've tried it.

    Has anybody tried the "Absinth Ritual?" ya know with the sugar and fire thing?

    They also have these cool looking "pipes" that you drink it from. It would look cool on my shelf next to my bong "Hank" (my bongs name).

    Am I the only idiot that has a name for his/her bong?

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  15. Natural Rx

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    King Crimson is the shit! :thumbsup:
  16. Smokin EnDo

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    Absinthe is over 195 proof and no it doesn't have any psychoactive properties. It used to but thats only because they put laudinum (opium) in it to sweeten it because opium tastes like flowers, delicious. It will get you drunk as hell like 1 shot is equal to a case of beer (30).

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