Absorbing THC through your skin..

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by thNk.m0rbid, Oct 1, 2007.

  1. thNk.m0rbid

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    has anyone tried this before? just curious, cause i never heard of anyone trying this before.. just smoking, and eating basically.. i was reading something on the net lastnight, where "jesus" made some sort of cannabis oil made from cannabis (of course) and olive oil.. drenching hisself and people in the oil, it's suppose to absorb through the skin.. people are always taking about smoking and eating cannabis are 2 different highs, what about absorbing it through the skin?
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    iv heard of soaps and lip balms. the lip stuff is probably just the taste tho, but i think the soap could get you high. id rather just smoke it though.
  3. Me.

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    Yes. It is possible. The same way in which nicotine patches work. It's called absorption. There was a guy on these boards like a month ago who went into detail about making a cannabis lotion. He says the effect were some 30 or 40 percent less but he said he could definitely feel the effects.
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    Interesting. This sounds more plausible than chewing up stems and placing them under your lips. Maybe someone can do some research about this and see if it really works. As for me, I have no cannabis right now, so I can't :(. But it seems like this would be well-known if it worked.
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  5. thNk.m0rbid

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    yeah i kno right?.. wonder why jesus used cannabis like that though?.. maybe it's a different "high"? a different medical value we never seen? iunnnoooo lol.. still weird to me why theres cannabinoid receptors in our brains AND in cannabis.. oh and in animals too? and im not sure if im right or not but these receptors in you brain that process THC, HAVE ABSOLUTLEY NO OTHER FUNCTION? they only process the main ingredient in marijuana.. that's like god telling us to light up?? weird if you ask me
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  7. melodious fellow

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    i will have to shoot this down, just from personal experience, as extremely inefficient.

    however, if i win powerball i might fill apool with this lube and go swimming, just for fun
  8. iNHALE.xHALE.

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    i thought that the reason there where cannabinoid receptors in our brains was because our brains already make something called endocannabinoids naturally and that thc and all of the other stuff fit right into the receptors like a key->thus making us high

    sumthin like that..i think

    ima go read up:stoned:
  9. thNk.m0rbid

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    what? lol.. i don't know.. but i think THC is already naturally in your brain or something and when you smoke cannabis it mimics that in your brain??... im not completely sure on what i just said lol.. but i think that's what i've read on before.. but what if this natural "THC" is completely gone in your body? or if cannabinoids receptors were destroyed in your brain and you smoked weed? would weed just create new "cannabinoid receptors" in your brain? or would you die or something? fly away? lol.. hmm this whole this is real confusing :p lol.. i was always wondering if you could absorb THC through your eyes too? lol
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  10. To my knowledge you can make cannabis lotions for things like joint pain and arthritis or maybe even a sore muscle. I am pretty sure its localized though. It doesnt get absorbed into your bloodstream i dont think i could be wrong though.

    @ the person above me if you didnt have THC receptors i think u just couldnt get high. You obviously wouldnt die...
  11. Miggy

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    i don't know whether it's because I smoked the day before or because I was just burnt. But the other day, I was handling some sticky weed just before school and when I got on the bus, I felt like a semi-high. For like the next 4 hours or so, I felt weird. I had random people come up to me and go "Are you high?" Teachers were looking at me weird; my eyes were red. Maybe this was the absorption mentioned in an earlier posts?
  12. No miggy you didnt get high from handling weed. You were probably just burnt out at you said in the first sentence.
  13. Nailhead

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    Correct me if I am wrong, but I thought I read somewhere that cannabis has mostly been used as an oil or tea, and smoking it didn't start until relatively recently, (like the last 150-200 years).

    No clue if that has any truth to it, but I would like to try a cannabis bath to see if it really does anything. When I'm rich.... :)
  14. thNk.m0rbid

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    yeah, i wanna try the oil bath lol.. they say olive oil and cannabis together makes it so you can absorb the THC into the skin? anyone know? or try this
  15. BBoyShotty

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    to the people going on about THC receptors:

    i remember reading on these boards about how our brain also has opium receptors or somethin, so are you saying god wants us to do opiates?? i dont think so..
  16. absurdity...

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    Our body naturally produces endorphins which offer pain relief and produce euphoria in high amounts (runner's high is caused by an increased production of endorphins). Morphine (and other opiates) work in the same way, binding to the same receptors.

    The discovery of receptors in our brain for THC is relatively recent...I'm not sure about all this "god wants us to blah blah blah" but I know that cannabis is natural and
    THE BEST THING EVER. :thumbsup:
  17. iNHALE.xHALE.

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    yeah idk about god or whatever wanting us to get high, but ill say amen to that ^

  18. 2009widow

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    Try a little olive oil on your skin.It doesn't absorb in that readily. You have to add something to break it down first, so it will absorb better.Some kind of alcohol may do the trick. I'm not a chemist, but I have tried some salves and they do give arthritic relief.They have contained Bees wax & olive oil takes a while for it to penetrate but you still feal waxy.Any chemists out there.

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