Advice Needed. Is this white Widow ready to Harvest?

Discussion in 'Colorado (CO)' started by MeloMeds, Oct 28, 2010.


What would you do at this point?

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  1. Flush now then harvest.

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  2. Wait another week then flush and Harvest.

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  1. MeloMeds

    MeloMeds Registered

    Please look and let me know if you think she is ready to go.

    Thanks in Advance

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  2. copobo

    copobo Registered+

    Rule 1: right now, go see the message I left in your reputation.

    rule #47: waiting longer than the seed pack says will yield you bigger, stonier buds, more swollen calyxes, and higher resin content.

    rule#19: if you are wondering if you should cut today, or a week from today, wait.

    it would be easier to answer if you had a close up and we could see trichs.

    put your phone away and borrow a nice camera ;)
  3. MeloMeds

    MeloMeds Registered

    Thanks Copobo
  4. SoCoMMJ

    SoCoMMJ Registered+

    Looks like even the pistils have not turned yet.... I vote more time still.
  5. MeloMeds

    MeloMeds Registered

    I appreciate the feedback. Please keep it comin'
  6. canniwhatsis

    canniwhatsis Registered+

    I'm with the consensus. Let it run a little longer :D

    How long has it run already?
  7. MeloMeds

    MeloMeds Registered

    She is nine weeks and 2 days (65) days flowering.
  8. pfunk211

    pfunk211 Registered+

    get a good strong magnifying thing, scope or glass......

    are the trichomes milky colored with some amber ones scattered in??

    that's where i like it, but if you want to be on the couch then just wait til those little bubbles turn amber all over. snore.

    i also find white widow to herm out if it goes well into a third month. but i curse the strain.......

    edit: like, to the t; the first sign of a little yellow banana som'bitch, i had seven to ten days left til i cut her down on different runs.
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  9. MeloMeds

    MeloMeds Registered

    Thanks for all the great input and opinions. Please chime in if you havnt already. I still haven't seen the kind of trichome production from her as I would like. I think I'll empty the res, refill with just RO Water take a TDS reading then decide sheathed or not to final phase. If not i'll add back 50% strength soution for a few more days then flush. Sound like a plan?
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  10. canaguy27

    canaguy27 Registered+

    how long have you been flowering?

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