Aerogarden Grow!!! 2014!!!

Discussion in 'Hydroponics' started by OGiesel, Feb 4, 2014.

  1. OGiesel

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    Hi all, OGiesel here, kinda new to this forum thingy

    Long time reader, first time poster.

    This is my first hydro grow via the Miracle-Grow Aerogarden & I have some questions, & maybe some answers if anyone wants em.

    I'm currently using the Aerogarden Ultra L.E.D. with some add-ons
    �Aerogarden Ultra LED
    �3" UFO bubbler
    �6" fixed fan
    �Aerogarden nutes
    �Advanced nutrients nutes
    �My own home made blend of "micro-nutrients"

    I'm growing two plants, one GirlScoutCookies, and the other, Blue Dream.

    They're on day 43, I switched the lights to 12/12 about 10 days ago. I haven't had any serious problems yet with this set up.
    Aside from the occational pH flux, and slight mag/sul deficiency for a little and one slight nitrogen toxicity for about 4 days, < all from human error, the aerogarden works great!!!! The plants grow unbelievably fast, literally too fast. As this being my first grow, I can already tell, if you plan to grow med to large size plants with a aerogarden, only grow one to two plants at a time MAX. The rez wouldn't be able to handle the amount of roots those bad girls would be spitting out. I'll add more to the thread in a couple hours with pics to add.
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  2. OGiesel

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    I started one of the plants from seed.< blue dream. it took about 10 days for the seed to sprout and begin to grow upright. I used the humidity dome until the little seedling just touches the top of the dome. once the dome came off though, she took off like a rocket! my other plant, however, <GSC. was actually already budding when I received it. it was only about 10 inches tall and had just one fat bud. I took it out of the soil pot and cleaned up the roots, trimmed off the bud, and put it in the aerogarden the same time as the seed. this past month I had been working on converting it back to vegg with great success!!!!!!!!!! they are now both the same hight and growin!!!!!! ill upload pics soon.
  3. OGiesel

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    i have some noob questions though if someone could help me, & im waiting for a reply before I upload any pics.
    first off, im having to add water to my rez every day! about 2/5th gal everyday! is that normal? the plants are doing great so im guessing it is?
    As a result of the water level lowering everyday, i have to lower ph every other day too. I have to lower it from about 6.4 to 5.5-5.7, and by the time the next day or two rolls around i end up having to lower it again.
  4. Weezard

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    That's a good thing.
    There is no perfect PH point.
    It's a range, and it gets a little sketchy at the extremes.
    So letting it rise, then taking it back down covers the entire range.
    That's why they use the water. They're growing well.!:cool:

    Good start brah.

  5. OGiesel

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    nice, thanks for the reassurance! Here's some pics (bout two days old) of the set up. IMG_20140129_141244_734.jpg IMG_20140131_083857_138.jpg This is the Blue Dream,
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  6. OGiesel

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    the new growth in the pic was a little light colored because i was at a 3 day party and never made it home to check up on the babys, the ph was at about a 6.6 and the water was really low haha but it was no biggie, they're chillin now
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  7. Weezard

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    They look very healthy.
    Gotta love LEDs.

    I suggest that you start a picture album on your profile page, you will be glad you did.

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  8. Wow they look great! I tried an aerogarden and didn't have the luck you are having with it - just might pull that ole resevoir back out…
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  9. OGiesel

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    I highly encourage you too! I just love Aerogardens™ They are so simple to use and really cheap to run. What model to you have??
  10. OGiesel

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    Here's a quick update of the grow, taken yestersday, i'm going to cut the lowest branch off & turn it into a clone, it can't catch up to the canopy

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  11. OGiesel

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    Quick question for anyone who can help,
    Once you switch the lights from 18/6 to 12/12, about how long does it take before you begin to see the first pre-flower??

    The plants are coming along nicely, took some clones & they've already started rooting. Will post an update pic in the photo album
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  12. Weezard

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    That depends.
    Once they signal their readiness to flower, it takes less than a week.

    From looking at the last picture, your girls are still in veg..
    That is, the branches are still growing symmetrically opposite from the main stem.

    When they begin to grow alternately, they are ready, and flowering will commence shortly after that.

    I try to wait for alternate branching and a few pre-flowers before I even flip mine.

    old preflower.JPG
    Here's an old preflower.

    The short answer?
    They will flower when they are ready. :)

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  13. OGiesel

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    I switched the lights to 12/12 thirteen days ago because the blue dream was beginning to snuff out the GSC. If i trimmed it better in the begining i could have avoided this problem , but i was too excited that I was actually using an aerogarden to do it. Haha I'll upload a pic in a couple minutes, it just started showing little the day of the last picture
  14. OGiesel

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    IMG_20140208_132306_648-1.jpg Here's today's pic.

    And here are baby preflowers no? IMG_20140208_132623_327.jpg
  15. tlranger

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    That blue dream is known for getting huge!
  16. Weezard

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    Indeed, those are!
    Congrats on the femininity.

    Still gonna take a while.
    The branches will begin to grow alternate, then she will stretch and begin to bud.

    Patience, is the hardest part.

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  17. OGiesel

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    Yeeeeeeeeee buudddyyy!!!! I can't wait!!!!
  18. OGiesel

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    Well I had a weird feeling about my plants earlier and I did a little check list inspection. Thank god I did because my light timer was jacked up! It's normally 6:30-6:30 and when I checked it was set to 7:00-5:00 and it was off time by an hour! So it changed it back, it was like that for no longer than 6 days, I hope the change doesn't trip it out
  19. OGiesel

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    Update as of 2/12!!!!!!

    Super cropped the biggest branch as it started shooting up from the canopy
    I'll get a bigger picture up tomorrow but for now.....:cool:

    IMG_20140212_171827_807.jpg yes yes, that's Grand.......:thumbsup:
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  20. Dustybowls

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    "From looking at the last picture, your girls are still in veg..
    That is, the branches are still growing symmetrically opposite from the main stem." <---When the nodes start staggering branches they are sexually mature. You can veg a plant to sexual maturity thus the staggering starts without a day of flowering. Not bashing anyone but thought I would chime in. I may have missed someone else saying this.
    Aero is simply amazing!!!! You grow dude. Natural!
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