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Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by caraqueno1006, Jun 16, 2008.

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    OK I had to take a pre employment urine test, I didn't smoke for eight days and the night before my test I bought an at home test for thc from walgreens and passed it. I have a high metabolism and am very skinny so I figured I would pass it. But it's been four days since I took my employment test and I still haven't heard back from the company.
    What are the odds that I could have passed my at home test and then failed the company's test the next day?
    I'd really appreciate any replies..
  2. killerweed420

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    Did you follow the dillution sticky?
    Even when you test negative at home always use the dilltion sticky anyway because your thc levels can fluctuate.
    Test results are usually back in 2 or 3 days so the easiest way to find out is to call the employer and ask them when you get to start. Don't mention anything about the drug test or they get suspicious.
  3. caraqueno1006

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    No i didn't dilute all that much and definitely didn't follow the sticky. I had a few glasses of water before going down there. I figured I was going to pass since I had passed the home test.
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    I was in a similar situation last week, I was clean for 34 days and started with a company on Monday. They didn't say anything about a drug test, so I figured I might not get one. Then BAM, Tuesday morning got sent to the Drug Free Buisness a block down the street. I worked all week, and didn't hear anything then when I went to work Monday morning "yesterday" I get a call from the safety manager telling me the doctor had some questions about my sample. So I called the doctor and he said my THC level at the time of the test was 20 ng, wich for this company is a failure, youre only allowed to have 15ng. So, they kicked me off the job, sent me to a evaluation dude and he thinks I need intensive outpaitent treatment, even though I re-tested yesterday and it came up with 0ng according to the counsler this morning when I called him. Be Careful! I might just have to drop out of my union now because of this and get a lower paying job. Don't trust the at home tests either because I took one the week before and figured I was golden. Not to mention the weekend before my first drug test I followed the steps on creatine, red meat, asprin, and gatorade, but when I was sent to pee on Tuesday I had'nt had time to really do any voids so......just be careful
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    The home test are reliable its your body thats not. Your thc levels will fluctuate from day to day so thats why we always advocate using the dillution sticky. In this case with the cutoff levels so low, subbing was the only option. This is the first job pre-employement UA I've seen that was below the standard 50ng level.
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    Is there a way to know what kind of drug test will be given for pre-employment? The website of the company I am looking into has the whole "Drug Free Workplace" thing and employment is contingent upon a clean drug test. Since it says "drug test" and not "drug screen", I keep wondering if I'll be getting the standard 50 ng/ml test, or if it will be sent for more extensive testing with 15 ng/ml.

    How many days prior to your real test did you pass the home test? I've passed two home-tests thus far (abstained for about a week; infrequent user) and have probably the end of this week, max., to take the real test.

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