air purifiers good or bad for growing?

Discussion in 'Northern California' started by esc420pot, Feb 16, 2010.

  1. esc420pot

    esc420pot Registered+

    sup yall ii just started growing and finally got my grow set up ready to go. But i was wondering is it good or bad to use air purifiers? i currently have two in my set up, but im not sure if they will mess up my harvest? Any help is greatly appriciated, thanks.
  2. ditdotter

    ditdotter Registered+

    The smell will get you busted faster than anything. Worry about that above all other things.
  3. ShastaCoMan

    ShastaCoMan Banned

    i personally have never used them, but i tend to agree with ditdotter.
  4. esc420pot

    esc420pot Registered+

    um...ok, well thanks for you'r concern, but that doesnt answer my question... And i aint trippin bout the smell im under legal limit and theres no one around me to snitch anyway. i have the purifiers to keep my growing environments air clean... But will doing this effect my harvest in a positive or negative way?
  5. LOC NAR on probation

    LOC NAR on probation Registered+

    They will be alright. Maybe doing nothing for your grow but no harm except the heat they put off as a machine.
  6. esc420pot

    esc420pot Registered+

    thanks bro now i know to take em out if the temps get to high
  7. ShastaCoMan

    ShastaCoMan Banned

    nothing personal, s dont take it that way, but it really makes me chuckle when i see this sort of stuff. people spend thousands of dollars to grow marijuana, when its one of the EASIEST plants to grow. it will grow in a HUGE temperature range and climate, from high temp areas to the snow, and people buy all of this sophisticated equipment, air purifiers,expensive lighting setups,ect,ect to grow it.

    if you feed the proper nutez, and provide the proper temps and lighting, your plants will flourish . if not, they wont. i know a guy who grew and got OVER 200LBS last year, and didnt spend over $800 bucks total the whole year. ive seen some of the best weed ive ever had grown right inside a shed with fiberglass roofing, next to a garbage dump and right on a major highway, in the middle of a city,getting pelted by car exhaust and fumes all day and all night long, and it didnt effect it one single bit. the plants grew almost too tall for the building they were in, he had to bend them over and tie them down.

    i dont think your plants will care if they are "air purifiers" cleaning the air up or not..
  8. esc420pot

    esc420pot Registered+

    well with all do respect, Ilive in cali and the quality has very high expectations... This ?Expensive Equipment? is the best way to grow 10 out of 10 so good that marijuana despenceries want to buy from you. Plus it also cutts down the time it takes to mature... Trust me all of it counts buddy. Also these purifieres my g\f bought off a t.v. add for our house. I just took em for my grow setup lol! So not like spent hella money on them just for my grow room. But thanks yall this info was very helpful.
  9. ShastaCoMan

    ShastaCoMan Banned

    your not doing to bad then. im also in california myself. grew up and started growing in sacramento. i dnt go thru all of that stuff (buying all of the expensive equipment) myself, and everyone i know who owns a dispensary has bugged me to grow for them.

    good luck and i hope ya get 100lbs per plant!


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