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    Ok i have an idea in my head of how i want to build my aeroponics system. I am just not sure how to do some of the things. Ok so say i have a veg and a fall room. i have an aeroponics system in each room. What size pots should i use for doing sea of green? Should the pots be different sizes in the veg room and the fall room? i am going to have my cloning station in the veg room too. Im assuming that the cloning station should have an even smaller net pot size. When you grow with aeroponics do you still want to use rockwool 1 and 3 inch cubes or are the stems just exposed inside throughout the whole process(clone all the way to flower)?
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    Simple once cloned your netpots need to be the same size. If you use an areocloner then the netpot is just to start. They will be taken out and put in the big system netpots. No need for rockwool or starter plugs with areocloners.

    Now that they are the same size for sea of green how do you plan on dealing with the roots tangleing up when you go from veg to flower ?

    In a sea of green all plants in the flower room can not be in the same container or areoponic tray. They must have two nutrient zones. Clones coming in and harvest going out. They need dif nutrients.
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    Oh wow you are right! The roots would be all tangled when it comes time to move from veg to flower. And nutes WOULD have to be different so it would not be an easy move at all from veg to flower. Is a 5 inch net pot too big or too small for a standard sea of green pot? Also is a 3 inch pot a waste for cloning? Should it just be a 2 inch net pot to maximize clone growth space?

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