Aeroponics and molasses and root slime?

Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by altaholic, Sep 9, 2009.

  1. altaholic

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    So Im curious if anyone uses molasses in Aeroponics? Been curious about it and reading up and finally got some and decided to use it in a new batch of nutes. Ive been using beneficals, hygrozyme and great white and figured the molasses would feed the great white as well as contribute to the over all health. I am still vegging right now in a home made aeroponic system. Im currently using AN sensi A/B, B-52, Fulvic, as well as the beneficials.
    After the first 24hrs of the solution I was pretty happy with the way that they were drinking it up and the stabilization of the res but I just notices some slime starting to happen and foam in the res!
    Ive been having good results with the great white and really do not want to nuke em with h202 now and kill everything.
    Im thinkin this is all cause of the molasses and was hoping there was possibly something good about this but I dont know...
    Any insight would be appreciated, thanks
  2. Italiano715

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    That slime may be an algae. Is the reservoir exposed to lights? That can cause foam and algae (slime). Molasses could also possibly clog the sprayers if too much is used.
  3. altaholic

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    thanks for the reply, It is a homemade unit and I have been taking steps to light proof it but it is a possiblity. do you think the slime would be off the same result? or would molasses build on the roots like that? I thought that the use of the benficials would keep other bacterias away but this looks like some funk happin
  4. altaholic

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    I used a tsp a gallon for the molasses btw and mixed it well before adding it to the res. I dont use sprayers so cloging isnt an issue
  5. Italiano715

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    molasses will generally turn the roots a light brown color, but shouldn't get slimey. If the ROOTS are slimey then you may have root rot. If I were to GUESS I'd say you may have a possible light leak somewhere that's getting into the reservoir.

    How old are your kids and have you had any other problems up until now?
  6. altaholic

    altaholic Registered+

    They are a couple of weeks old and have been doing ok. Biggest issue is getting the nutes right with the aero. THey need so much less then with hydro so they ve been gettin fried really easy. never seen anything like this as far as the funk. Guess the molasses probably super charged whatever else is in there! Looks like Ill be grabbin some h202, bummer
  7. headshake

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    why do you think h202 will kill your plants?

    what is res temp?

  8. altaholic

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    Im not worried about killing my plants, just all the beneficials that aint so cheap. Res is right about 75 and yah it isnt light proof as much as I thought
  9. cigarettes42

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    Your problem is way to high of Rez temp to use molasses. Right now your fermenting alcohol. If you don't have a Rez cooler there are synthetic molasses for hydro. Change your rez asap with a prior flush.
  10. altaholic

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    wow, thanks man, never thought about that! Ive been reading all these threads putting down those hydro products and now I understand they do have good attributes to them. What temp can you use molasses at and do you recommend a particular one?

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