After Flower I got SEEDS( NO Male Present)

Discussion in 'Hydroponics' started by sccrocks, Mar 10, 2010.

  1. sccrocks

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    Good Day

    I just harvested 46 Purple Kush plants that were started on November 6/09.

    I hung to dry last week and this AM was looking for a toke and picked a stem to smoke and when I took bud apart I found (seeds).

    There has been NO MALE at all within the grow Area. This plant produced 18.46 gms Good PK Bud.

    I have never seen this before???

    Will the seeds be any good? And what will the potency be??

    Has anyone run into this and what is cause and are these the real FEMINIZED SEEDS, everyone is talking about.??

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    Have included pics. :thumbsup:

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  2. stormin94

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    You didn't mention whether you had seedlings, or clones. If they were seedlings, one or more might have been male. Or it's possible that one of your plants turned hermaphrodite. Sometimes you get a couple seeds with all females, but not usually chock full of them like you're discribing.

    Or, maybe your neighbors have a poor/non existant filtration system on their grow room, and they got some males...... and the pollen made it into yours. It's a small chance, but it provides an explanation for what sounds like pollinated plants.
  3. Daddynobucks

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    most likely a plant or two had a few male flowers, it just happens sometimes.usually from a stress,to much N at a wrong time in the grow cycle,an extended photo period,(light leak) etc. not sure if some strains are more prone than others to this?
    the male flowers usually show up late in the bloom cycle so the seeds are just a snap,crackle,pop thing. no sprouters

    As I understand things, if the seeds were self pollenated then they WILL produce more hermies, BUT if the pollen came from another plant then most of the seeds (if they are viable) will produce FEMALE plants.

    hows the smoke?

  4. Brainy

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    Yeah something was wrong if you only harvested 18 1/2 grams. Hopefully you don't find anymore seed clusters. Sounds like a hermie appeared and self-pollinated or pollinated another girl. Either way, the hermie trait will be in those beans. Sux.
  5. ForgetClassC

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    Those seeds look a little early, they just aren't done yet. At least from the picture.

  6. bigtopsfinn

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    As already stated, some nanners probably formed halfway through flower, and pollinated some of the buds a few weeks ago. Those look too young to be any good, but they will be all female if they were self pollinated.

    Some strains do this genetically in perfect conditions, others do it because of stress. If the seeds do germinate, it's highly likely that they will throw out nanners also (for the same reason as the parent plants - either genetic or stress related).
  7. sccrocks

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    Thanks for the Help

    :)I got these as clones PK Clones for $ 12.00 ea, ouch.

    They were cloned on November 6/09.

    I have got lots of seeds but they seem to be inside the Bud itself not like a CLUSTER, or NUTS hanging like in a male plant. I still had all stems as cut from the Pot and we went through all of them, and there was NO MALE present. So, like you say must be a "hermie".

    Is this going to effect the sale price any???

    I am going to test these seeds and see if I can get them to sprout. But i am going to place them in small separate room to grow out, just to see what is going on.:Rasta:

    Again thanks for the help and good knowledge is only a stroke away, thanks.

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  8. solarsol

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    me 2

    i found seeds in white widow, grown from seed, and from cheese clones after harvesting, i potted 5 seeds 4 have come good, all female, vegged 4wks now in 2nd wk of flower in soil filled buckets under 600w hps
    happy times

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  9. caregiver99

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    Make sure you clean that room really thoroughly, or you will pollinate new plants with the old pollen. (this happened to me once). If you suspect the pollen came from a neighbor, then you can install a charcoal filter on your intake which will catch anyone else's pollen before it enters your room.

    Also, when you sprout your new seeds, it's not enough to identify a plant as female or male... sometimes in one obscure part of a single plant... a single male part will grow (for the reasons posted above) and go unnoticed. check each plant from top to bottom once a week making sure to know the difference between a calyx and a male flower.

    Sorry to hear about your mishap!

  10. sccrocks

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    Using CO2 for First time

    Howdy and thanks for all of the info.

    I should not bitch about the yield I got 286 grams of really good smoke out of 30 plants.


    This time I am going to try and use kerrisone with a Colman Lamp to try and get more yield.

    Has anyone out there used a Colman lamp and any success with this.? How much do you use as in onces per tank and such. ? Any info will help.

    I have a meter so can kind of Gage amount of gas in room.

    Am I getting myself into more problems than it is worth ?

    As I am a new grower I will need lots of advice as I go along.

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  11. avon211

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    Just break down and buy CO2 tank and regulator i love mine
  12. waawaa

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    I ordered greenhouse seeds-great white shark and others, The same thing happened to me. I think because they are trying to make pure female seeds, they are pumping them out too fast and not breeding correctly. My plants had seeds on the bottom buds, and not on the top, on cuts from supposedly pure female seeds. before tou waste money on seeds talk to others, cause this can cause alot of downtime and frustration. I will never buy greenhouse seeds again, thanks arjan!
  13. GodofGraphics

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    Hermie seeds vs outside pollenation

    You mention "If seeds were self pollentated, vs pollenated from onother" I have some WW seeds that were formed when a bagseed shit plant went hermie on me in it's 4th week of flower. I went through my other early bloom plants and removed most of the pods that had become pollenated... not many. I got about a dozen seeds from my WW on a 2 ounce yield.

    Question: Would these seeds be OK or would the plant hermie like it's cross dressing father did?f

    Thanks for any feedback you can offer.
  14. sccrocks

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    To Cheep

    Thanks for all the reply, I am going to invest in a Co2 generator next crop, but am going to give the Lamp a try.

    I have been doing some reading on Stress, and I think that is what happened, cause more than a few days went into grow room and temp was at 50 or a few times 45.

    I am in process of taking another crop off of same clones. So how do I phrase it right. Original PK clones, once flower find seeds ( all clones were female at start), then I took some clones from the original, and am now iunto flower with second grow and i have not discovered any seeds yet. but I did not SEE any seed pods at all. the seeds were inside the bud and only way you found them is when you busted the bud up to smoke.

    The crop payed off 1/2 Lb of really good smoke. A bit harsh, as did not flush enough water through 2 weks prior to harvest. Next time will not make that mistake.

    Anyway thanks again for the help.

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  15. sccrocks

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    Sorry for second post of straglers

    Did not know I had posted the pics of the straglers I got from the crop.
  16. NorCalShooter

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    if you ended up with seeds, you either got sray pollen or as already mentioned, you had a male flower pop on you and you didnt know it. remeber, you may not have SEEN the flower, but it was there. ive had them open up right in the side of a bud before and never knew they were there until i went to smoke the stuff and found seedz

    if i were you, id grow them out. may be some sort of new superstrain cross from some super wild male plant growing on a canal bank or sometin.
  17. kevthew

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    [​IMG]bana hermies probably why you didnt notice it

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