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Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by hntrdog, Mar 27, 2008.

  1. hntrdog

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    Can anyone give any correct information on the accuracy of these? Anyone tested clean on several of these and then dirty @ the lab?

    6'1", 215 lbs.
    I took one puff of dank 2 weeks ago after 65 days clean (daily before that). I've been testing clean on several home strips for about a week now, so I'm assuming my body is clean again.

    Pre-employment test next week, and yes, I have QF and know of it's benefits, but I would rather not sub if I am testing clean (logistics of time/interviews/test may not make it possible).
    I plan to take about 10 more tests over the next 4-5 days, so if they all show clean, including morning of, could I safely assume I'm clean? And if so should I use my own undiluted urine, or dilute also, or use the Vale Triple Strength if I decide not to sub.
    Also, can anyone comment on the quality/accuracy of the ebay test strips vs. Walgreen home testing kit.
  2. hairypotter

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    it sounds like youve had about 3 weeks between smoking and the test. if you only smoked that one little bit two weeks ago, having been clean before that, you should be ok. then again, it all depends on your metabolism.

    the more active you are, the faster you clean-out. oh, and if you drink too much water before a piss test, the results might be diluted & you would then have to take it again. a friend of mine once lost a job offer because his results were diluted on a test and the consecutive make-up. thus, being too careful can be as bad as not being careful enough.
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    If your clean with the home test then you should be fine with the UA. The morning of the UA just do a basic dillution.
    About 30 ounces of gatorade the morning of the test
    pee 3 or 4 times
    Use the midstream of your urine.
  4. hntrdog

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    I guess what potter said is my concern. If I'm showing clean, can a dilution or Vale's screw that up?
    Any & all opinions on this & my original post welcome. I will be sure to post how things end up so as to help others.
  5. TebitEvas

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    Follow killers advice. If youve been testing clean at home this long you will be fine. 30 oz of gatorade is dillution, but not enough to get a diluted reading. Plus it adds electrolytes. No need to go to the lengths of N2's post or use a "sure pass" drink if youre testing clean b4 hand. And I have asked this question b4 and was told e-bay strips are just as dependible as wal-greens. I made sure to buy the ones on ebay that said fda approved, but I doubt that really matters. I ordered mine on E-bay on the 25th and I think I will be getting them on the 28th.
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  6. hntrdog

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    Bump for any more info from anyone on my previous post...

    Showed clean this AM with 1st void of day, but line was very faint.
  7. Deige

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    Faintness in the line is pretty typical for users trying to get clean. If the line can be photographed or copied it is a line. Your gonna be just fine, so follow killers advice. :thumbsup:
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  8. hntrdog

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    Thanks for responses. I have taken about 9 home tests now that show clean, several with first of the day, so I am assuming I'm good- I've got the 32 oz. Gatorade in the fridge too.
    I'm paranoid about this b/c I don't have a very fast metabolism and failed my last test in January (lost my job) after 18 days clean and drinking Vale & tons of water prior. I was smoking CO kind daily before that 18 days though. Figure with 65 days clean my body should've cleared out again by now (17 days later).

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