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    Hello everyone from Green Dragon. Just wanted to share a few decades of smoking experience compacted into four points of advice.

    1] Check for Air Leaks – If you have any air leaks in your air or water pipe, you are going to suck air when you want to light your greenery. A leaky device won’t light easily or burn evenly. It will also clog very quickly because air will suck in through the leak instead of burning through the bowl. As the pipe clogs, you will be sucking more and more air and less and less smoke. You’ll basically waste a lot of weed that didn’t burn properly, reducing your high.
    To check for leaks, blow into your instrument instead of suck. (It is advisable to clean it out a bit first, and empty of water). Cover the bowl and carb with your fingers and blow into it. If any air goes through, you have a leak and it is critical to repair it. Leaks can be plugged with any of putty, clay, gum, natural resin (like tree sap) or paper mache paste (1 part flour and 2 parts water). To help find your leak, blow smoke back through the device and see where it comes out.

    2] Filtration & Screens – You can inhale much more smoke by using very simple filtering. There are two quick and easy filtration tips every smoker should know. First is that you can simply take a piece of toilet paper or tissue and put it between your lips and the pipe. This will effectively filter the ash and embers which you really don’t want to inhale. If your tissue or toilet paper is 2-ply, separate the plies. You can fold the single ply to increase filter strength if it is too thin.
    The second method is just have a bit of water in your mouth and suck the smoke right through it. Basically you can use your mouth as a water pipe. Then either spit or swallow.
    Always use a screen for a pipe (or risk swallowing embers). Screens on water pipes are optional, but recommended. It’s too easy to suck through buds and leaf that never even lit, thus reducing the device’s max efficiency. The screen will trap the bud and create richer smoke, as well as cleaner, longer-lasting bong water.
    Know that you can very easily cut screens to size with scissors, so don’t worry about them being too big.
    Lastly, don’t use too much filter or your lessen your high. If you don’t separate the tissue plies, you may be filtering too much. Try using your water pipe as a bubbler instead of a bong – fill just to the bottom of the down-stem and let the smoke bounce off of the water instead of run through it.

    3] Don't Choke When U Smoke – Always smoke with a glass of water. Water will help quell the cough reflex.
    Don’t overstuff your bowl. A densely packed bowl will turn too much air into smoke. Let air get through by packing light and loose. Your smoke should be breathable and not choke you.
    Don’t keep the flame over the weed once you light it. Your smoke will be harsher, and, if using a lighter, your hit will be laced with butane. Let the bud burn itself naturally once it lights. If the weed doesn’t seem to light, you probably have an air leak and/or clog (see cleaning below or air leaks above).
    Hit lightly, and get your personal air mixture right. If your smoke is too thick or rich, you can loosen your lip grip to suck in fresh air as natural carburetion, or just suck in some fresh air through your nose.
    If high, you may forget that you will cough more in a smoke-filled room (or vehicle), so leave a smoky area if you are having a coughing fit.
    You can muffle your cough with a towel or pillow. This also lessens the cough intensity by providing back-pressure (pressure against direction of flow).
    It seems normal to cough a bit while smoking weed, so don’t stress over that. However, violent cough and choking can be avoided using this advice.

    4] Keep it Clean – Your best high is always going to come from a completely clean pipe. Clean your water or air pipe with a small mixture of salt and rubbing alcohol. Swirl and shake it around in chamber. Use an old toothbrush or cotton tipped swabs for stubborn oil and resin deposits. Remember to clean the bowl – this is the dirtiest part! Then rinse with water.
    The resin in pipes and tubes will melt when heated, making it very easy to scrape or wipe. Dry hit the pipe or tube to heat it, or hold directly under the flame. To clean tubes or straight pipes, soak a cotton ball in alcohol and push straight through with a stick.
    Angled pipes are more difficult to clean. Clean on newspaper or print paper. Heat by dry hitting, then scrape out as much resin as you can. Pipe cleaners dipped in alcohol work best, but alcohol-dipped cotton swabs are sufficient. Finally, trap some salt & alcohol mixture inside of the pipe and shake it vigorously. Rinse with water.
    If you use screens, replace them often, but also clean them. A dirty screen can be rinsed and brushed with anything like an old toothbrush, art paintbrush or brushy make-up applicators. Then, hold the screen over a flame (with tweezers, paperclip or by gripping lightly with scissors) to burn off resin. Then, rinse and brush again for clean screen. You’ll be able to clean it this way several times before holes start burning through it. Try silver screens -- gold screens are thinner and can’t take many cleanings.

    Pro Smoke Warning: A big enough hit of butane will make you light-headed and even pass out (no, that's not your weed doing that).
    Bonus Life Hack: You can avoid lighter butane fume entirely by using a candle and uncooked spaghetti. Sticks of spaghetti burn like matchsticks.

    Thanks for reading! Comments are & your own tips or experiences are appreciated!

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    Great pieces of advice, and welcome to our forums, thanks much for the great information on basic smoking tips, and look forward to other experience-driven advice to our other members of the community, welcome to the forums and appreciate the contribution!
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    Thanks so much, Sundance. I much appreciate it!

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    It was so good, I had it stickied for time being, so more people will notice it, Look forward to MORE tips please! :)
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    Thanks for sticky!

    I bought about three pipes before I realized I could just make them myself (drill two holes in a piece of wood -- big drill for bowl, little drill for intake shaft). Sometime in my thirties, I bought a water pipe which only made me realize I could make better ones by hand for cheaper.

    Most of my advice comes from years of hacking my own devices, so please enjoy! It will increaes your high without the need for any kind of high-end "piece." All you need for a good high is good weed. A good device helps, but not as well as good technique! Just putting a piece of toilet paper between lips and pipe will allow you to smoke two or three times as much! So save your money for better weed, not better devices.
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    Well I got a link for better smoking ways, hope you will like those.
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    Very informative tips ...I like it
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    My experience about smoking Marijuana for the first time..!!
    • Drink enough water before you start. Smoke is hot mouth and throat cavities to dry up. Keep whatever drinks or munchies you want to have, water is a must. Cooler the better, and
    • Do remove the seeds, they will destroy the taste.
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    Thanks for your information but would you please share reference of this info i mean source of this info......!
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    Thanks for your information but would you please share reference of this info i mean source of this info......!
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    Thanks for the advanced tips! They are really good. :thumbsup:
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    Thanks, so helpful :)
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    Hi Guys. Just found a new trick to inhale on smokingwithstyle know snap inhale "The “Snap Inhale” is a fairly complicated trick and may take some practice to master. Start by taking a phat (huge) hit from your bong, pipe, or joint. Then, while the smoke is still in your mouth, curl your tongue upwards toward the roof of your mouth. Next, open your lips a bit and snap your tongue down. Finally, let the smoke float out of your mouth for a moment before you quickly inhale. This is one a sweet-looking trick!
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    Tried it! :D haha, nice one, thanks

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