Afternoon Delight???

Discussion in 'Marijuana Strains' started by TamyLove420, Jan 29, 2011.

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    Does anyone have info on a strain called "Afternoon Delight"? I have not been able to find anything through google and I'm trying to find out if its sativa or indica, how long for veg and flowering stages? Cloning?? Basically what is the best conditions for great growth/yields.

    I bought about 7 grams from a collective here in Sacramento California and got a bonus of about 15 seeds = D now I'm looking 2 maximize production from the small amount that I have 2 work with. I am new 2 the whole process so any info would be GREATLY appreciated....Thanks a bunch!
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    i personally don't know anything like what your asking about it, but get in touch with psycho ed. if he doesn't know, i'm sure he can point you in the right direction. :jointsmile::thumbsup:
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    well I was trying 2 get some useful info regarding this SUPPOSED strain of dank. I have been looking everywhere to no avail =( so I figured I could get help here. I tried 2 be specific, just looking for the basics and if anyone has useful info for growing this strain as I don't even know if this is a strain at all??? LOL! I'm into flowering with this strain and could use some help (info) thanks for the reply scotisativa90!!! And pointing me in the right direction..... Sounds like I need 2 talk 2 psych ed but who is he, and where or how do I contact him? Thanks again!
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    Shiva Delight Seeds
    Shiva Delight is a 3 way hybrid which consists mostly a Afghani strain called Garlic Bud because of its characteristic aroma. Contains a smaller proportion of this Garlic Bud and is added with Skunk and another Afghani. Shiva Delight is a less stable 4-way hybrid but quality-wise very nice.
    thats all what i was able to google up,and seems that sensi seeds are only one who as any record of the..
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    well from the lack of action here,its safe 2 assume this is not a legitament strain....
    besides dexter007 "THANK YOU!"
    (and scottsativa90...again, who is psycho ed? you said to contact him, but i dont know how 2 go about getting in touch with him???)

    so can i ask what reason a popular and seemingly professional collective would make a false label? would they have anything to gain in doing so? after all, it did contain seeds. but i dont see why a "medical" facility that is claiming 2 "help" their patients make informed decisions on what kind of medicine 2 take for different issues would falsely label medication...? is this something that collectives do? does this mean this collective is not legit? i have visited 20+ collectives here in the sacramento california region and campared 2 the others i have visited, this one stands out as a clear leader. i just dont understand? please help...
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    Don't be an idiot and dismiss the validity of a strain when you have done no research and have not done your homework. Dumb ass people. It's a fantastic strain from Crockett farms in Colorado.

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