Air Layering Cloning Technique

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by BONG0, Nov 15, 2006.

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    Most of the time the method used to make clones is to cut a branch tip and then root it. Another vegetative method is called air layering. The advantage to air layering is that the clone grows roots while it is still on the plant, so it doesn't undergo as much trauma as an unrooted cutting.

    During the chaos of the cut, unrooted cuttings occasionally produce a mutation. An air layered clone is more likely to stay true to the mother. However, the overwhelming majority of clones from unrooted cuttings also stay true.

    An air-rooted clone is only removed from the plant after it has grown roots, so it adjusts more easily and experiences less stress when planted on its own.

    To make an air-root cutting, a branch is chosen for cloning. While the branch is still on the plant, select an inch-wide space where roots will grow. It should contain a node. Paint it with a rooting gel then cover it with a quarter-inch layer of moistened sphagnum moss. Seal the sphagnum moss using plastic wrap and close the ends using tape so the area stays moist. Roots should appear in 10 to 20 days. Then clip the rooted cutting from the plant and pot it.
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    Rite back at ya fog :thumbsup:
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    Anyone els use this technique? i have only seen 1 post about it.
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    Nice. Hadn't thought about that.
    I knew it is done for plants/trees, but hadn't thought about doing it to our cannabis plant.

    You know, this technique might help newbs that are having cloning problems.
    Thanks for the heads up. :)

    BTW: Nice word usage!!! **sphagnum**

    Try saying that stoned, and with peanut butter in your mouth...
    sphagnum sphagnum sphagnum

    Easy Bongo
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    AWSOME! im guessing this is an un explored topic, aparently? im glad i was able to start this thred and get the technique / method out there to my fellow board members :thumbsup:
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    i have though about doing this eventually.would keep the plant number down.and make a perpetual harvest easier i think.

    my question is how many have you taken off a plant at one you think it would have enough energy to do half the branches at once without to much stress?
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    Hey man, I read something about this somewhere else once, and I think it said this actually takes a little longer to root than cutting it off first because it is still vegging as well as rooting? It also said that while it may take longer, it is easier and works great because the mom takes care of the clone while its rooting instead of having to worry about misting and babying them. Any input on that? It seems a very cool method, I'll definitely have to try it this go around on my rhinos. I'll let you know how it works for me :thumbsup:
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    Im sure you could have more to clone on a bigger plant, the one in the pics is just some lil runt used to show how it looks, a much larger plant would be able to handel multiple aplications. it can take up to 20 days at the most to see root formation.
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    Another technique to file away into my small but growing bag o tricks:D
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    Yeah, so a little longer than say an aero cloner, but who cares, thats fucking awesome. I will most definitely be using this technique. If i'm not mistaken, you can take fairly large clones easier this way, no?
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    I guess it depends on how your cloner works. I use an EZ-Cloner, slap 30 cuttings in it, refill the reservoir after a week, and after two weeks I take out the clones that have nice roots growing. That's so incredibly easy, just one reservoir refill in a 2-week span, that I don't think I'd try air-cloning simply because it'd take more work. It IS cool though, and if I didn't already have something that works so well and with so little effort, I'd try it too! ;)
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    Yes, Definantly a great alternative to taking clippings if you dont have the funds for a cloner. :thumbsup:
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    If anyone decides to try this, post some pics of your results :thumbsup:
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    do they make the peat "wraps" or do you just press your own?and do you have to wet them alot or just once?

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