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Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by BobWeed, Nov 16, 2008.

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    I am starting to use it and wondered if anyone had any experience with it that could give me any good tips (i.e., amount to use per gallon, how long, any ph issues) and if the results were positive. The guy at the store talked me into trying the Big Bud powder, but I used Beastie Blooms (that I got a free sample size of it from a different store) on my last grow and I got extremely dense buds. I don't know if that was strain specific, I just know they were like rocks and people were impressed. I use Happy Frog soil and add 1 teaspoon of Calmag to a tablespoon of Fox Farm Big Bloom, 2 tspns of Fox Farm Tiger Bloom, and depending on what week of flowering I'm in, Fox Farm Grow Big per gallon.

    The last grow using the Beastie Blooms was Sugar Blossom (white widow x lemon? - Joey Weed) and I'm currently 4 weeks from harvest on Sugar Blossom using the AN Big Bud powder. I just started using the powder on both Bubblegum and Blueberry x AK47, which are starting week 3 flowering.

    Any opinions would be welcome. Has anyone had any of these strains?
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    I use the BigBud powder...It's a good product as long as you don't overdo it,(if you do overdo it you'll burn the shit out of your plants and watch fan leaves and leaves inside your buds turn into crispy brown shit)...I use BigBud once a week after flowering is established...I add somewhere between 1/8 and 1/4 tsp per gallon with my other nutes...Later into flowering,I'll stop with the BigBud and switch to OverDrive for one or two weeks depending on what strain I'm growing...I always stop with all nutes totally two weeks before harvest except for molasses or Sweet during the first week of flushing...:stoned::smokin:
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    Go to the advanced website and use thier nutreint calculator its right on as long as your equpiment is decent
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    I'm using big bud on my 2 plants. One started to have burnt leaves and the other is fine! With the same dose, equal amount of everything. So I flushed the sick one couple days ago, and now the situation stabilized. Staying with the same amount for the other one and she is doing wonderful!

    Tip: Start low and upgrade slowly! And read the labels!
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    hey monks ive just started to use big bud after veg are there any tips u can offer please or anyone...thanks for ur time
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    Big Bud is pretty good, but you have to watch out what you mix it with. If you use too much or mix it with wrong nutes it'll burn the shit out of 'em.

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