after a harvest what do you do with all the big stems and leaves to throw them away?

Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by jeffthestoner, Jul 11, 2008.

  1. jeffthestoner

    jeffthestoner Registered+

    and roots..without a compost pile or one of those shredders..if you only have a trash can a plant waist recycling bin and a back yard to maybe bury in california i wonder if the trash guys would notice it if i broke it up. of course they would.hmmmmm what do you guys do?
  2. texas grass

    texas grass Registered+

    get some scissors and chop up to where its not recognizeable
    spread it thin throughout the yard as to not recognize it

    dont put in your trash, it can be traced back to you
    if anything go put in a apartment trash away from your place
  3. Revanche21

    Revanche21 Registered+

    I made butter with my trimmings
    gave me a nice batch of edibles

    roots and stems went down the trash shoot in my apartment along with other trash
  4. allrollsin21

    allrollsin21 Registered+

    dry it out and build a fire in the fireplace...hmmm where is that lovely smell coming from??:thumbsup:
  5. psteve

    psteve Registered+

    Do you have a charcoal grill?
    Time to roast some weenies!
  6. Storm Crow

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  7. GreenDestiny

    GreenDestiny Registered+

    The softer stems and fan leaves would work nicely in a juicing machine, dunno about the woody stalk of the plant, might be too hard for a juicer. Once you've stripped a stem/stalk bare of any leaves and buds it's hard to tell what kinda plant it used to be.

    That idea of drying it all out and using it for kindling sounds great.
  8. blink_inc

    blink_inc Registered+

    They can trace a garbage bag back to you....bullshit...just don't have your phone bill in the same bag..
    Wrap in up in paper, put it in a bag, tie the bag and put it in a garbage bag with all kinds of other shite. Put it out at the curb with all the rest of the bags of garbage. Then go smoke your harvest.Paranoia will get you caught, you end up doing something out of the ordinary which stands out like a sore thumb..
  9. stinkyattic

    stinkyattic CultiModerVatorAtor

    Blink Inc is noting something VERY important, and something we all shoudl be doing anyway... SORT YOUR TRASH!

    Start off by making cannabutter... that actually takes so much of the psychoactives out of the waste as to possibly be undetectable... when you finish the recipe, you can take a giant pasta pot and boil the waste off, then pour all the liquid down the drain.

    Toss the gunk left over into several layers of plastic bags and toss it in the nastiest most repulsive bag of rubbish in your house- you know, the one you pack up right as the trash man cometh... the ones with the coffee grounds and used tampons... maybe that crap your dog took on the living room floor earlier in the week... if they want to root around, eh go nuts fellas! eww.

    I put my rubbish out right as the garbage man is backing up in the cul de sac. No chance for anyone else to have a go at it.

    Your bill stubs should all be in the paper recycling anyway!
  10. Opie Yutts

    Opie Yutts Registered+

    I really feel for those of you who don't live in the country, but you've got several options. Run the stuff through a blender, then scatter it in the wind. Dig a hole anyplace and bury it. Feed it to your neighbors' bunnies or goats. The easiest thing to do would be to put it in a small grocery bag or something, while making sure nothing with your name or address is in with it, then toss your trash bag into the bin at the local supermarket or video rental store. And stinky's idea about putting some dog crap in with it might really help.
  11. frostymcfailure

    frostymcfailure Registered+

    bury it?!LOL
  12. bigjohnson688

    bigjohnson688 Registered+

    i tend to just throw it in the back yard at lawn mowing time and i have never had a problem.mulches it up with the grass and no way could thay find it..and the smell is so sweet when you mow over it.and the smell is gone as quick as it comes
  13. Twentyinches

    Twentyinches Registered+

    what about just cutting it up and flushing it?
  14. chinacat443

    chinacat443 Registered+


    the remnanats of that process, plus the stems and unusable leaf as well as the roots all go to the composta pile afterthat.....

    maximize productivity. thats key for such a huge risk.
  15. Tommygirl

    Tommygirl Registered+

    No one seems to have mentioned the use of an in-sink garbage disposal. If you have one, use it. That's what i do, though I just pitch out the root ball/rock wool with the trash because they don't smell and could as easily be fore a tomato plant. They are in the Nightshade family, after all.

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