Actual Dimebag dimensions?

Discussion in 'CANNABIS.COM Lounge' started by Unbustable, Jan 24, 2008.

  1. Unbustable

    Unbustable Registered

    Hey all,
    Does anyone know what the dimensions of a nickelbag, a dimebag, and a dub are? :baggy:
    Im not sure, it seems to me sometimes the sizes will vary..

    Smoke on! :smokebong:
  2. affasd

    affasd Registered+

  3. bentleygtgirl

    bentleygtgirl Registered+

    five dollars worth, (one blunt) ten dollars worth, (two blunts) twenty dollars worth (3 blunts and a half, about an 8th of mids)
  4. 4.2O

    4.2O Registered+

    In my mind a dimebag is supposed to be about 1 G but usually is more like 1.2 or 1.4.
  5. blazed620

    blazed620 Registered+

    dime bag here is 3.5 grams
  6. thcbongman

    thcbongman Registered+

    Standard dime baggy size would be 1 1/2 x 1 1/2. Enough to fit dense or fluffy.
  7. 40oz

    40oz Registered+

    a dime bag is whatever a particular dealer will sell you for $10. Thats why it's called a dime bag. I would say in your typical street dime bag you would find 1.3 or so grams. Enough to roll one or two blunts.
  8. 4.2O

    4.2O Registered+

    you get an 8th for ten bucks?!?!
    is it shitty?
  9. The Colonel

    The Colonel Registered+

    you can roll 2 blunts with 1.3? thats impressive...
  10. youngturk3389

    youngturk3389 Registered+

    Where the hell do you get your shit from? Where I'm from 20 dollars will get you 1 gram, depending on who you get it from it could be either schwag or dank shit.... but it's always $20.
  11. 420_24/7

    420_24/7 Registered+

    If your paying $20 a gram for shwagg you are getting seriously ripped.
  12. 4.2O

    4.2O Registered+

    yea man for real.
    where do YOU get YOUR shit?
  13. fearmygun1

    fearmygun1 Registered+

    ya everybody here saying u can roll 2 blunts with a dimebag,ur dum

    1.3 is about 1 blunt
  14. Reefer Rogue

    Reefer Rogue Registered+

    to me a dimebag means $10 worth, half a gram of dank. a gram of mids perhaps, either way they're not worth buying unless you're really strapped for cash and desperate to get high.
  15. beginerbuddah

    beginerbuddah Registered+

    if thats the case why would anyone buy twenty dollars worth when you could just buy 10 dollars worth twice and get more?
  16. gocryemokid

    gocryemokid Registered+

    Dimebags for me are always half a gram, but I dont fuck around with anything less than piff. and there's no set sizes beause bud varies widely in terms of strain which would accept the gram count and dense/fluffiness
  17. pinky27

    pinky27 Registered+

    ^ ^
  18. NextLineIsMine

    NextLineIsMine Registered+

    you get quite a deal.

    I thought nickel bags were from a bygone era, 5 dollers would get you .25 of a gram in cali
  19. MadSativa

    MadSativa Registered+

    exacticaly, a twop is a dub rolled into a blunt actualy less. a dub is a 20 sack usualy a gram of dank
  20. smok3y

    smok3y Registered+

    I agree with you lip, why waste time buy selling shitty half grams..

    Bud in the US in pretty god dam expensive, so maby thats why they sell it in half grams so more peolpe could afford to buy it more often.. Do correct me if im wrong people...

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