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Discussion in 'Advanced Techniques' started by frostymcfailure, Apr 3, 2009.

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    so lets assume you want to make a 16x16 air sealed tight grow room. What are the best ways going about this? Constructing maybe with 2x8's and dry wall followed by some type of seal? Any constructive input is appreciated, thanks!
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    Hey I have done this before can you give us a little more info?location of room in building, type of equipment you have, will the room be divided,how will you access the room, type of budget you have, carpentry skills you have? I assume you are doing this on your own as first rule dont tell anyone!peace
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    sounds like a plan! As a hypothetical lets do 4 1000w one each 4x4 square. needs 2 be c02 compatible. In the living room of a house or a bedroom. Blue ox 6burner is being considered, lets say soil buckets but if you got any recommendations on a good hydro system ill listen. i only have 6 DWC bubble buckets so maybe next run ill give that a go. So yeah one person not much carpentry background but can always call brother in law to help out.
    8x8 space high ceiling & height desired for room is = 12-14ft clearance

    Thanks again for the input!
  4. You dont need an air tight setup unless your worried about the smell. Some scrap wood, white paint, nails, duct tape, 1 fan for inside the box, passive intake, and 1 oscillating fan in room where the box is, will do just fine. :hippy:
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    I agree with 420 when I did airtight it was due to very close nosy neighbors and it was in my garage which i continued to use regularly.Had to put in window type air conditioner pain in ass to hide in garage wall lol
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    i dont know what was lame? You are going to need to cool room as I think your gonna generate some heat, next all duct work in and out has to be baffled so air can only travel 1 direction. Floor should be covered in some type of flexible material ie. pond liner and ran up sides of walls if possible bring walls down on floor to create better seal. Using co2 needs to be monitored regularly in sealed room.Just a start.Good luck !
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    didn't read any of the reply's so my bad if this had been answered, if you want to air seal it you can go about this 2 ways, go to a local hardware store and by a large role of plastic and some tuck tape- not duck tape, tuck tape is red and 15-20 $ a role, you basically cover the entire room with this plastic and then you tuck tape as the seal.- carpenters that build houses use this technique. or a much less expensive but can be messy if you don't keep a steady hand is buy some silicone spray seal, its 15-20$ a can. you only need 1 can, this stuff comes out as foam and needs several hours to dry but it will air seal it 100%
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    I know that if I was planning on setting up a growroom of that magnitude...the first thing I'd do is tell the world wide web my intentions. It's only a felony in some states, and maybe nobody will notice. It takes just takes one person to fuck your life up. Don't be that one person.

    I hope your discretion get's better if/when you do decide to follow-through with this. Learn to follow strict stealth habits, or get busted. Period.
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    yeah im not doing anything but its a hypothetical. Like it was that hard to tell me to get OSB sheeting though?

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