Acid for the 1st time

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    Well, first of all, thanks to the lovely person who sent me this stuff after hearing my stories about countless attempts to trip on dodgy acid:thumbsup:

    A couple of weeks ago I was posted 2 x scooby doo blotters, said to be 180 (ug/mg?)
    I waited patiently for a bright, sunny day (Sunday) and placed half the blotter under my tongue at around 7pm.

    I waited 20-30 minutes then took the other half.

    Setting - my flat

    The first effect I noticed was a change in body sensation (around 1-2 hours after dropping) I wouldnt say I felt high but I had that feeling where you know you've taken a drug, an almost nauseus tingling feeling in my stomach.

    The very first visual I noticed was quite something. I was standing in my hall which has ivory wallpaper with shimmery squiggles going up it when I noticed something on the plain part of the paper. It was like dark plumes of smoke, gently twisting and branching out to the music that was playing (Little Louie Vega-deep jazzy house) The best I can describe it is like a complex tribal tattoo on my wall with lots of curls and vines branching out all over.

    I've always being curious as to how real acid hallucinations are, and I can tell you this was 100% happening in front of my eyes. Although I knew I was on acid, I found it hard to imagine the walls in their normal state so I called my boyfriend (who was in a bit of a huff about me taking acid) and asked him to verify that the walls were normal, which he did.
    Then in my peripheral vision, I seen a cloud of smoke and when I turned to face it, it was like a shimmery fog of fish scales surrounding me.
    Intrigued, I wandered into the kitchen to inspect the walls (yellow, textured) and instead of the normal dotted texture, the entire wall was covered in little candy stars in a variety of colours - mint, baby pink, sunset yellow & powder blue & the walls w eregently moving around, like an artist had splodged some water from his paintbrush on his painting and the borders and lines were merging into each other, moving slowly up and down, round and round. When I looked at the floor (natural wooden flooring) there were dark patches swirling around, darting between my feet. At this time, there was no body high, just purely visuals.
    I smoked a spliff to see if this enhanced the visuals but it didnt, they pretty much stayed the same for around 6 hours. I tried to eat something (chicken pie & potato gratin) and couldnt stop laughing at the ridiculous appearance of the pie. It struck me that it was crazy how people packaged food to make it look as pleasant as possible and I had a good giggle to myself for around 10 minutes
    I was trying to talk but my thoughts were racing through my mind so fast, only a few words came out and when I tried to strong them together, they didnt really make sense. One of the more noticeable hallucinations was the appearance of fish scales over everything, which kept twinkling and shimmering

    I would say the visuals wore off around 1-2am so I tried to settle down to go to sleep but I couldnt! I was wide awake, totally untired - 10 times worse than being on E, I stayed awake till 7am in the morning (I had work at 9am) and eventually drifted off to sleep - 5 joints later.
    I had to phone in sick because I hadnt had any sleep, and in any case, I didnt feel quite ready to face the outside world.

    So there you go.
    A few comments I'd like to make -

    In future, if I take acid again, I'll take it as early as possible - nobody warned me about the inability to get to sleep (or is that just me??)

    The most noticable visuals were on the walls and the ground. I never actually seen anything that wasnt there already, patterns/textures came to life on already visable surfaces

    There was no physical feeling, except a slight sick feeling in my stomach - no body high or even slight euphoria

    My pupils were giant

    I took the 2nd one an hour ago :)

    Sorry the story isnt as good as I imagined it to be when I was tripping but its hard to try and write down what I was thinking and seeing at the time
    Here are some photos I took when I was tripping (yeah of the wall lol!) I thought it would be interesting to look at them the next day in ntheir normal state!

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  2. Breukelen advocaat

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    I haven't dropped acid in many, many years, but it sounds like you took about 100 mics. Double or triple that is much more intense - that used to be the normal dosage, which lasts a few hours longer, also.

    You are right about not being able to sleep on it.

    The visuals are as you describe - not as animated or imaginative as say, mescaline hallucinations.

    I remember the physical feelings, sometimes "rubbery" sensations, usually happening in the beginning and fade about a third of the way into the trip. Better acid has less of this, and more of a "euphoria" sensation - with rushes brought on by music, or other stimuli. Toward the end, there is the famous "white light" sensations of enlightenment.
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    Is the first picture carpet? LMAO. I'm sure it looked mind-blowing on acid.
  4. SensiRide

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    Haha no thats the kitchen wall, where I saw the candy stars.
    It was the perfect dose for my 1st time as I was quite nervous about taking it, I think taking them both would have def sent me cuckoo, but yeah I think I could handle 2 blotters now, 1 was just pleasant light visuals.

    Im wondering if its going to work this time, I took it 1.15 hours ago, not really feeling too much, just quite hot and a little uneasy though I guess thats how I felt when I took my 1st

    Im going to take my ipod and go to the park since its a lovely sunny day :)

    Im a bit disappointed about not feeling any body high, I guess from taking lots of E, I expected to feel a pleasurable sensation but maybe as you said you only get that from higher doses.
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    Man,that second pic was out of sight.I could see that being very trippy on AcId.PEACE
  6. SensiRide

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    Hah just came across a little drawing I did at the time, I was drawing what I could see on a white bit of paper, it was a very intricate design that kept expanding and unfolding as I was creating it
    Its taken on my camera phone so you cant see the detail :(

    PS Nothing happened with the 2nd blotter, that was taken 2.5 hours ago

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  7. FireBrand77

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    That's strange,I've had that happen before,you gotta double the dose.I beleive.To bad i can't see the detail of your drawing,as it looks very trippy.Well,time to smoke a spliff.Happy TrIpInG.PEACE
  8. Its a Plant

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    Glad you finally dropped some acid, Sensi.

    I definitely agree with you that you cannot sleep with a good dose in you. I had to skip classes all day because I too underestimated it's power last week. My eyes also always get huge, but then again, who's don't? And the acid you got sounds much different than the stuff I just had. Instead of trippy visuals, my trip was almost all physical. One hit gives me a good body high for a while, where as two hits is perfect and sends me over the edge as far as feeling good goes. I tripped very hard for probably 3 hours, not remembering much of what I did. It all depends on what's in the dose, but naturally the perfect hit is a mixture of visuals and physical effects.

    That said, hope that you try some again, and yes, I would recommend taking it earlier in the day. I took mine at 2 in the afternoon, and it was perfect as the sun set and darkness set in. Highly recommended!
  9. toker22

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    take more next time. first two times i dropped i only took one tab and i felt different, had mild pattern type hallucinations, but thats about it, third time i took 3 hits and was tripping balls, major euphoria everything moving and shifting and stuff, i never hallucinated something that completley wasn't there, but the visuals were still pretty awesome
  10. rajking86

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    Hey Sensi, glad you had fun with those tabs.

    I was wondering when you were gonna drop them????
    I rushed to mail them out to you hehehe

    Yep, first time I did half and half.......... it was pretty cool, something like an 8th of shrooms but more control.

    But if you drop one full blotter at once, when your tolerance is low (acid tolerance builds up VERY fast, but disappears after a week or so)

    it will be MUCh stronger than dropping half,.........then waiting to drop some more.

    When you drop, you drop, not TOOOOOOoooo much is gonna happen if you dose a little more acid a few hours into the trip....

    Glad u had fun
  11. Dazed4now

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    yea def go for 2 1/2 - 3 hits next time
    every time i took 1 hit i would get a strong body buzz but i would get no visuals whatsoever
    so when i took 2 the second time it was way more better visual wise like everything was moving and everything moving had a tracer
    but i even suggest 3 its really not that intense just stay indoor and dont go anywhere and trip with friends itll be great
  12. Its a Plant

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    well after this weekend, I'm starting to think this tolerance talk is bull.

    I tripped one night, then 2 nights later, took another 2 doses of a different blotter, white fluff to be exact, and was fucked up FAR more than my last time a day ago. I think it all depends on how strong it is, b/c I've taken my fair share of doses, and that white fluff would have fucked anyone's day up.
  13. WaKeNvAp

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    dude, your back, how was wakarusa? tripped out huh?:dance: good shi* man :thumbsup:
  14. Its a Plant

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    Oh yea, I'm back alright and feelin' good after 4 days of great music! I must say my first shower in God knows how long does feel pretty nice too..
  15. WaKeNvAp

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    hear that!
    sensi, how ya been? have you done acid again lately?
  16. Cesko1989

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    Sounds fun as hell! I've always wanted to try as well but the opportunity has just never came up. Have you tried again and got a different experience?

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