adding lime to soil w/ plants already in.(help needed)

Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by steezyd, Oct 6, 2010.

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    ok so Im using sunshine no.4 soil less mix(no nutrients in soil) and i tested my runoff after the first week of veg and the ph is 5.7-6.0...I would like it 6.3-6.6 but i didnt mix any dolomite lime into my soil like i probably should have...So what should I do to raise the ph? i know giving it higher ph'd water is a quick fix, but that doesnt seem the way to go, can i put some lime just at the top of soil?maybe 2 inches deep or so in certain parts and just continue to water?

    any advice would be great, im not a total rook, but no expert by far

    thanks in advance
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    yea you can top dress the soil with the dolomite lime.may not be the best but will get you by,just make sure you mix it in as best as you can.i would add only 2 tablespoons at the most.make sure you remix the top soil whenever you can
  3. steezyd

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    Im in 3 gallon pots and only need to raise about .5...still recommend 1-2 tsp?
    Also does it need to be applied as even as possible?

    thanks a lot, im going to go get the stuff tonight
  4. Dutch Pimp

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    dissolve a very small amount of powdered lime in a gallon of water, and raise your Ph, slowly
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    sunshine no.4 is pre-buffered with dolomitic limestone. it also has a "starter nutrient charge". you should start feeding 7-10 days after transplanting.

    it is mostly sphagnum peat moss. this has a very low pH (around 3.0-3.5). the this coupled with the fact that the lime can wear off can cause pH issues.

    when did you transplant into the 3 gal containers? if it's been less than 2.5-3 months it's not a lime issue.

    what is your ingoing pH? what are you using to test with? how do the plants look?

  6. steezyd

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    I just transplanted the clones last Monday(27th) the ingoing PH has been 6.5 pretty much on the money...Im using a new milwaukee digital PH tester, I was planning on only calibrating once a week, but now i think i will test it before each time w/ the buffer solution since ive never used the brand.

    The plants look ok, il take some pics today and post, there is some leaf curl(upwards) because i overnuted them slightly(didnt know about the 7-10 day wait after transplanting) and i was reading this vague feeding chart the wrong way, ive been following one that breaks it down by day and i think it will be helpfull ( )

    I flushed each plant w/ 1 gallon of ph'd RO water w/ 1/4 tspof flushing solution
    last night(curl jut started day before) so tonight i was going to resume there feeding with a real low (250 ppm)

    what do you think?
  7. headshake

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    you really need to flush the plants with at least one gallon of water per gallon of soil. the 1 gallon in a 3 gallon pot is not a flush. a flush is excessive amounts of water leaching mineral salts out of your medium. you want to get your soild back to basic. take as many variables out of the equation that you can, or simplfy things.

    your pH lowering that much isn't horrible. just bump your nute mix up. you can run it up to 6.8. then check runoff. and don't so much worry about runoff pH if your plants look health. do they look healthy?

    are you feeding normally with RO water? if so you need to use calmag (or molasses) and get your PPM to ~200-250 and THEN add your nutes.

    i wouldn't feed anything until you figure out what the problem is. i would use water (and if RO calmag or molasses).

    dolomitic lime takes time to break down, and is a long term solution. your would be better off using hydrated lime. but be careful because too much is toxic and it can burn your roots.

  8. steezyd

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    Ok, I'll post pics later of plants so you can see how they look health wise.
    I will flush today w/ 2 more gallons of ph'd water at 6.8 and 1/4th tsp of flush solution per gallon.

    i will test the run off again after the last gallon and see where im at...but what i want to know is, is giving them water with a ph of 6.8 a permanent solution? does it hurt the plants?and if i got the hydrated lime(which im more then willing to get) would that be permanent as well? or would i have to keep adding it over the course of the grow?

    I do have cal mag and use a tsp per gallon in RO was my feeding schedule the very first week...I think you will see where i went wrong pretty fast.

    day 1 Transplanted clones 9/27 10pm...first watering at 1030pm
    w/ 1/2 tsp of cal mag
    1/2 tsp liquid karma
    1 tsp grow
    total ppm 275 ph of water 6.6

    day 2 1tsp cal mag
    2 tsp grow
    1 tsp LK
    475!!!! ppm 6.5 ph

    (day 3 i had a 510 ppm) (day 4 515 ppm- still looked healthy too)
    I should probly menion that i was only using 1 gallon of water for all 12 plants

    (day5 550 ppm (thought i noticed yellowing...but couldnt tell)

    Day 6 550 ppm (very very slight yellowing on 1-2 plants)

    day 7 (monday 10/4)600 ppm definate curling of leaves upward(taco) but not much more yellowing...

    day 8 (tues- did what i thought would be a decent flush to clear out all the excess nutrients i gave them)

    day 9(wednes - did nothing )

    when looking at the chart i gave the link too, I realized way to many nutes...correct? when i do resume feeding say 250-350 about the right ppm like chart says?

    thanks a lot man....huge help
  9. steezyd

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    here are pics from day 5(first day i thought i noticed yellowing on particular upclose pic of plant)

    here my setup to:
    -2 1000's,charcoal filter,wall a/c unit in a 5 ft wide 9ft long 6'6 ft high space w/ (a drip system eventually)for now I'm watering by hand.I keep the temp between 73-78 degrees, I want to get a humidifier so i can have the humidity on lock, but it generally stays between 53-63.
    -I use a RO filter,Sunshine soiless mix as medium,(nutrients I use are) CNS Grow,Ripe & Bloom w/ Liquid Karma and Cal Mag. The Light started off at 36 inches and i worked my way down to about 21-23 inches over the course of the week.
    -vortex 700 cfm fan w/ 8 inch ducting(room only needs 300 cfm but w/ big charcoal filter and 20 ft of ducting
    probably about right) w/ 2 regular fans in room for general air movement
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    giving them a higher pH water/nute solution will slowly raise your soil pH. nothing is ever "permanent" as we are creating an artificial environment with micro environments contained within (your pot/soil is a micro environment; microbes in the soil break down the salts and make them available for your plant to uptake).

    hydrated lime is fast acting, and like most fast acting substances does were off relatively fast. it's more of a quick fix.

    i haven't even looked at the chart yet but i can already tell that you over fed them. your pH is off, but in this case lime isn't going to fix it. i mean you will be able to raise it with the hydrated lime but you will always be "chasing" your pH. (i can't get the pdf to pull up.)

    like i said the sunshine no.4 has dolomitic lime in it. this is a time tested, stable method of maintaining pH and is use by virtually all manufacturers of potting mixes. there is no way yours has wore off already.

    the mass amount of nutes are causing some type of lockout. flush like a mad-man and watch your new growth. (by the way, hydrated lime is easy to flush out, dolotmitic not so much.)

    keep in mind that it takes a bit of time to see change in plants in soil. 7-10 days is a good range. (remember those microbes i mentioned earlier? it takes time to break those salts down and make them available to your ladies.) it's not like hydro where sometimes you can see changes over night.

    correctomundo! (like i said, i can't pull up the chart). you should only be feeding once to twice a week depending on how heavy/light. use properly pH'd water in-between. with the calmag for RO of course. if you are using mineral salt based (non-organic) ferts then you need to flush about once a month!

    and you are welcome! good growing.

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  12. steezyd

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    whewwww...and i thought today was my day off -lol

    I flushed all the plants w/ 2 more gallons of water(3 total now) w/ ph'd 6.8 water and by the last gallon the run off was 6.0-6.2...

    Ill still post pics of them tomorrow during "light on" hours, now the soil is super assuming it wont even be close to dry until saturday...should I wait until top 2-3 inches are dry or close to it before watering?

    and the grow chart reads like this

    (Day1) (day2) (day3) (day4) (day5) (day6) (day7)
    Week1 100-200 100-200 100-200 100-200 100-200 100-200 100-200
    week2 200-350 200-350 200-350 200-350 200-350 200-350 200-350
    week3 350-500 350-500 350-500 350-500 350-500 350-500 350-500
    week4 500-750 500-750 500-750 500-750 500-750 500-750 500-750

    week5 750-850
    week6 850-1000
    week7 1000-1200
    week8 1000 - 1200
    week9 800-1000
    week10 600-800
    week11 400-600
    week12 0

    should i follow that?
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    that looks like it's a hydro feed chart. not positive though. what nutes are you actually using? it looks like they sale different brands on that site.

    like i said, you should be feeding once, maybe twice a week (depending on strength). if you feed everyday you will over feed and over water. your PPMs aren't nearly important in soil as it is in hydro. in one feeding you can push your PPM to 2000 or 2200 (give or take). some strains are more tolerant to high PPMS, some are not. you might be able to push it a bit higher, but do it gradually.

    good growing!

  14. steezyd

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    Im using CNS(brand name) - Grow,Ripe, Bloom mixed w/ Liquid karma...

    I have to admit when u say feed them once-twice a week im shocked its that low...but at the same time I realize the advice i was given must of have been very shotty...I was told to feed them every day!...but the person who told me this also keeps the temp at 85 on yea...I think Ill try twice a week...starting whenever the top 2-3 inches are dry...I just called two hydro stores to back up your info so im definably going that route...

    here are some pics from today

    you the man
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    it's pretty much common practice to feed plants in soil once/twice a week as described. a good way to tell if you ladies need to be fed/watered is to make a diamond with the thumb and forefinger from each hand. pick up the pot this way and lightly bounce it up and down. do this when you know it's dry and then right after you water. you will feel the difference. when it feels empty again it's time to feed/water.

    use plain, pH'd water in between feedings. if you use reverse osmosis water you must use a calcium/magnesium supplement or molasses.

  16. steezyd

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    ok so things have been pretty solid so far,no curling plants are healthy for the most part...I gave them a higher ph/d (6.8-6.7) water for a week before resuming regular ph levels...I now think it might have been to soon to give them (6.5-6.4) ph'd water.

    8 of the plants looked great, they really took well to the flushing...4 of the plants were hacked up a little more when they were clones and took a little longer to recover, I used the same amount of flushing solution on all of them(1/4 tsp per gallon) but the 4 weaker ones took the flushing solution a lil harder then they should have and were more of a pale green then true green like the other 8...but they are still recovering nicely.

    The reason im posting now is because on 2-3 of plants there was some very slight brown spots which turned to rust spots over the weekend...I did some research and tested my runoff again...and its a litte low at 5.9-6.0...

    The last time i gave them nuted water(350ppm) was last monday(10/11)...I was going to give them nuted water(500ppm) today but now I think that would be pointless if theres a ph problem since they might be in lockout...

    so I was going to give them ph'd(6.8) RO water w/ cal mag today and the rest of the week to try and balance out the ph in the soil...

    what do you think shake? I should probly mention this is my last 7 days of VEG...I really wanted to pump them w/ nutes and try and hit the 2ft mark(16inches now) but now i just want to get into flowering w/ everything ok
  17. steezyd

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    Ill post pictures soon
  18. headshake

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    let's see those pics. i'll see what i think then.

  19. steezyd

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  20. headshake

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    looks like they need to be fed. how dry is the soil?


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