Advice on MMJ detox for job screen

Discussion in 'Colorado (CO)' started by mesinco, May 18, 2010.

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    I've been smoking about an oz+ a month of top shelf MMJ with a bit of edible here and there for several months now - suddenly I might have a job interview coming soon and I want to be clean for the drug screen. Google shows me a ton of products - any advice from here would be greatly appreciate - best product, time frame (I am 160 lbs or so), etc. as I might not get another shot at resuming career if I blow this one. Thanks much in advance.
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    Depends on the test. If they are doing a hair follicle test you are pretty much screwed if you have touched anything for 30 day "I have heard longer" hair follicle will give them your complete DNA.

    As to a piss test there are things like dyaretic "not sure I spelled the right you can take. If you take them drink tons of water. They are used to flush out extra water. The THC goes into your fat cells. So, you want to flush them out with water and the dyartics. You can buy them at wal-mart, gnc etc. Make sure you pee several times the day of the test before. Never give them the first pee of the morning because that will be your strongest. Try to pee just before you walk into the DR office. Then tell them you need a glass of water to help you pee. Drink a few glass of water. Since you just drained you blatter a few mins before this will make everything you pee for the DR fresh "the water you drank while at the dr. When you first pee into the cup do not use the first amount that comes out. Try to pee that first part into the restroom. Then us the last part for your test.

    If you have several days before your test start the dyratics and water right away. The more water you drink the more you will flush
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    Whizzinator , my friend!!

    it's not just for palerider's pleasure anymore!!
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    i've also passed on the dilution principal using vale triple strength with about a week clean.

    i obsessed on IamN2Pot's threads for a good while, never failed.
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    Fake urin. Worked for me and everyone I talked to about it. I got mine at Freakeys on Washington and 88th ish.

    It runs about $35 for a few oz and some tests need more than what comes in it. Luckly, I just got by with what it had.

    Good luck
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    Years ago I carried a balloon of my cousins piss (in my pants) to the test place. They actually followed me in and watched. However, I pulled out the corner of the balloon, tore open the corner, and successfully filled the cup! :thumbsup: By keeping it in my underwear the temp was right on!:D

    Needless to say, my drunken cousin DID pass my UA! :thumbsup: Good thing HE wasn't a smoker.
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    You should combine the clean urine method and the dilution method for maximum effectiveness. Drink tons of clean urine all week long!

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    Seriously doubt they will do a follicle test. Those are very expensive!

    Diuretics (the correct spelling) will work but it's not a guarantee. Fake urine will work too and it's pretty easy to use. The only UAs I've taken where someone actually watched were when I worked for the Federal government and possessed a TS (top secret) clearance and when I was on probation.

    Every civilian job UA was been just me alone in the bathroom. Most testing places require that you don't flush until they have checked out the room. When you go to the testing lab, make sure you're dressed sharp and not like a typical stoner - ya know what I mean. Be friendly with the staff. I usually wear what I would wear to a job interview, and the staff barely bothers me. Have passed every time!

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