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Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by 9KtuFK, Dec 13, 2006.

  1. 9KtuFK

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    Hello, I’m using the entire line of advanced nutrients product 2 part (sensi grow A & B +++) and ( sensi Bloom A & B +++)

    I’m following the 1200PPM feeding program perfecly in soil with perfect PPM and perfect PH (6.3). I think I over feed my plants and I’m wondering how often to feed them per week and how often to simply give water.

    Right now, I'm watering them 3 times a weeks ( Food – Food – Water …) It’s seems to be too much as the leaves turned dark green and I was not getting 5 or 7 part per leaves but rather 3 ????

    We are thinking of going for a (Food – Water – Food - Water …) schedule or (Food – Water –Water …) in order to avoid any unnecessary problems.

    It does not say anywhere in their documentation how often to feed per week and how often to simply give water.

    Please Help !
  2. la marea

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    it should give a schedule on the back of the micro bottle. Anyways, I'm feeding right now 2ml's per litre of everything except bloom which is .4mls. We feed our plants every other day about 200 mls each in their 3 gallon pots of the feeding solution. We also use the growth excell spray daily after/before the lights go on. I'm not sure that the deformation of the leaves has to do with feeding, but rather genetic mutations of the plant itself. Also, dark green is a good thing! its lighter greens/yellow, burnt leaves which are bad. If you were over feeding, most likely you'd be getting leaves with yellow edges to the fan leaves that were cripsy and bent down. Nutrient burns from salt build ups in the soil.
  3. Cornelius

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    9ktufk, I think you caught some over feeding. Luckily you sawthe problem before your leaft tips got burnt. If you noticed a definite change to dark green, this is a sign of excess nitrogen. I think you should try feeding less often until your plants return to a healthier green color, maybe every third watering?

    I talked to they guy at my hydro shop and they say advanced's feeding schedules (for hydro) were too rich, and i should use less than it says to. I assume the same might be true for soil.

    on the other hand you could go with la marea and push your plants to the limit with your nutrients. This could potentially give you better growth by saturating your plants in the food it needs, but it is possible to overdo.

    as far as the leaves growing fewer fingers, that's a bit odd. Does anyone know anything about this?

    anyhow, good luck. you've got some decent nutes there, so as long as you don't over do it your plants should thank you.
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  4. u.g.u

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    advanced with soil is 1 feeding with nutes a week the rest is just water when needed. as far as the 3 leaves some plants will produce 3 leave instead of 5 or 7 when under stress or could be shit genetics but normaly shit genetics will start off with 3 leaves not all the sudden get them. Also if in flower and there is a light leak you can get funny leaves.
  5. 9KtuFK

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    Thanks guys, I really appreciate the help as I lost my entire outdoor crop this year (27 Big Bud – Super Skunk females … 1 pound + per plant) so I really want this indoor thing to go as smooth as possible!

    I guess I’ll go for a once a week feeding schedule. Funny thing is the hydro shop employee told me to water 3 times a week ( 2 X Nutes and 1 just water) … Way too much with advanced nutrients products.

    Anyone else has experience with Advanced products.
  6. u.g.u

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    you can do nutes twice a week but split it in half 600 ppm per feed if you want to do that.
  7. 9KtuFK

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    Would doing it twice a weeks at 600 ppm be better than one a week at 1200 ?
  8. justaseed

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    have you seen this?

    i've used there organic line. (iguana juice) and i feed with every watering (twicw a week) without any overfeeding problems. i don't use synthetics so i have no idea about the other advanced products that's why i posted there feeding chart. you just plug in your res. size, add a week to the schedule, pic the product line you are using and it does the rest! good luck
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  9. harris7

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    i also use ADV. Nut. and remember that the numbers on the bottles are MAx dosages.

    I ushally mix up a bottal at what they say, then mix it with pHed water differently for each plant. Depending on how they look, their size.

    For my nutes (grow micro bloom) it has the same numbers for all of veg phase. But really the numbers are max in veg, when the plants are getting big and growing fast. I ushally mix at 3:1 Nut: water. and see good results

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