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Discussion in 'Advanced Techniques' started by Thinx, Sep 5, 2007.

  1. Thinx

    Thinx Registered+

    Hi Guys hoping a couple of you experienced growers can advise on Bud Size enhancers (do they work are they worth the money).
    My Last grow which was my first = 6oz of White Widow grade A smoke and of one plant. This grow is 4 plants in NFT which are cuttings of the superb mother, and I was wondering about the claims these bud enhance agents make if true. Here is my new grow, Garden 028.jpg
  2. LIP

    LIP Banned

    Yes, they do work. They are worth the money.

    I could go on but i'm lazy and dont bother giving advice anymore - so post this in the growing forums and someone else will give you the rest of the info.
  3. Thinx

    Thinx Registered+

    Thanks for that :thumbsup:
  4. WeedyBoyWonder

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    Look up "molasses", it's more of a cooking things than something you will find in a local hydro/growshop. I hear nothing but good things about this though, and it can be fed it right up untill harvest.
    Others know and could provide more information on it than myself, but a quick Google should give you all the relevant info on it.
  5. xcrispi

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    G/H KoolBloom rocks .
    Crispi :jointsmile:
  6. rhizome

    rhizome Registered+

    Well worth it- do you have particular products in mind?

    If so, it'd be helpful to know what the base nute program is.
  7. Thinx

    Thinx Registered+

    Okay after I think I worked out what you mean, I have used Ionic grow for Veg and Bloom for Flower. And I also have boost by ionic to be supplied as and when
  8. rhizome

    rhizome Registered+

    Great- run the boost.
  9. Thinx

    Thinx Registered+

    No need for bigbud or other bud enhancers then?
  10. rhizome

    rhizome Registered+

    Gotta admit I love the Bud Blood/ Big Bud/ Carboload combo- but there's a quick $120 out the door. And you can cook stuff w/ it.

    Canna's PK 13/14 is very reliable, but needs to be timed right.

    Discussion of " enhancers" can get complicated and partisan. If this is your second grow, I'd keep things simple. Better to get a less-than-optimal harvest( that you could have bumped up w/ additives) than to get little or no harvest ( cause you fried stuff w/ bloom boosters.)

    The Ionic Boost is unlikely to react oddly to your other nutes. I haven't used Ionic, so I can't comment on how it will interact w/ products from other manufacturers.
  11. Thinx

    Thinx Registered+

    Thank you very much for the information And your time I will use what I have and save the money:thumbsup:
  12. Megatron

    Megatron Registered+

    Do these bud enhancers efect taste or smell of finished product at all? Please post what your experiences are when using these bloom boosters. I have always wondered if it effects the quality of the bud. i.e. taste, smell, smoothness, ect... laterz..
  13. LIP

    LIP Banned

    You flush the plant for THAT precise reason.
  14. Dr. Bloor

    Dr. Bloor Registered+

    You may want to check out some pics I just posted regarding this. Basic growing.
  15. highallthetime

    highallthetime Registered+

    I use Bcuzz Additives during vegetative stage and during bloom. They help plants not to stress thus giving you vigorous growth. Also it helps develop more flowering points ( more buds ) and help keep it all greeen !

    My personal opinion is to always add those additives in the quantities stated and you will be rewarded with more , bigger and better bud. Some also boost up flavor ( sweet carb ) .

    So your choice , you want bigger better tasting more yielding bud ?

  16. HighTillIDie

    HighTillIDie Registered+

    i use dutch master's

    g/h kool bloom
    dutchmaster max
    dutchmaster pure
  17. Thinx

    Thinx Registered+

    Still taking all your thoughts onboard thanks guys:jointsmile:
  18. 20dollarholla

    20dollarholla Registered+

    Koolbloom has given me great results, I use it from the 3rd-6th weeks during flowering. I also recommend Superthrive from seedling til flush.
  19. cwesto

    cwesto Registered+

    I have TigerBloom right now which i plan on using during flowering for my 2nd grow, indoors 400w mh and hps, soil. what other supplemental nutrients and/or bud enhancers would work well with the TigerBloom? I saw someone somewhere talk about a mix of 1 tsp mollasasalso + 1 tsp cal-mag + 2 tsp TigerBloom, and then ocassionally sprinkle some bat guano on the dirt; does that sound like a regiment that would produce high yeilding srystaly plants? Finally does anybody have any advice for specific products for veg?

    Sorry, i kno these are newb Q:'s but i just want to have a succesful 2nd Grow. Thanku everybody
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  20. growbe

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    Molasses is great to use, but is not considered an enhancer, same goes with cal-mag and such. Since you are using tiger bloom, you might as well use grow big during veg. Try cha-ching and beastzie boys for flower which are both considered enhancers.

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