after boiling bowl to get resin...

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by deviousgelatin, Aug 13, 2005.

  1. deviousgelatin

    deviousgelatin Registered

    After boiling your bowl, how does one get the resin in smokable form? Do i pour the water through a strainer or what?
  2. rollinKansas

    rollinKansas Registered+

    i found that coffe filters are ok for that job


    yuk. resin is good for one thing. A headache.
  4. Ganj

    Ganj Registered+

    not all of us have the luxury of having marijuana all the time man. with my experiences with resin it's done nothing but get me high...haven't had to many of them because of my obsessiveness with keeping my pipe clean, but i'm letting it build up this time, i want to see the full potential of my color changing glass.

    thanks for the advice rollin, now to find some coffee filters.

    NOTEHOOK Registered+

    i <3 resin
  6. sToNeDpEnGuIn420

    sToNeDpEnGuIn420 Registered+

    Lol i havent cleaned my pipe in awhile so after like every bowl now , you can listen to the resin boil, just from smoking it. I like to think its gettin me better hits, but what do ya know huh uhuh?
  7. partyguy420

    partyguy420 Registered+

    yea... i just scarape mine

    but then agin i cant boil my pipe cuz my mom sits in the kitchen/dinning room/tv room

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