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Discussion in 'Growroom Setup' started by bazza76, Apr 4, 2010.

  1. bazza76

    bazza76 Registered

    I am a first time grower, so I recently purchased an Aerogarden Delux as it looked pretty handy and I don't have much space for growing, maybe I could free up a wardrobe for it.

    Was wondering if anyone had any experience or advice to give for growing in such an environment.
    Is it a good idea to use the plant foods I get with the grower, or should I go for my own specific fertilizers etc..
    I am prepared to do what it takes to make it comfortable for the plant/s
    Anywa, any advice would be greatly appreciated.
    Advice on the likes of:
    What seeds to use
    Type of lighting
    type of food
    well everything got to do with the grow.

    Thanks for your time in advance.
  2. demoreal

    demoreal Registered+

    I read an article in high times once and it said all the owner did was set it to the tomato setting. In that article they just used what came with it.
    It might be a good idea to get some hydroponic nutrients.
    More than anything make sure you have a place to put it that gets 12 hours of dark. It is a nice little device to learn to grow. I imagine its a little hard actually. Such a small res. Super tiny.
    make sure 12/12 right when they root. It is perfect for learning, when you go bigger and move up, things will be so easy.
    post pictures!
    good luck
    seeds: look into lowrider seeds
  3. bazza76

    bazza76 Registered

    thanks for the advice mate.
    What do you mean by the bolded bit exactly?
    Also, how did the person in the article get on with following the tomato instructions and using the stuff that came with the aerogarden?
    thanks again,
  4. demoreal

    demoreal Registered+

    I do not know much about the aerogarden. Only what I remember reading in that mag. What you want to do is just have it on a setting that is 12 light and 12 dark. I have no idea what the nutrients are that it came with. Is there even a tomato setting on it?
    what I mean by the bold is if you can grow weed with an aerogarden you are a good grower. It is going to be really hard. You have to make sure it is always filled with proper nutrients and water. Power goes out, your plants won't last long.
    It is going to be hard.
    I recommend reading up on the internet how to grow hydroponic cannabis.
    Your going to have to keep an eye on PH, EC, temperature, humidity, no light leaks.
    do a google search "growing hydroponic cannabis"
    All i can say is lowrider seeds and follow the instructions that thing came with for growing tomatos. The guy in High Times did it and I knew a girl that did it. (she said she did)
    Its going to be hard growing with that thing but I think you can do it!!! and if you do, you will have no problem in the world of growing.
    Good luck!!!!
    After doing research on how to grow. Post up specific questions here.
    Or when you get started, start a grow log on these boards. people will help you along once you get started.
  5. bazza76

    bazza76 Registered

    Thanks demoreal, really appreciate you input.
    I take it 'hydroponic' is the method used when using an aerogrow garden.
    I will look it up mate and keep you all posted, thanks again for the input mate :thumbsup:

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